4 December 2021
Left, right-wing protesters gather in Vancouver on second day after fatal police shooting
In Portland. Damage to a Starbucks Coffee along Grand Ave. by Portland Antifa hyenas. Portland Police and a riot van following protesters through local neighborhoods and picking up roadblocks left in the road by rioters
BLM protestors are marching through downtown Vancouver, Right wing counter protestors are following or standing outside businesses
Protesters, counter protesters face off near Esther Short Park in Vancouver: Full thread from @AlliMechanic_TV arrow_downarrow_downarrow_downarrow_down
Protesters and counter protesters face off near Esther Short Park in Vancouver
Protesters, counter protesters gather near Esther Short Park
Stills from the vigil, counter-protest, & subsequent police response in Hazel Dell and Vancouver WA.
Large brawl between Patriots and Antifa/BLM Protesters breaks out during Candlelight Vigil protest in Vancouver. The protest was later declared a riot
Here they are macing people with another ID confirmation
The driver has a sticker for Sons of Liberty PNW. although I do not know if the shooter or driver specifically belongs to that organization
This car fired two shots from the passenger side of the car
This is the shooter of tonight's two live rounds. He spent the night harassing members, threatening and then drove away with his buddy firing two shots into the air. The license plate of the vehicle was 779 MJS, OR
Checked 99 saloon meet up videos and found sergios with this in the background: With his face people placed him with another member who then got placed at the Bail earlier. Video of the bail confirmed the passenger, also contained plates.
This is the same vehicle moments before the shooting. The driver from the same vehicle deployed mace against protesters close to the video
They just arrested two members of the press @MacSmiff and @DocLowKey and tried to arrest me too for not moving fast enough @DocLowKey was literally walking away
Vancouver Police make an arrest
Vancouver police make an arrest
Sheriffs moved out of their building, protestors are dispersing. No one seems to be hurt
Clark county sheriff has not moved. Protesters had shots fired at them, but not by police. It occurred a block away
After the majority of the crowd dispersed from Esther Short Park, a smaller group began marching back toward the courthouse, continuing to chant Kevin Peterson's name
Clark county sheriff declared unlawful assmebly
This person decided to grab and try to put out burning American flags right after lighter fluid had been poured onto the fire. Small scuffle. De-escalation. "This is about the vigil for Kevin Peterson Jr., not them." "Be respectful of the family
Some of the armed right wingers showed up to protect a bail bonds business
Couple. broken windows too including at the Starbucks on Columbia and 108th
Hundreds of protesters have arrived back at Esther Short Park and are chanting "Say his name. Kevin Peterson
Hundreds of protestors in downtown Vancouver
The flag is burned Vancouver, Washington
Some protesters are breaking windows along the way
Protesters threw rocks through multiple windows while marching past the opposite side of the Clark County Courthouse
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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