4 December 2021
Protesters waving flags and holding signs can be seen through windows @StateFarmArena. They are protesting in support of @realDonaldTrump and other Republicans. The ballot count continues unbothered.
After a relatively calm Election Day, protesters took to city streets on Wednesday evening for a peaceful march. Still, the night ended in more than 50 people being arrested in a clash with police near Washington Square Park after agitators "hijacked" the protest-PIX11 News
Some people have gathered in Atlanta outside @StateFarmArena as vote counts are being finalized
A couple protesters confront the driver of the Trump Unity Bridge in Detroit Detroit Michigan
Fulton County, Georgia: There are ~50 pro-Trump demonstrators chanting Four more years. outside State Farm Arena where they are processing ballots1 year ago
Fulton County, Georgia: There are ~50 pro-Trump demonstrators chanting "Four more years." outside State Farm Arena where they are processing ballots
Crowd of Trump supporters gathering in downtown Detroit to protest for transparency in watching the mail-in ballot counting Detroit Michigan
Protests outside of @StateFarmArena Trump supporters say they are demanding a fair process
Barricades going up near the Maricopa county election center right after last nights protest. Officials setting up a "freedom of speech zone
protests outside @StateFarmArena in Atlanta. The Georgia Secretary of State says counting continues in numerous counties. There are approximately 50,401 ballots still outstanding GA
Chain link fencing going up outside Maricopa County Elections Dept, separating protest area "Free Speech Zone" from the ballot center. This is in anticipation of large protests today/tmrw here. The critical ballot count has not stopped here for @MaricopaVote as race tightens
Others saying they are out to support Trump, the 2nd amendment, and protesting what they see as censorship, and socialism
He says he's out here to show his support for Trump, see what's going and on express his "constitutional right to bear arms."
Small group of Trump supporters gathering in front of the Maricopa County Election Center. One man holding two rifles1 year ago
Small group of Trump supporters gathering in front of the Maricopa County Election Center. One man holding two rifles
Happening right in Philadelphia
Officials from Trump campaign arrive at PA Convention Center where final votes being counted
Trump supporters begin to march throughout downtown Atlanta past Centennial Olympic Park
Opposing groups are getting into heated exchanges outside TCF Center in Detroit Michigan Detroit Election2020
A Black Lives Matter protester confronts the Trump supporters gathered in Detroit Michigan Election2020 Detroit
Police on horseback patrolling the area around TCF Center in downtown Detroit Michigan
Trump Unity Bridge pulled up mid-protest here in Detroit. Police quickly came over to keep him moving Detroit Michigan
Police officers clashed with protesters marching for a full vote count in the 2020 presidential election near Washington Square Park on Wednesday night in encounters that seemed to grow increasingly aggressive as the night progressed
11 arrested in Portland riot, National Guard deployed
MCSO corrected this later, saying the man is believed to have thrown a firework not a Molotov cocktail
Several arrests made after City-County Building vandalized by small group of protesters
Seven arrested in overnight demonstrations. One person taken to the hospital
More than 50 arrests overnight in Greenwich Village as anti-police protestors clashed with the police. Here's one of those arrests.
Riot declared in Portland as protesters smash windows
Street Closures STILL in effect in Center City. 8th to 20th Street. Arch to Walnut. Plus, Protests planned for 8am @ Convention Center.
Two people were just arrested by federal agents. Witnesses on scene said they were right-wing counter-protesters, & at least one of them was armed
Law enforcement vehicles moving out. Portland, Oregon
Crowd moving across the street.
Law enforcement has arrived. One person has been taken into custody. Looks like some DHS officers on the scene as well.
The Wendy's at Emerson & Colfax in Denver also has some broken windows
Group is on the march again & has moved into Pioneer Square.
Crowds have marched back to downtown. Federal agents have come out of the pioneer courthouse
The protests in downtown Portland continue. Vans loaded with riot policemen and the national guard follow en suite PortlandProtests
[email protected] confirms this woman is in "critical" condition
Oregon state troopers make a targeted arrest of someone simply standing on the sidewalk. The real question here is WHY SO NONE OF THEM HAVE MASKS ON It's not like we are in the second wave of a deadly global pandemic or anything
Walked over to SW 13th and Yamhill. Unified Command still has riot policemen staged on the overpass bridge. Flashing lights to the south and west. Lots of vehicles still circling the area.
Crowd got pushed west and an ambulance has arrive near the building
Ambulance arrives for the medical call. Portland, Oregon
Front lines in Portland OR, where the national guard has been dispatched the night after the election PortlandProtests
The National Guard is on the streets of Portland, Oregon. Protesters number less than 100
Law enforcement has pushed demonstrators to 15th & Taylor and away from I-405
This is at the Happy Teeth dentist office on east Colfax in Denver. Anti-fascist protestors came through here earlier this evening
Most headed out from SW 12th and Morrison a few min ago. The remaining officers are discussing their cases (heard a mention of a "homeless tweaker," finding someone's YouTube channel).
Unified Command: "There is a medical call in the building on this block that we need to get to - we need the crowd disperse to the west. If you do not disperse- you could be subject to arrest or citation or the use of force". koin6news pdx protest Portland Oregon pnw
The Oregon national guard
Portland Police and National Guard have pushed protesters past the 405, basically out of downtown Portland
The National guard seem less excited then the PPB to be out here tonight
[email protected] is surveying the damage on east Colfax in Denver after an anti-fascist protest Wednesday night left some businesses with broken windows. This is the 1st Bank at Colfax & Franklin. There is also a dentist office across the street with broken windows
Portland police and Oregon national guard
Portland police officer aims impact weapon at head level
Military vehicles are following on support
Air national guard security forces are pushing with Portland Police. Protesters are being pushed West across the freeway bridge
SW 12th and Morrison: Unified Command taking a break. KATU is reporting from this corner. Not sure if they're live. DJ LRAD just went north on 12th
Photos of the national guard, and Portland Police leading ta caravan of national guard downtown earlier
OSP stationed at Park and Morrison.
Law enforcement is making a push on SW Taylor.
Seattle Police Dept.: One person was transported from 12/Pike for a medical evaluation following an arrest
Broken windows at the Starbucks in Pioneer Courthouse Square
Glass broken at Starbucks in Pioneer Square. Portland, Oregon
The scene at SW Broadway & Alder - unlawful assembly declared.
Rally In Pittsburgh Calls For Every Vote To Count; 3 Arrested After Group Breaks Off From Demonstration
ARIZONA — Election officials in Maricopa County say they will continue to count votes, claiming they "will release results again tonight as planned
Maricopa County, AZ ballot office is closing to the public due to concerns about unrest from armed Trump supporters chanting "count the votes." (They are still counting votes
Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies ready in tactical gear inside the elections center to potentially make a move on the protesters and demonstrators outside as the crowd continues to grow
This photo was taken one hour ago of a civilian formed UADF recon team standing by in Denver
Portland, OR: policemen shove an elderly photojournalist to the ground for sport (They did the same thing at a few weeks ago) The policemen are still rioting. 4 November 2020 PM [@Cascadianphotog]
Some of the "protesters" are at 9th St and 23rd Ave S with heavy helmets and gas masks
Denver police have declared an unlawful assembly. Looting and rioting, including severe damage to Wendy's and a check-cashing business
Unified Command on National Guard activation: Widespread violence is occurring in Downtown Portland. In the interest of public safety, Governor Kate Brown, under advice of the Unified Command, has activated the use of the Oregon National Guard to assist local law enforcement
There are hundreds of #BLM protesters that have arrived on Naito Pkwy. #koin6news #pdx #pnw #Oregon #Portland #Protest #pdxtraffic
A large group of protesters entered the I-94 freeway on-ramp at Cedar Avenue heading eastbound
Police just surrounded a small group of protesters at 5th Ave and 8th st, moved in and made arrests
1 year ago
Protesters have been boxed in at W8th & 5th looks like NYPD going perform mass arrests #everbodyout #antifascists March ; #Election2020 #Trump2020 #Biden2020
Colleagues and I have been out covering the protests in NYC tonight. About 30 mins ago a few hundred protesters left wash sq park toward 7th ave. Police just broke up the protest on 7th, dividing the the group and making some arrests:
Protesters marching through #GreenwichVillage. They were at Washington Square Park as a part of the protect the results and count every vote rally and march
1 year ago
Hundreds of Protesters have left Washington Sq Park at the #everbodyout #antifascists March ; #Election2020 #Trump2020 #Biden2020
Madison Police reported that protesters are blocking traffic at Midvale Boulevard and University Avenue
.⁦@PhillyMayor⁩ pleads for peace just minutes before release of ⁦@PhillyPolice⁩ body worn camera video of Walter Wallace fatal shooting ⁦@FOX29philly⁩
Crowd on move south chanting "count every vote, every vote counts"
Crowd gathering outside @nypl demanding all votes be counted
Large, animated crush of "stop the count" protestors trying to push their way into TCF hall in Detroit where ballots are being counted. They're being blocked by guards at the door. Pizza boxes are pushed against the window to obstruct view. It's tense
MAGA supporters outside Philadelphia convention center, where votes are being counted, ahead of press conference from Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani
Protesters mobilizing from Independence Hall toward the convention center, where the Trump campaign just announced they'll hold a 3:30 presser
Protesters gather at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C. as votes continue to be counted in several states across the country in the 2020 presidential election
4 injured in overnight stabbing near White House; several arrests made following Election Day protests
Crowds gathered at the Justice Center downtown after the March earlier in the night. There was dancing, chanting, & a bonfire
There was a peaceful March this election night from SE Portland from Revolution Hall
VIDEO: Protesters in Portland have gathered, burning a large American flag in the wake of Trump's despotic victory speech
3:15 in the morning in DC, only a handful of protesters and media left as this Election Night winds down here DCProtests
People have gathered in front of the Justice Center. There is a small fire burning where the Elk statue was
Lt. Brooks with the Seattle Police Department issues an order to disperse. He explains that protesters have committed crimes that include property damage, assaults, obstruction, etc
A small bonfire has been set. Crowds assembled here in Lownsdale Square are chanting "F**k Ted Wheeler"
A solidified group of 100+ have gathered outside the Federal Courthouse in Portland OR, as Ted Wheeler has preemptively declared victory for a second term as Mayor. Police cars line the streets for blocks around
Some protestors are gathering outside the justice center/ federal courthouse
A few dozen people have returned to downtown Portland. There's a small fire where the bronze elk statue used to stand
In comments made overnight, President @RealDonaldTrump touted wins in several key states, and says he will fight election in the Supreme Court. "We want all voting to stop
President Trump's lead at 119k but that will narrow when Milwaukee's 169k absentee ballots are added around 3am. Pres Trump has already picked up more votes compared to 2016. Looks like Wisconsin could be headed towards another less than one percent election result
"Frankly, we did win this election," declared Pres Trump in WH statement. He says he'll go to the Supreme Court to stop any further ballots from being received and counted that could alter the outcome. Says it could be "a major fraud on our nation
Im downtown outside the Justice center where a small fire has started on the ruins of the old Elk statue. 50ish protesters here, but reportedly more on the way Cop cars line the streets on all sides and obvious under covers circle the blocks in abundance
[email protected] says President Trump is "castrating the facts" after he delivered a White House address with several false claims about the incomplete election results.
President Trump: "Frankly, we did win this election." VP Pence: "We are on the road to victory." The election is not over. Votes still need to be counted. States still need to be decided. We will know in due time, but as Joel Embiid would say, "trust the process
Votes in PA and GA, states President Trump is declaring victory in, have not been completely tallied
President Trump speaking from the White House. "Millions & millions of people voted for us tonight. A very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people
14 Minneapolis arrests. Police say group marching in s Mpls blocked traffic, shot fireworks, spray painted businesses & fires appeared to have been set by group. Police say people shot fireworks at officers and failed to obey commands. Arrested on probable cause riot
President Trump addressing the country at 2:25am suggesting this race isn't even close and its impossible for Biden to catch him
President Donald Trump speaks after tweeting 'they are trying to steal the election' Twitter flags tweet as 'disputed' and potentially misleading
At 2:21AM @realDonaldTrump @POTUS comes out to stage inside White House to address the country. "We were winning everything, then it was just called off." POTUS didn't explain further
President Trump speaking now, listing states he's won tonight; Texas, Ohio, and Florida, but also claims he's won Georgia and North Carolina. Those states have not yet been declared
President Trump speaks in the White House as the states that will decide the winner of the presidential race have yet to be called Election2020
VIDEO: Massive police convoy headed to Downtown LA where majority of protests are taking place
Protestors are being loaded onto LAPD buses
LosAngeles LA The group of videographers were unable to locate the shooting scene, but confirmed 3 suspects are in custody and that shots WERE fired.
Authorities say a "large and unruly crowd" has gathered in Los Angeles
LosAngeles DTLA LA Another update: LAPD are reported to have THREE suspects in custody at this time. Group of 'stringers' heading to the scene now.
LOS ANGELES: Protesters are being followed by LAPD police helicopter. They were trying to hide 11th E of at Grand, but they are running
Shots possibly fired at LAPD officers; police are pursuing the suspect nearby. Unknown injuries. Reports of additional vandalism in the area by demonstrators.
The crowd stopped and berated some police officers before continuing to march in DC
LAPD dispatch notified of a POSSIBLE shooting at the intersection of S Olive St and Washington BLVD
CBS News projects Biden wins Minnesota
Protesters on the move in DC this Election Night 2020 DC ElectionNight
Police say they arrested 14 people from this group in Uptown on Tuesday night
1:30 am: a group of demonstrators continues to march through Columbia Heights. Currently at 14th St NW & Newton
3 hours later, Portland protesters are completing a march through the streets by singing "Hallelujah
Crowd singing Hallelujah as they approach Revolution Hall
The group has returned to Revolution Hall
Marchers return to Revolution Hall.
More singing as the crowd approaches Revolution Hall where this gathering originally started earlier tonight. The dumpster says "RIP Kevin." Clark County deputies shot and killed Kevin Peterson Jr. last week. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing
Another marcher being arrested near Cal Anderson Park. Listen to what she says at the end
Rioters throwing bottles at police near the corner of Flowers and Washington BLVD. They are marching towards the 110 freeway. Drivers should avoid the 110 freeway
The marchers pause to regroup outside the Lithuanian Embassy in DC DCProtests DC
LosAngeles LA Tremendous police presence in Los Angeles right now. demonstrators can be heard shouting at LAPD officers; appears they may be kettled
Tires have been slashed, fireworks are being shot toward the building, and protesters are brandishing handguns. This is all currently happening at the Third District Metro Police Building in DC.
A man is shoved out of the march as the group continues to move through DC
Police tire slashed as fireworks are set off next to the Third District building DC
Protestors about an hour ago (after the video of me in a calm blmplaza but before the video of protestors going after our camera), this group staged near McPherson square and marched East, lead by a row of bikes that had umbrellas for protection
SEATTLE: Arrest made after protester rams through barricade and into the SPD bike line that was formed on the street. No injuries were reported from this incident
SEATTLE: Police department threatening protesters with "chemical agents". We have been unable to verify what chemical agents are being used exactly
SEATTLE: Growing number of protesters currently headed eastbound at the corner of Mercer St. And Terry Ave. 2 arrests have been confirmed. Car window smashed in by police
Police following behind the protesters marching through DC tonight DCProtests DC
Protesters moving past Laurelhurst Park
Protesters heading east past SE 37th and Belmont. Some are openly carrying guns
Im in DTLA covering a small group of protesters right now. A small number of protesters were detained outside of the Staples Center earlier in the night. The crowd is calm right now. Not a whole lot going on.
Marchers turn left onto SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. All things remain peaceful. They've walked about a mile and a half so far, putting them nearly 3 mi out from Pioneer Square
1 year ago
Donald Trump has won the state of Ohio predicts CBS News.
Neighbors really laying into policemen. Police pushed crowds back across the street
Protesters are marching east on Belmont. This group started at Revolution Hall and is near the intersection of SE Belmont and Cesar Chavez
Heavy armed police presence in Uptown’s Bryant Square Park.
Officers reported they've splintered the group a bit, and have 4-5 people in custody near W. 32nd St. & Bryant Ave. - More arrests likely
Riot policemen heading to Staples Center @LACoScanner elections LAPD LosAngeles
Most of the group is at Cub Foods near Lagoon and Emerson, reportedly using construction barriers to block the roadway. reported on the move to the east on Lake St. at Dupont. Still reported as around 40 people involved
Unlawful assembly called
MINNEAPOLIS: Group of about 30 marching, lighting off fireworks near Lyndale Ave. S. & W. Lake St
Small group of protesters marching north on Lyndale toward Lake St. in Minneapolis. Shooting off fireworks and chanting "f...ck the police
About 200 pro-BLM people gathering at the Staples Center: mood is positive overall
The scene outside the White House fencing tonight at 16th and H St. on Black Lives Matter Plaza1 year ago
The scene outside the White House fencing tonight at 16th and H St. on Black Lives Matter Plaza
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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