19 October 2021
Portland, Oregon just banned police from using tear gas on protesters
DHS police and other federal officers in fatigues. The ladder leads to the roof for roofcop access fed edition
Some protesters walk to the back of the ICE building to check out the reserve forces
Confirmation: Department of Homeland Security officers outside ICE facility in Portland OR
It is calm in front of the ICE building at this time. There are protesters dancing in front of the line of DHS officers
Crowds have just arrived in front of the ICE building in SW Portland. Officers from the federal protective services are waiting in front of the building
About 100 protesters have gathered in SW Portland. A speaker is giving a speech on the dangers and dehumanization of incarceration
Sheriff says out of 36 protesters arrested, only one was from the South LA area
Police: 11 arrested in downtown Portland after group blocked traffic, threw things at officers
Ambulance arrives and loads the man up
As police arrest a houseless person, they begin throwing up on the ground and then policemen start pushing press
Press bloc is chasing DJ LRAD after a targeted arrest is made. Lots of people yell "fu** you Brent Taylor" #portlandprotests
One arrestee appears to be shaking on the ground. The crowd observing are yelling at the arresting officers to render the person aide
Police stage in front of the World Trade Center
Current standoff: it's mostly press. Someone knocks over a porta potty
Portland Police again intercepted protesters, making several arrests. It has become an intense game of cat & mouse
Fake press alert Portland, Oregon
Police charge to arrest famous Portland Protest drummer Tabitha Poppins. She was lawfully crossing the street from sidewalk to sidewalk, past the "closed" zone.
Police push someone over on Madison and Broadway. Portland, Oregon
Portland Police carried out a bullrush, pushing protesters further West.
Police bull rush on Madison. Portland, Oregon
Portland Police have just "closed" a massive section of downtown to pedestrians. Threatening arrest and teargas. The past hour of protests have been a concert/dance party. No violence at all from protesters tonight.
Policemen. Staged on 2nd & Madison. PortlandProtest Portland, Oregon
Portland police have declared the streets and sidewalks outside of the Justice Center "closed"
Arrived at the back of the JC and seemingly surprise policemen, who quickly try to speed off through the crowd PortlandProtest
The crowd has moved to the front of the Justice Center and surrounding parks. This area is home to where most of the teargas has been used in Portlandportlandpolice
Protesters have marched to the Justice Center. Portland, Oregon
Standoff at SW 1st and Davis Portland, Oregon
Police charge further into the street and make arrests. People tackled in the ground.
First arrest made Portland, Oregon
The BLM person is on the mic again. He elects to move when the LRAD starts with the warnings.
As the crowd is moving away, a few policemen charge forward. Unclear why, but they don't manage to grab anyone.
Another face off with the police, and back on the move. Portland, Oregon
Portland Police bullrushed protesters as the crowd marched away, but did not make any arrests.
LRAD was just blaring "the street is open to traffic" and the group is on the move again.
Portland Police has again intercepted the crowd after protesters diverted routes. A warning on the LRAD has just ordered protesters to "get out of the street".
More "riot" police at Davis and Naito. Currently a standoff
South LA: Prior to unlawful assembly being declared a nazi-obsessed female marxist squawks at sheriff's for two minutes straight
South Los Angeles: LASD made many arrests tonight. Many were caught on on private residential property trying to hide
A member of the press is attested. Police push press back Portlandprotest
Tonight in South LA: Protesters clashed for the fourth night in a row with @LASDHQ deputies over the killing of DijonKizzee
Rioters arrested and detained in transport vehicles
Portland Police has just bullrushed the crowd and made at least 3 arrests. Police has not yet declared an illegal assembly, unclear the charges of the arrestees at the time.
All the officers tonight have identifiable numbers visible
Crowds are marching through downtown Portland with Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries playing in background.
Police vehicles and officers were, and still are, blocking the Max line. Few protesters and press have moved in front of the line as well.
About 16 police guard the MAX tracks at Old Town Chinatown. A MAX train is stuck. A member of press notes that even if the protesters move, the police cars are parked in the tracks. The crowd debates making a hole for the MAX as LRAD blades to move
Protesters are moving further away from the tracks, Police still stay put blocking the Max line.
All the protesters are on the move again. Portland, Oregon
police not being able to film protesters Portland, Oregon
South Los Angeles: marxist insurrectionist organizing on full display. Multiple leaders directing the actions of those with defensive roles
South LA: About 100 protesters face off against LA sheriffs deputies
A quick stroll through the crowd Los Angeles, California
South Los Angeles: marxist insurrectionists gather at the South LA Sheriff's station on Imperial HWY to insult LEOs. Many with armor, gas masks, & shields
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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