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20 January 2021
The trial has been scheduled for March 8 for the four now-fired police officers charged in the death of Floyd on May 25 while he was forcibly detained on a south Minneapolis street corner
Police move in to make arrests of some of the Antifa activists at the end of tonight's demonstration, after over a dozen businesses were broken into. The rest of the crowd scattered through downtown Portland
Window shattered after a scooter was thrown at Ecru Modern Stationer, a local Portland-based speciality paper store Portland
Chase Bank broken into in downtown Portland, with front windows smashed here on New Years night
Portland food carts stay open during downtown protests
A Starbucks is ransacked in downtown Portland during tonight's anti-police, anti-capitalism New Years Eve demonstration
Portland Police:Press Release: Molotov Cocktails and Other Objects Thrown during Riot in Downtown Portland
This is the federal courthouse. It became the flashpoint of Portland protesters after federal police were deployed
Not always easy to tell what's old paint and what's newly applied in downtown Portland
Employee of Standard Insurance says 41 windows on Portland office tower were broken, each costing $5,000 each: "Starbucks is leaving. They're gone. They're not gonna come back after this. we took our fences down thinking everything was quiet.
Antifa toss back the smoke canisters at the line of police in Chapman Square
Another Starbucks on the ground floor of the Standard Insurance tower in downtown Portland
Police make a push through Chapman Square after reinforcements arrived, as the assembly is declared a riot over the LRAD in downtown Portland
Portland police are standing around talking near the Starbucks. Regarding tonight, they "don't think it was as bad as May." "At least it's not as hot," says one in riot gear
A man dances around a fire with a hatchet as police fire off crowd control munitions against the umbrellas PortlandProtests
Multiple businesses that were broken into around Pioneer Courthouse Square. Ben Bridge, Pandora, and Ecru (A women and locally owned business)
A worker is on site at the Starbucks at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland
New Years Eve riot at the federal courthouse in downtown Portland, with fires set to this light pole and crosswalk signal
Portland police have now closed off the street on Main and Second Ave. where the plastic garbage bin was set on fire, due to the concrete being damaged
A New Years protest was held in downtown Portland. It appears to be mostly over
Tonight's protest in downtown Portland appears to be mostly over. here's some of the aftermath
Projectiles thrown at police as they retreated back to await reinforcements near the courthouse PortlandProtests
After multiple businesses were broken into around Pioneer Square, Portland police chase an individual for multiple blocks and make a targeted arrest, multiple people claimed that they're 15 years old
A starbucks window was smashed
A few blocks away from Pioneer Square, Portland Police do what I believe is the first arrest of night
A third Starbucks got targeted. Big chains and luxury shops are the businesses hit
After a night of violence and gas from the Police and Feds, people smash up Portland's luxury shopping district early on New Year's Day
Police have deployed Teargas pushing crowds 2 blocks west again
Some teargas gets thrown back at the police. Main Street is heavily gassed.taste a little through my gas mask
Sometimes moving is limited by the speed of the people in front if you. This officer started pushing press people.
DHS agents reinforced by local law enforcement advance to push protesters Westward out of Chapman Square again
Police and sheriffs bull rush the crowd, assaulting people along the way
Crowds returned to Chapman & Lownsdale Sq as DHS agents retreated. Sheriff's deputies & PPB officers came in to reinforce federal agents soon after
Fireworks and the police's own smoke grenades are being used against them
The push was halted one block West. Protesters have formed umbrella shield lines to wither the volley of less than lethal munitions fired
The Multnomah County Sheriffs and Portland Police have been called in to back up DHS
A gathering in downtown Portland has devolved into a riot. Participants have thrown multiple firebombs at officers & launched commercial grade fireworks at the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center.
After pushing Portland protesters/ rioters away from The United States Courthouse and Justice Center using riot/ crowd control, Protesters/ rioters pushed law enforcement officers back
Officers are pushing people away from SW 2nd.
Mace and part of the retreat
Protesters launching fireworks against law enforcement agents
2nd and Park Ave, police recovered a gun from one of the protesters. ( a lot of screaming in the background)
Protesters at 36th and Cedar are wrapping up a short march. They were chanting for Dolal Idd, the man who was shot and killed after appearing to shoot at Minneapolis police last night
After speaking on the Tamir Rice murder case, Mitch McConnell & recent police shooting in Minneapolis, Portland protesters marched from Director Park through downtown to The Multnomah County Justice Center and back, damaging multiple businesses along the way
Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo says that investigators believe that the felony suspect that was killed had fired at officers first. Arradondo went onto say that the body cam video from the scene will be released later in the day on Thursday
This was the scene at the corner of 38th & Cedar in South Mpls, just before Midnight. A crowd numbering in the hundreds had gathered at the intersection after a man died in an exchange of gunfire with police after a felony traffic stop at a nearby Holiday Gas Station
There were early reports of confrontations between protestors and police following the shooting, Wednesday Evening. We had originally left the scene due to some safety concerns
Several people had lit bonfires in the middle of the intersection. Police we're keeping a close eye on things from the ground and the air
Protesters have dispersed. Embers from the fire left burning in the intersection of 36th/Cedar. Now I'm actually leaving. Stay safe, everyone
MFD was just dispatched for the bonfire that protesters erected in the intersection of E. 36th St. & Cedar Ave
They may be headed west to 38th & Chicago. The rest of the group is added fuel to the bonfire at 36th and Cedar:
And the van and a small group of protesters head south down Cedar Avenue
Still couple hundred people at site of tonight's fatal shooting by Minneapolis police. Crowd's been spirited at times, mostly with chants. Mostly music playing and people around fires now. The whole 3600 block of Cedar Ave is empty
I'm at the scene now. Protesters are engaging with several different lines of police at the intersection of 36th/Cedar. Someone just got on the megaphone noting that officers are starting to form a perimeter around the area "to pin" them in
The crowd gas migrated from the 36th Street driveway of the gas station to a line of squads behind tape on Cedar Avenue in front of the gas station. About seven officers, some having helmets, batons and visible pepper spray, are lined in front of the squads now
A familiar sound for people in this neighborhood: helicopter. They were almost continuous in weeks following May unrest. Holiday looking a little like fortress. With officers lining driveway and at least one on roof. Haven't seen any chemical weapons used or arrests yet
At least one Kentucky police officer connected to the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor is fighting a police move to terminate his employment
A squad drove down Cedar to the crowd at 36th St. People yelled at them. Thumped the hood and eventually they backed up. People with bullhorn keep warning crowd about police preparing teargas or pepper spray
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square3 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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