4 December 2021
Officer pulled out injured. Police pushing people South from Madison, slowly. Madison closed for three four blocks. SWAT leading most of the pushing away from Madison
Madison empty, policemen all in the neighborhood
A minivan tried to hit a PO and fled, meanwhile things still being thrown
Pulaski/Monroe and Karlov fireworks and bottles being thrown Chicago, Illinois
Damage Gucci store. 900 Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois
Damage Macy's store. 835 N Michigan Ave. Chicago
Video out of Chicago of the Tesla store getting looted. Access to parts of downtown is blocked off.
Night 73: Riot declared, officers injured by fireworks. at least 16 people were arrested
When about 2-3 dozen protesters regrouped after a riot-line push through Kenton park, they were again targeted for arrest and the riot declaration was reiterated, this time for a small group standing and chanting on the sidewalk by PPA
Gas team at 900 N Michigan Chicago, Illinois
More Cars Needed At Macy's. Chicago
Pearson & Michigan - At least 30 people looting inside Macy's with more cars pulling up.
People broke into Macy's on Michigan/Pearson
And the graffiti on the PPA building. No more warnings from police at this point
Jackson & State St - The looters are inside 7-Eleven. Chicago
Walton/Michigan: 50 of them are trying to get into the Louis Vuitton store. Chicago
65 N Michigan went in the back and are looting 100 is shutting down streets north of Roosevelt on State to Michigan
Fencing is pushed back onto N Lombard & N Denver.
There are hundreds and hundreds of people downtown. Chicago
Some of the graffiti on the Walgreens. The crowd is around 100 people or fewer , and a large portion of those are wearing helmets/clothes labeled press
It's a chaotic scene downtown . Chicago, Illinois
58 E Oak: they are looting. Chicago
Targeted arrest at 2307 at PPA by PPB of a Black activist.
Looting Water Tower Place. Chicago, Illinois
Protests lasted 12 minutes tonight before an unlawful assembling was called and crowd was rushed by riot policemen
Chicago riots Officer hit in the face with a object
More of the push in Portland, Oregon
Whelp, had to work late and planned going to Kenton around 11pm, but apparently riot was declared and dispersal has already happened. Thought I'd stop and see what was up with the ol' JC instead - there's maybe 20 people there
Arrests in Portland, Oregon
Someone threw a glass bottle at police. They shined bright flashlights and pointed what looked like pepper ball guns or other crowd control weapons at the people across the street. Ultimately didn't shoot
People are yelling at police for their treatment of PDX Moms United organizer Demetria Hester
Police dispersed protestors from Kenton city park
Back near the PPA building - a woman is yelling inside a detainment van that she can't breathe with her mask on in the back of the van.
A group of protesters and residents of the neighborhood have come out in front of the PPA building. A mass arrest is happening at the moment
Fireworks that exploded over our heads, stuff being thrown at officers, experienced pepper balls, and unfortunately, police officers who wouldn't let us follow along and do our jobs at certain points
Police bull rush into the park, in the darkeness they sprint, pushing protestors and press back
The barricades are back up though Portland, Oregon
Like another arrest in Kenton Park. But police wouldn't let us stop moving. There were at least a dozen police cars on the grass in the park
645 N Michigan need more cars 10-1 Erie and Michigan . Large crowd coming from Erie and Michigan
Police removed barricades, these weren't put up by protesters but by Restuarnt's could socially distance tables outside
In a pincer movement, Portland Police kettled protesters and carried out mass arrests on N Interstate Ave. Many protesters were on their way out of the area.
Police bull rush protestors, make an arrest, one drummer falls behind police line and keeps drumming
Portland Police continued to pursue protesters on riot vans throughout the smaller side streets of the Kenton Neighborhood.
More restaurant barricades being destroyed
The runner didn't make it. He is across the street in zip ties. Says his name is Jason and he owns a media company
Chicago riots tried to run over police
Police roll up to PPA, dismount quickly, make one arrest, and disperse protestors
From North State Street & West Ohio Street, Chicago
Clashes between protesters and police. police handed it to me before continuing to push us back
@PortlandPolice are calling this a riot. The crowd is near North Denver Ave & Russet St. Everyone ordered to disperse immediately.
One arestee being led away. tear gas is being used. hit a wall of it near Denver and Kilpatrick
Portland Police and OSP Troopers executed a dynamic rush and made several targeted arrests.
Person taken into custody on N Denver.
Trying to figure out where everyone ended up. Small crowd has returned to the area near the PPA building. PPB is giving warnings again
Police trampling Kenton neighborhood barricades put up to close the street for restaurants
Portland Police executed a dynamic push on protesters through the Kenton Park making several arrests. This enforcement action splintered the protest crowd into many smaller groups.
Portland Police are trying to shut down any type of protest. At this point it doesn't even matter what protesters actually do
More dumpster relocation.
A gathering is blocking the street on North Lombard Street between North Denver Ave and North Interstate Ave. Drivers in the area please use caution
Last night protestors set a fire inside the Portland Police Association building. Tonight their back
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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