20 September 2021
SeattlePD made 10 arrests overnight. This comes as police regain control of the CHOP zone near the east precinct. More than 70 protesters have been arrested for failure to disperse, assault and obstruction in the past few days.
SeattlePD continue to block the streets around their East Precinct in what was known as the CHOP zone. Protesters continue to demonstrate in the streets, even throwing fireworks at police overnight. 10 people have been arrested
Here are blue and camo policemen guarding the courthouse while contractors in red shirts put up plywood
Crews are boarding up the front doors of the Federal Courthouse in Downtown Portland after @PortlandPolice declared a riot overnight.
Video by @KohzKah of when tear gas was used. You can see me recovering from gas in the beginning of the livestream above
This is who's getting pepper balled, for reference. There another dozen-ish in Chapman Square.
A woman says she almost got hit in the eye. She found one of these in tact. It contains powdered irritant
57 charged for looting and rioting during civil unrest in Tampa1 year ago
57 charged for looting and rioting during civil unrest in Tampa
PPB firing pepper balls again, thrice, as a protestor shows me the pellet he got shot with. It's a thick rubber, almost solid, while the plastic shell is lightweight but hard/sturdy. I
Chants of "Tear Gas Teddy" and "F*ck Ted Wheeler"
A few of these marks in Chapman. Appear to have been shot from courthouse's direction.
Police left intersection at Broadway and Main in a cloud of smoke, taking two arrested people with them
CHOP - West Precinct proteters converge on Broadway and Pine
Protesters are using high powered flashlights on police
NLG observers are being allowed to stand closer to the police line. They're specifically protected in the injunction the @ACLU_OR got earlier today
Happening in downtown Portland
Shot at for retrieving this rubber bullet so please like this one
Definitely tear / countryside gas. helped 3 people's eyes and my own
Police shoot spicy pepper balls as they retreat into the courthouse. You can hear people coughing at the end here
This is not a riot. Obviously
Broadway and Main stand-off. PPB arrested some people but I didn't see it happen. Crowd chanting, "Let them go."
This is the video that may have inspired that arrest. This officer was acting very aggressively and didn't like me filming him
We got bull rushed. They knocked me to the ground and told me I was under arrest. I yelled my twitter handle to an NLG observer and the officer who was holding me got an order to let me go
PPB still declaring riot. These people are getting shot a lot
Tear gas Friday morning . me on @HappsNews: blacklivesmatter BLM
running West, and so is PPB.
Tear gas deployed
Lots of police on Main, crowd running. Many people were there getting treated for tear gas
This was the umbrella contingent a minute ago at the courthouse. most people are at 3rd and Main and PPB is telling them to leave because of criminal activity
The federal courthouse front door is busted open
CHOP - @SeattlePD bike officers advance to Broadway and Pine and form a bicycle barricade
A little more than a dozen protesters are left at the intersection of Broadway and Pine near Cal Anderson Park. At one point we saw protesters dragging yellow police tape across the intersection, blocking traffic. Police then moved in and removed tape.
Protesters put fake body bags outside of @JSOPIO to make a statement against racial injustice & police brutality. They're holding signs saying "protect and serve not kill". These protesters say they need more done by @lennycurry than just taking down Confederate statues.
More arrests have been made as @SeattlePD work to clear the CHOP Zone area. 44 protestors were arrested overnight.
A local group activists setting up for protest outside JSO headquarters
A look at the clean-up efforts, dismantling of 'CHOP' and protestor frustrations
'This is just the beginning.." CHOP protesters plan to continue movement their movement in Capitol Hill
1 year ago
2.7 magnitude earthquake. 52 km from Deltana, AK, United States
Day 35 Portland protests. Elk Fountain, Southwest 5th Avenue
Count 120 protestors left, give or take
"No justice, no peace, take to the streets and f...ck the police"
Crowd here is much smaller than thought. Maybe like 50 behind the barricade. Still no visible police.
CHOP - Protesters move to the Eastern Barricade and face off with Police.
"We ready, we ready, for y"all" protestors sing to police
In previous nights when numbers were low, police issued warnings that all parks closed at midnight and dispersed crowds based on that reasoning. Tonight no warnings have been given about park curfew
One protestor has been arrested and at least one flash bang grenade has been used to try and disperse the crowd of protestors at Broadway & Pine. SPD has announced dispersal orders multiple times. komonews
A look at things early this morning in Capitol Hill where protesters and police have been face-to-face since the CHOP was cleared. This scene is quite similar to what we saw leading up to CHAZ/CHOP
No policemen for a while so no anger, panic and violence.
At Least 18 Arrested in Clash With Des Moines Police at State Capitol
Police have moved forward using violence, sticks, and OC spray on Broadway & Pike The white line is no longer the line people aren't allowed to cross
Piling on top of protester, refusing to get off their neck as people scream to get off
More officers gearing up 12th and pine
Some fireworks that just kept coming.
CW - Police Brutality in Seatle CHOP
Fireworks over the JC
Individuals in crowd are throwing bottles at officers. Officers deployed pepper spray and are making arrests
Protestor launches fireworks in direction of justice center
A lot of pepper balls and a stun grenade.
CHOP WesteenBarricade - Police and protesters continue to clash on Broadway
Protestor tried to build consensus on not getting near federal courthhouse "this is against the police, no the federal court, they haven't done shit to us" One protester yells back in disagreement "are you fucking kidding, they do shit to us every night"
Elk statue in Portland protests
Protestors are setting up a barricade with wood paneling from the federal courthouse
This was caused by police. One man was standing here previously
A couple of protestors tore down some of the wood from the courthouse to add to the fire at the elk statue
Big elk fire boom:
A spectacle at the elk statue
Some people have removed wooded boards that were covering windows of federal courthouse (next to justice center) — those boards are being tossed into bonfire below the elk statue
This is a fire *at* the Elk Most Holy amd not a fire *upon* the EMH, which resides, of course, in the PNJZ (Portland No Journalism Zone)
More fuel for the fire at the elk statue.
Kneeling with umbrellas in front of federal courthouse, officers inside
And a bunch of people are here. There was one guy here yelling at a building two minutes ago. He was shot several times so people came over and the policemen will use this as the reason they charge. This is what they do
Police out, standing guard in front of federal building. Weapons drawn
The elk in its final form—our dystopian god
Barricade moved to block main, half a block west of the elk
Police walked around corner, it seems. Folks have created a barrier with cones / wooden barricades between elk & JC
Police moved into the federal courthouse
Protestors gather near the elk statue
Seattle Police Dept:Officers making arrests at intersection. Police continue to give dispersal orders
Lots of people coughing, the projectiles were pepper balls
So again the police came out and again they shot balls at people and then yet again they retreate into the JC. I would love for someone to explain how the aim of this is anything other than spurning anger in the citizenry. Would love. "Let us descalate random violence".
Protesters begin to form a phalanx, moving back to interesection
Police fire non-lethal projectiles
Protestors move forward
Many shots fired at a few protesters standing across the street from the courthouse. smells like pepper balls. Please know that it looks like PPB are the ones shooting and there was zero dispersal order or any announcement of any kind
Police have thrown a flash bang, crowd remains
Portlandprotest day 34
Elk fire keeping me warm. N.W.A. playing in the background
Protestors remain at the intersection
Someone pulled down the police tape barrier at CHOP border. Police are asking folks to move back so they put the tape back up
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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