19 October 2021
Video just released by @Chicago_Police after last night's chaos. Officers maintain that agitators started clashes.
need find, arrest, and charge the suspect in the video below with assault with a deadly weapon.
Riot policemen move to top of parking garage by their precinct and shoot smoke cannister into the yard of the house across the street portlandprotests "move bitch get out da way" by Ludacris has been playing on repeat for a while
Mayor @billpeduto is expected to address an arrest made during a protest in Pittsburgh—when witnesses say a man was shoved into an unmarked van.
Man arrested by plainclothes officers in unmarked car during Black Lives Matter protest
Antifa thugs violently assault an individual
17 policemen hurt, 24 people arrested following violent demonstrations in downtown Chicago
Somewhere around 200 here, crowd is energized PortlandProtests
Portland Police respond to one of their back windshields getting smashed just on E Burnside & NE Cesar Chavez Blvd
1 PEPPER SPRAYED & 2 TAKE DOWNS After 25-30 warnings LRAD starting at 22:52 PPB responded appropriately to clear the area. Those who wrongfully decided to stay and agitate officers were met with CCMs and force. This should not be a surprise
Police officer tells driver to move faster
Puny & frail antifa militant with a skateboard tries to go head to head with PPB officer is easily pummled. After 20 warnings
An argument ensued between members of the press, and the Portland Police. There is an argument of what constitutes the 'side walk', and where it ends.
Portland Police rushed the crowd, pursuing them to the West. The initial enforcement action pushed protesters several blocks away.
Police holding a line, they toss smoke and order protestors not to pick it up
This guy asks officer what's happening. Officer "you ever been arrested"
Police are holding a line, scanning and aiming impact weapons
A window is smashed on the riot van, policemen target someone and chase them down East burnside
Police bull rush, two officers run on the sidewalk and use butons to push press, including this reporter
And police have popped the trucks tires Portland, Oregon
The group is following this fun truck
Someone dances in the driveway to lil Wayne of the precinct and gets tackled and arrested, riot line comes out portlandprotests
Many of the rioters have returned to the South East Sheriff's station on 47th & Burnside
Police used flash bands and walked protestors out of the area
Portland Police has just launched a volley of smoke grenades & pushed the crowd from the front of the MCSO office building.
This is what Portland Police consider a riot
Police jump into protestor shields, then start swinging
Currently stand off on burnside portlandprotests
PPB starts the clear the area after around 20 warnings
Just saw an officer charge at a person following orders. Here's the end snippet
Protestors in umbrellas and shields aren't leaving, riot declared
Portland Police declare a riot
Protestors are awaiting police response Portland, Oregon
Protestors have entered the property and formed a shield line
A protestor spray paints the building
A firework went off just inside the property line, police have issued a use of fore warning
Hundreds are marching in south east Portland, miles away from the justice center, where federal agents are stationed, watching how things develop in Portland
24 Arrested, 17 Officers Injured After Chicago Protests 'Hijacked,' Police Say
Police kettled protesters in Chicago
The Proud Boys, an alt-right hate group known for violence, is hosting a rally today in downtown Kalamazoo. A West Michigan church is protesting against them. After the counter-protesters and police arrived, the Proud Boys began to move through the city
Still activity and traffic backups at Rose and Michigan in downtown Kalamazoo as a result of the rally/protesting. @WOODTV
Fights broke out between protesters and the Proud Boys group when they arrived in Kalamazoo. @wwmtnews
Police in riot gear have given a five-minute warning to clear the area until they start arresting people near East Water and Edwards streets. The Proud Boys have largely cleared out, overwhelmed by counter-protesters. @WOODTV
Clashes at Kalamazoo, Michigan
Proud Boys are attacking counter protesters, spraying pepper spray.
Kalamazoo, Michigan: Proud Boys have arrived
A crowd is forming toward the Arcadia Creek entrance
Downtown Kalamazoo: First Congregational Church is hosting a vigil at Arcadia Creek Festival Place after rumours spread that the Proud Boys, a white nationalist group, were holding a rally. Right now, members of an anti-fascist group are the only ones here. @MLive
Protesters gathered outside the postmaster general's home this morning as the USPS warned about mail-in ballot delays and President Trump continued his attacks on voting by mail
Images of the dueling protesters out at Stone Mountain village. These folks with rifles are protecting the pro BlackLivesMatter demonstrators from getting on the property of Stone Mountain. Police is out for crowd control.
Stone Mountain Park closed due to militia protests Saturday AM.
The portion of Connecticut Ave outside the apartment building remains closed
The group has made it to the Postmaster General's house in Northwest DC. USPS has wanted 46 states they can't guarantee delayed mail-in ballots will be counted. All this as accusations swirl the President is intentionally blocking funding for USPS
Protesters say they are outside Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's apartment building to protest his destructive leadership ahead of mass mail-in voting in the 2020 presidential election.
This is the early Saturday morning protest happening in DC's Kalorama neighborhood. A tweet organizing the protest reads: "@ShutDown_DC will wake up Postmaster General (and Trump donor) Louis DeJoy at his Kalorama condo."
Several far-right groups, including militias and white supremacists, are planning to rally at Stone Mountain, and a broad coalition of leftist anti-racist groups are organizing a counter-demonstration.
About 100 counter-protestors rallying in the town of Stone Mountain. Still no activity outside the park
A pro-Post Office protest Washington D.C
Save @USPS (also, Good Morning AdMo.?) @APWUnational @PoPville
Protesters are making their way to the Postmaster General's house for what they call a "wake-up call"
Today right-wing activists and militias are converging on Stone Mountain Park in Georgia to hold a "Defend Stone Mountain" Confederate rally. Antifascists are gathering to oppose them. Here, III% activists gather about a block East from Antifa, loading and prepping guns
Here's the scene over at Main St. and E. Mountain St. where members of ANTIFA/F.L.O.W.E.R are expected to protest.
Portland Police rushed the crowd at 01:45AM and made several more targeted arrests. They pushed onlookers back and expanded their security cordon. An argument ensued.
After found 3rd part of SAF-SMOKE triple-chaser at N Killingsworth/Mississippi. Was safe retrieving it from street. A woman came to thank PPB while others told them to, e.g., "get the fuck out of [their] neighborhood."
At 10:22PM tonight, Portland Police officers bullrushed the shield line on the intersection of Killingsworth St & N Michigan Ave, after bottles and paint balloons were thrown.
Defense Technology SAF-SMOKE triple-chaser deployed at N Killingsworth and Mississippi was still warm but not smoking when I came upon it just before 10:30 PM. Got to explain it to some curious residents of the area.
This was at 00:28. Dude eats it hard and I can't help but laugh
After a car (with a BLM sign on it) pulls over to let the riot van drive through, an officer gets off the van and rips all the car's tires.
Portland police bulrush the bridge after 15-30 minutes of antifa & blm ignoring orders to disperse. Also, an individual was running karaoke style and ate it
Police holding a line near N Lombard and Albina as they push people east
Dumpster fire near n Rosa parks and albina
Police dispersing crowd and crowd control munitions used , pushing crowd back to Peninsula Park
After pushing the crowd east, officers begin to surround the crowd from all side
Portland Police executed a running charge across the bridge after a short standoff with protesters. The crowd continues to splinter as the police continues it's pursuit.
A man stands apart from the rest of the crowd in front of, and much closer to police
Individuals associated with antifa & blm have entered the street on a freeway overpass
The crowd got away from the PPB for a few minutes and somebody made another dumpster fire. Police were quick to show back up.
As people march away from Peninsula Park, a dumpster fire is lit.
Multiple dumpsters were set on fire causing the Portland Police to move in and disperse protesters from the area
Protestors started two dumpster fires
Protestors are standoffing on Killingsworth
Police have cut off Killingsworth, preventing proteins from marching to the north precinct
After a brief standoff, protesters changed plans and headed east on Killingsworth toward the North Precinct. But they were met by another group of officers at Mississippi, several blocks away from the precinct. Photos from a bit early by @bethnakamura
Protestors are heading east on Killingsworth, interstate cut off by police
The protesters left Peninsula Park about 10 min ago and appeared to be headed to the Portland Police Association building on Lombard.  They were met by a group of officers on Lombard and Ainsworth who are blocking the street1 year ago
The protesters left Peninsula Park about 10 min ago and appeared to be headed to the Portland Police Association building on Lombard. They were met by a group of officers on Lombard and Ainsworth who are blocking the street
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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