20 September 2021
Here's the standoff at the federal courthouse. There are about 40 protesters here. There are 10 PPB officers on the NW corner of the JC block as well
Many items were thrown at Officers tonight including firework mortars and paint. One Sergeant's pants were burned from a thrown mortar. An Officer had paint splattered all over him
PPB has announced, "Everyone must leave the area between Interstate 405 & SW 1st Avenue, SW Columbia to W Burnside Street. This area is closed."
Officers arrested a male at SW Broadway and Main St. who had a loaded firearm on his person. He fought with offices during the arrest
Federal officers launch tear gas from inside the federal courthouse at protesters as they light fireworks outside
Police pushed legal observers and press East and West away from arrests. Then these officers moved me away as I was trying to film an arrest farther West. You can hear my angry voice in this voice one
CHOP - 2:00am Women's March leader "TK" encourages protesters to end their night on Broadway and E. Pine and "go home and call it a night". SeattleProtests
The cop closest to me here dropped his gun and didn't notice until another cop alerted him. It was about 2.5 feet from his body
This person is getting arrested.
SW Main and Broadway
CHOP SeattleProtests - Women's March protesters reach Broadway and Pine
Federal police intersection, Portland police move to disperse
A cop kneels to put on a gas mask then police charge Main to push protesters West
The lineup at salmon and 3rd
Still smoke pouring from the street in front of the federal court bldg
Federal officers dispersed protestors, moving them out of the park. Heavy tear gas use
People were walking towards SW 3rd & Madison with lots of wood for the bonfires that had been set.. then they realized police had cleared the area and they dropped the wood and split.
Federal police stand at the corner of the park
More spicy air. Police burst out of the courthouse and gassed Lownsdale and Chapman Squares again. Bunch of them in camo at the corner of SW 4th and Main now
Police cleared the northern park
Police are moving in on the crowd - fireworks are going off as they push protesters through the park.
Feds shoot canisters if tear gas indiscriminately into the park.
Federal police silhouettes in a tear gas cloud
Tear gas on 3rd
This is a lot of tear gas
More tear gas at the federal courthouse, from federal officers
More tear gas has been used need the entrance of the federal courthouse
In Chapman Square, across from the Multnomah County Justice Center, this statue is on fire
Boards & picnic tables on the way to the growing fire on SW 3rd.
Large fire in the middle of SW 3rd. Looks like people might be carrying more objects to the street to burn .
Police fixing to kettle and I'm just trying to get a dang rib
Protestors have lit a fire with wood paneling
Three large fires continue to burn near the Justice Center & Federal Courthouse building & lasers are also being pointed at the buildings.
Fire on 3rd and Madison
Protestors light a statue on fire
Protesters light a fire in front of the federal courthouse
Protestors light a trash can on fire
Protesters light a statue on fire
No justice. No peace
A protester is giving a speech about lighting a fire under Ted Wheeler's ass. Coincidentally, the colonizers also have a fire under their asses
People are setting off more fireworks in the park area & off SW Main in an area previously cleared by police.
Protesters burn an American flag at the Elk stump
Still no visible officers. However there is a statue on fire and random fireworks going off.
Fires burning near statue across from Justice Center.
Firework + burning US flag. Not technically 7/4 anymore but still
This is in the park - Fires are blazing near SW Main & 3rd
Trash fires burning near Pioneer Courthouse Square.
No further PPB announcement. Colonizer Son is a canon fedora boy
Police continue to move protesters using tear gas
On the move, I bet y'all can guess in what direction
At least two windows shattered at city Hall off SW Madison. The crowd is back near the former Elk Statue site.
There was a fire at the corner of SW 3rd and Main, at the corner of Lownsdale Square. Some people are trying to extinguish it. No tear gas for a while. Still a lot of protesters here
This is the scene at the federal courthouse
11:50pm: police continued dispersing protestors out of downtown, tear gas was used
Ok my brain is disintegrating and I sang to the police vehicles. A lot of them are zooming South
People are gathered near the Justice Center again at SW 5th & Main.
The crowd has headed back to the Elk stump where they are setting off fireworks. Police have given a notice to clear the area
There is a chunk of concrete or rock at the base of a shattered window at the Columbia Bank building off SW Salmon.
So many clouds of tear gas tonight, the police have literally dragged people into the middle of clouds to arrest them.
A protester throws a tear gas canister back at advancing police lines
A man in a Central City Concern truck is driving around putting out trash & dumpster fires.
PPB on LRAD are commanding everyone to leave. Threatening with arrest, riot control agents and tear gas.
Police have slashed the tires of the snack van and began to throw teargas into the crowd
Spicy air Portland, Oregon
The elk has been replaced. PPB again telling people to leave
A mixture of teargas and firework smoke.
An arrest Portland, Oregon
More people being arrested
Protesters have broken up into smaller groups. Some are still lighting off smaller fireworks downtown
The police charge and make a series of arrests
Police moving in
Stalemate as we're in traffic so the PPB can't beat the hell out of people
Police moving down SW Fourth. The crowds have moved toward SW Yamhill.
Police van heading up SW Salmon with lots of law enforcement officers
Looks like this van off SW Taylor & 4th got hit with a paint ball.
This window is broken at the Multnomah County Courthouse. You can see a curtain waving in the breeze.
Police bull rush, dispersing protestors out of downtown, tear gas was used
Police using a little bit of gas to push the crowd north
Gas or smoke canisters were released in the park & the remaining people and protesters are running out of that area.
11:55pm: police continued dispersing protestors out of downtown, tear gas was used
There's a small elk figurine on top of the pedestal where the large elk used to stand, between Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. Also a nice fire here. Police (some in black, some in camo) are guarding the Multnomah County Justice Center and US Courthouse
Jimmy Johns window smashed at SW 5th & Salmon.
Tear gas still seems like it's hanging in the air after it was deployed an hour ago - people are beginning to trickle back into the area of SW 4th & 3rd and Salmon.
11:54pm: police continued dispersing protestors out of downtown, tear gas was used
A lot of damage tonight - Starbucks windows near SW Salmon & 6th smashed.
Police line facing North on 5th
The crowd moved back to the park and in true Portland Police Bureau fashion they teargassed the park again.
There is still a very large group of people marching through downtown despite all the teargas and arrests. Easily 500 folks.
Windows of the Multnomah county courthouse were broken
People face-to-face with police then commotion as smoke and fireworks till the air near SW Salmon and SW Broadway
Police on Broadway
Police have dispersed protestors, lots of tear gas has been used tonight
A look at the camo clad federal officers.
"Oh no a firework."
Police and federal officers pushing people west
Here are camo people in the northern park at SW 4th
PPB shoot rubber bullets at close range at a car stuck on 4th
Lots of tear used in dispersal
A riot has been declared and the park is full of teargas
A cloud of tear gas. #Portlandprotest #blacklivesmatter
Tear gas filling the outside of the federal courthouse
Portland Police on LRAD warning to not ingadge the federal courthouse and threatening arrest/crowd control agent
The crowd moved back briefly, but are back in front of the courthouse and Justice Center. The officers are no where to be seen.
And it seems the federal officers have deployed tear gas.
It is fun that cause of the smoke we can see the lasers targeting the cameras.
This one got stuck in the Federal Courthouse.
In downtown Portland Oregon on July 4th. Here we have the customary flag burning at the previous home of the elk statue in front of the Justice Center.
Vandals tear down Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore and have thrown it into the city's Inner Harbor
Christopher Columbus statue removed from Columbus Park
Protestors have blocked N Dale Mabry at Spruce St. Chanting we have the right to assemble. They are holding various signs such as Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police.1 year ago
Protestors have blocked N Dale Mabry at Spruce St. Chanting "we have the right to assemble." They are holding various signs such as Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police.
1 year ago
More police arriving Tampa,Florida
Protestors moving from intersection into street, chanting whose streets Our streets.1 year ago
Protestors moving from intersection into street, chanting "whose streets Our streets."
Protestors still in the intersection1 year ago
Protestors still in the intersection
Group of protestors gathered near Spruce and Dale Mabry1 year ago
Group of protestors gathered near Spruce and Dale Mabry
Protestors shutting down intersection of Spruce and Dale Mabry now. Chanting no racist police.1 year ago
Protestors shutting down intersection of Spruce and Dale Mabry now. Chanting "no racist police."
Protestors have blocked Dale Mabry in both directions.1 year ago
Protestors have blocked Dale Mabry in both directions.
Boogaloo bois & BLM chanting white supremacy sucks" — clear tensions with people from Propertarian Institite and other white nationalists
PPB just came out and tear gassed the area in front of the US Courthouse on 3rd, also Lownsdale and Chapman Squares. Spicy air. Picked up a canister. Took a while for it to cool down.
Completely engulfed in tear gas in Portland, Oregon
Royalty at the JC. Countdown to pob attack
Portland protests #blacklivesmatter
Tear gas and pepper balls.
Another fire in that large pit at SW 3rd
Happy Fourth of July Portland, Oregon
Smoky dumpster fire here on 2nd and Main. No policemen have come out
More infighting: protestors tell person who started fire that this kind of action is counter productive
Fireworks have been launched close to the buildings
Protestors are asking the driver if he is coming to be peaceful
Protests are questioning this person who showed up with a plate carrier vest
Day 37 portlandprotest
A lot of the night has been intratension with protestors
The person with the gun has left according to protestors. Tension is gone
Fourth Street Bridge at Midnight
Portland: March towards justice (center)
Portland Protesters have gathered outside of justice, entering the 37th day
1 year ago
"Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders," adds @POTUS. "They think the American people are weak, soft and submissive."
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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