Map. History of US protests conflict

25 November 2017
At least 7 arrested at Galleria during Black Friday protest.
Chicago capitalist protests on Black Friday.
WTI oil surges to highest since July 2015 at $57.98 a barrel as Keystone pipeline outage tightens market
Hundreds of protesters in FL are walking to Mar-a-Lago to rally after the administration's decision to end immigration protections for almost 59,000 Haitian immigrants.
FBI, Justice Department investigating St. Louis police conduct during protests
“There are hispanics that have stopped me on the side and said 'you're doing what we can't do, keep moving forward.' That inspires me even more,” Fonseca says of her anti-Trump sticker that raised a debate about free speech
“You haven't been with my mom for 18 years. That's my hero right there. She's everything,” Fonseca’s daughter says after the family received backlash for the anti-Trump sticker on their truck
“What are we teaching our next generation of presidents to be? If you can say ‘grab those women by the p****,’” Fonseca says referencing President Trump, "he says it and nobody deletes it.”
"He actually put us out there and more recognized than it ever has been before," Fonseca says of Sheriff Nehls sharing a photo of the truck. "And to me, it's been coming back as a positive for going ahead standing up and not backing down."
"No matter what race, religion, or belief you may have, we are all equal. Not any one of us is any better than anyone else. Everyone's voice should be heard. And I'm just one person," Fonseca says of the anti-Trump message on her truck
"I feel we're all entitled to our freedom of speech. We should stand together and always stand behind what you believe. And that is what it takes to make a change happen," Karen Fonseca, owner of anti-Trump truck, says
Nebraska panel approves alternative Keystone XL route, removes last regulatory hurdle to $8 billion oil pipeline project.
Activists stage a flash protest in Pittsburgh saying "No more" to fossil fuels.
After 9 years of fights, two US presidents and dozens of lawsuits, it's a key day for KeystoneXL pipeline
1000s of Puerto Ricans taking to Independence Ave. 60 days after Maria
Co-chair’s rousing speech with an anti-colonial tone. “We’re going to take back Puerto Rico today we’re declaring our independence.” #UnityMarchForPuertoRico
That’s one *massive* Puerto Rican flag out back. #UnityMarchForPuertoRico
Big crowd. “Puerto Rico se levanta,” they shout in unison. PR rises. #UnityMarchForPuertoRico
Views of the “Rally for the Republic” in Boston today. Right-wing under bandstand vs. counter-protest at the fence. @WCVB
Polar Bear among demonstrators at Capitol against GOP tax cut/reform bill.
Six House Dems led by @RepCohen call for impeachment of Pres Trump for violating Constitution and threat to Democracy. They concede GOP-majority on House Judiciary will never agree to impeachment hearings.
“No matter what @POTUS says, we’re StillIn and here to fight for climate action!” @keithellison
Whole crowd at the "Free Meek Mill rally rapped “Dreams and Nightmares intro .”
Views from the Meek Mill rally in Philly today
DreamActNow: Hundreds marching to Capitol Hill. Say they’ll head into Senate/House offices soon calling for a clean Dream Act.
Civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner, who wants to combat justice system inequalities, is elected Philly's top prosecutor.
Rep. Ted Lieu walks out of a moment of silence for Texas shooting victims to protest a lack of action on gun safety
Off-duty NYPD cop who fatally shot Delrawn Small after road rage incident found not guilty on 2nd degree murder
This small group of Fawkes-masked Anonymous still shutting streets downtown around gov’t offices. #MillionMaskMatch
TaxReform @POTUS statement issued by @WhiteHouse.