Map. History of US protests conflict

26 September 2017
Washington Post: Russians used Facebook to try to exploit divisions over Black Lives Matter, Muslims during election
Dozens arrested as demonstrators interrupt Senate hearing on Graham-Cassidy health plan
"If I can't afford it, it doesn't matter!" @LindseyGrahamSC confronted by protesters over GOP health care bill
Police appear to remove protester in a wheel chair at Graham-Cassidy hearing.
Sen Orrin Hatch R-UT tries to start hearing as demonstrators chant, "No cuts to Medicaid, save our liberty"
About 30 policemen surround guy in mask arrested minutes ago at corner of Durant and Telegraph. Small number of arrests today. Berkeley
Zach Becker has been released, more than 24 hours after Saturday's Galleria arrests
NASCAR owners threaten to fire drivers, crew members who protest national anthem
Milo is back at @UCBerkeley, holding a "feminism is cancer" sign above ~50 supporters
[email protected]_Cal detains @RefuseFascism activists, apparently for going up on the barricades inside Sproul Berkeley
Demonstrators gather in Berkeley in anticipation of possible speaking event featuring Milo Yiannopoulos.
Police confiscate anti-facist group’s mobile sound system at Berkeley
Amber Cummings, who has organized rallies in Berkeley, is here. She just marched straight into the fray holding a sign.
Police are taking things more seriously. A man on a lime green bicycle, who had been running into the crowd, is arrested. #Berkeley
UC Police moved in as the situation started to escalate they're separating opposing sides
This is only day one of what is supposed to be “free speech week” in Berkeley. No sign of Milo yet.
Around ~200 people are now in Sproul Plaza in Berkeley. Hearing that Milo is making an appearance around noon.
Marc Short on NFL players protesting national anthem: They have 1st amend right to do but @POTUS is pointing out this shouldn’t be accepted.
Marchers are eager to protect identities of participants asking media to not take photos or videos of March.
A Vice cameraman keeps getting a black flag put in front of his camera as he follows the march along Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley march against hate nearing campus
Marchers now on Telegraph/Parker. Re: Trump MuslimBan: "An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us." #FreeSpeech
Over 300 protesters halt traffic in Berkeley for 'No Hate in the Bay' rally
Wilmington community rallies around day of service for fallen firefighters
Baton Rouge marchers plea for end to violence at anti-crime rally, prayer walk
Marchers in Berkeley briefly block traffic at #NoHateInTheBay protest.
Rohingya Boston Protest
About a dozen people outside @SenJohnMcCain's Phoenix office now for "Thank you" rally after Friday Graham Cassidy Bill announcement
Even more arrestees coming out St Louis Galleria
Milo has cancelled Free Speech Week in a press conference. Said he’ll be on campus tomorrow noon “with or without uni and student help.”