4 December 2021
Police said some protesters crafted pool noodles with nails to use as spike strips on police cars during Friday night's protest
Returning East on burnside, there's some commotion: a returning riot van has apparently shot a smoke grenade into a knot of press and legal observers. A neighbor in her pajamas brings out a jug of water to extinguish the munition, and invites the stragglers onto her porch
Pretty loud flashbangs, an officer takes a shield
Here was the initial rush. the officer said to me as they passed. Maybe "you're on the line"
Arrest in the intersection of E Burnside and 50th
Portland Police & Oregon State Troopers pushed protesters East in a joint enforcement action.
Medic maced with policemen on his back Portland, Oregon
This group just emerged from a neighborhood. Lady DJ LRAD is announcing something about still being an unlawful gathering
Smoke bombs deployed by PPB. They do nothing. Portland, Oregon
Folks dancing, music playing, policemen getting ready it looks like
More officers come out of building and join riot line, things are more tense now, crowd anticipating rush portlandprotests
The police launch the first tear gas of the night. The shieldwall repels it easily
Police return fire with what looks like smoke canisters and impact rounds.
Looks like apples are being thrown towards the policemen
The LRAD warns people not to throw things at officers, so of course people start throwing water bottles
The LRAD tells people not to do what they are doing. The crowd heckled the LRAD, and then one woman mocks the police for claims that officers were 'blinded' by lasers
And then a spotter with a whistle alerted the crowd that a police line was forming in front of the building. The flag-pole percussion stopped around the same time. These two things are likely related
The police just made an advance, moving up their line as the crowd seemed to lose some cohesion and discipline. The shield wall quickly reforms and takes position
A close-up of the carnage being done by Antifa's elite Water Bottle Field Artillery Division. Truly harrowing
People are honking loudly in response to another announcement by PPB.
Police launched smoke at protesters. water bottles thrown across the property line. My eyes don't sting yet
Someone walked up closer to the building and the police quickly arrested them.
Person being detained apparently for stepping on property
Police are announcing that some officers have been targeted by lasers pointed at their faces.
Police making more announcements asking people to leave - A person is honking a car horn in response.
The crowd hunkers behind their shield wall and waits. LRAD sirens blare around us. No one knows where the attack will come from
Police rush crowd briefly after one person apparently stepped onto property.someone threw an object at police, looked like a water bottle.a PPB announcement was made moments earlier, but hard to hear
These police spotlights really are a pain in the ass. This video gives you an idea
People are REALLY organized tonight. the group has grown to around 300 people, maybe a bit more
Riot officers pushed protesters from the East Precinct Northwards to the intersection of 106th & Washington.
At least one arrest has been made. Officers pulled one individual from the crowd. Portland Police held the intersection briefly before leaving.
Portland police push protester to ground; arrest made
Police jog towards protestors, make one arrest, disperse them to the intersection
Police remind protestors that this is still an unlawful assmebly. Maybe 50 protestors left
Police officer tells protestor to move his car back, he does
Portland protest screams while being arrested tonight
Wheelers fascist march is getting very angry frowny face at the press.
Portland police are making another arrest near the east precinct
The police form another line, but the crowd is long gone.
An officer yells at someone flipping him off that they are under arrest. No attempts to arrest the individual are made
After a few minutes, Police bull rushed protesters west down SE Stark
The policemen do a charge at the crowd.
These ties made out of rebar were constructed by some members of the group who gathered outside of East Precinct tonight. The ties were meant to pop police vehicle tires. Several of the ties were thrown in the street and police vehicles ran them over, causing damage to tires
After a few minutes of the crowd marching back in the direction of the precinct, a police line shows up behind them.
Poor tires. At least 2 cars got owies tonight. It is almost like they go out smarted by teenagers
During an arrest in a side lawn, a block away from the group the protesters, the police shoot off a fee smoke grenades
The group has been pushed by Portland Police to SE Pine and SE 102nd Ave.
Pig riot lines are very sloppy tonight. Too many piglet beginners.
This is the moment that police ran into a neighborhood off SE Stark to detain a person.
Pushing down stark, more cruisers lost tires to homemade road spikes
More protester supplies hit the ground in Portland
Here's some video from the initial push away. Officers ride up on a riot van and form a line in the street. Protesters and press stick to the sidewalks
The police and state troopers form a line after they charged for a few blocks
They withdraw down the street half a block and then fire smoke or gas onto yards and down the street
The police do a charge on Stark St.
More cop charges and a police line is formed.
Police officer pushes press onto the sidewalk during dispersal
Some officers harass the NLG during another rush.
Smoke canisters deployed on SE Stark.
Police officers and state troopers have showed up. Also a final look at the small trash fire.
The entire crowd is gone so talked to @GriffinMalone6 about ethical nonmonogamy for like 10 minutes and then walked back to the precinct, where there are many officers and a handful of press
Ppb rushed protesters on the street from E Precinct on SE 106th all the way to SE Stark and 113th near a park. Police deployed crowd controll munitions at 113th and Stark, it was multiple smoke canisters. People are marching back west toward precinct
Crowd was dispersed onto SE Stark, they're marching back in the direction of the precinct
Police block stark street Portland, Oregon
Police deployed smoke canisters during a brief standoff on SE Stark, before falling back
Line or officers parts to let riot vans through
After a tense few minutes on 102nd and SE Pine, police moved out again
There are roughly 24 officers facing off against this one guy sitting on the ground to the left
Another bull rush from the police, multiple people assaulted and pushed over.
Lrad has a flat tire Portland, Oregon
The police got split up by protesters which ended up separating a lot of people. They are so far away. Those pigs on the right were very pushy that attracts media. Police on the left were professional at least.
Police vehicle had a tire punctured on SE Stark.
Portland police tell legal observer to move back as arrests occur
There are about 200 people here outside the East precinct. Unlawful assmebly declared
Spray paint added to the precinct wall
A woman attempts to put out a fire in a trash can as two others block her
Portland police make an announcement as soon as the crowd walks in "We believe your intention is to burn down the East precinct"
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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