20 September 2021
As we walk around the back of the Justice Center, we see a man being arrested and escorted in by the police- there is blood on his face. He spells out his name and birthday
A protestor fell down and injured himself, protests medics are attending to him
Portland police cars have pulled up on 4th and Taylor. There is also more federal officers stationed at the IRS building
Federal law enforcement officers used tear gas & flash bangs to disperse the crowd. Dustin Brandon, who has been out every night to protest, explains to @JenDowlingKoin6 how this was worse than what was deployed by Portland Police.
Portland Protests day 50
Protestors are moving away, after spotting officers
Protestors move fence closer to justice center
In between 4th and Main and 3rd and Main. Undoubtedly this small fire and the parts fence taken down will be used to justify a horrible amount of violence from the Feds.
There's already a fire at the former elk statue
Fence is being dismantled in Lownsdale Square & repurposed as a barricade by protesters
Fence being pulled out of Lownsdale Square and into the street to form a barricade at SW 4th & SW Main.
The chainlink fence has been moved to 4th and Main.
A protestor holds an unexploded impact munitions found on the floor
Lots of police cars descending west down E Burnside, chaos in the streets and some attempted barricades.
Here's some of what was shot just now
Caught the second rush from police into the crowd
Tear gas at 3rd & Salmon
About a block away, the air is thick with tear gas. Your eyes immediaty itch standing here
Federal police use tear gas at 3rd and Salmon
Federal officers use heavy tear gas, flash bangs, and impact munitions to clear protestors
Just got gassed out of the area. The area outside the 7/11 is filled with protesters coughing, choking, retching, yelling for eye washes, pouring water in each other's eyes
Federal Officers teargas the Portland streets at midnight
Gas canisters & crowd dispersal devices are exploding on SW 3rd near the Federal Courthouse building.
Line has moved back a little bit. More shots fired. More calls for medics. The air up here is extremely spicy
Another video of the smoke from the initial push north. Protesters were pushed from SW Madison a couple blocks north to Salmon. individual people get hit a dozen times each with what I believe were pepper balls
Stun Grenades and Teargas are being used by the Federal Officers in Portland.
Federal Law Enforcement is in the street near the Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building. Protesters have been pushed to the area of SW Salmon.
Protestors are lingering near justice center, inching closer for another pass
Can confirm. Happened incredibly abruptly. multiple arrests at the MCSO building at 47th and Burnside
Trumps army attacked protest early for nothing. Shooting at people injuring more gassing
The unjust law enforcement has attacked the Portlandprotest again firing and gassing Portland
Police still lined up and many protesters still here
Only a few protesters and medics and NLG left facing the federal officers on SW 3rd and Salmon. "Tell Mr. Wolf, whoever he is. to leave town and not waste taxpayers' money" says a Black protester on the bullhorn. Chad Wolf is acting secretary of DHS and is in Portland
A group of Federal Officers attempt to hold a line at 3rd and Salmon.
The Portland Police shows a charge and multiple arrests at the MCSO building at 47th and Burnside tonight
Federal officers are marching forward and pressuring protesters north on Third Avenue.
Police just rushed the crowd in full riot gear, I got this image right before it happened. People ran away and they are asking people to disperse to the south and to the west. Event deemed unlawful assembly
Hundreds and hundreds of shots of pepper ball or some other less lethal. Lots of smoke. Flash bang. Multiple medics and protesters shot so much that they couldn't walk.
Federal officers used pepper balls and tear gas to move back protestors
Federal officers walked back protestors
Protesters gather near Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct
Federal officers pulling back closer to whatever this building is (anyone) across from Terry Shrunk Plaza.
Numbers have grown to at least 200 at 4th & Salmon.
Federal law enforcement officers have deployed several canisters of tear gas, sending protesters fleeing.
As I approach downtown Portland to report on the protests tonight, I see and smell teargas in the distance.
Federal officers are walking protesors, tear gas has been used
Clouds of gas or smoke billow up SW 3rd. Some protesters are returning to SW 3rd & Main - more gas or smoke is being deployed.
Smoking us out with whatever this is
Federal officers on SW Madison and 3rd. Only 20ish protesters over here
Around 100 protesters have gathered near the Edith Green – Wendell Wyatt Federal Building.
Police cars are leaving the area with people running after them.
A larger crowd is at the intersection where a road block was set up by protesters. Police are asking people not to tamper with the fence.
Protesters are chanting NoJusticeNoPeace outside the police building entrance on SW 2nd.
Another barricade heading up to SW Salmon & 4th.
A police car has arrived at SW 4th & Salmon where the barricade has gone up - it looks like part of the fencing around the park has been disassembled and used as a barricade.
There's an ambulance on the protester side of SE 47th
Arriving at Southeast Precinct. A semi lets out a supportive honk as hundreds of protesters cheer. Cyclists block East Burnside at SE 47th
At the Penumbra Kelly Building on E Burnside, PPB officers are yet again blinding folks with lights. Lots of protesters here
All officers inside now. Protesters follow them all the way to the door and then head back around the corner to 3rd
A small American flag has been lit at the back of the crowd
It's 10 pm at the Justice Center. Chapman and Lawndale are completely fenced off, including the sidewalks. SW Main is open to cars. Riot Ribs is set up on 4th and Salmon. And maybe 100 protesters are gathered outside the courthouse and justice center
Chanting continues outside of PPB East Precinct
People are continuing to arrive at the Justice Center for protests .some with sheilds.
One officer walks down the line, presumably going over the plans for breaking this up
Here is a burnt American flag on the ground on Burnside St. outside PPB East Precinct
Officers all walking BACK to the door. There's a lot of them
Protesters have moved reflective mirrors up to the front and chant "f...k you roof cop." One calls out, "your weapons don't do shit to us anymore."
Many officers walking up 2nd now. Other officers staying at the door. Crowd seems unclear where to go/stay
More officers standing outside the back door to the JC. They're keeping the door open. The crowd is chanting "let him go;" a protester near me says that they're referring to someone who was arrested for jaywalking earlier
"F**k you roof cop" outisde the sheriffs office in Se Portland
Crowd has moved to SW 2nd & Main outside the entrance to the PPB.
A flag crafted to show solidarity with Riot Ribs, the free kitchen that was taken down extreme police violence this morning
About 10 more officers showed up, around 20 that are visible in all.
Police claim they've heard something about people planning to burn down the SE Precinct. They ask peaceful protesters to leave. No one has said anything about burning down anything since
The crowd of around 100-150 people is spread out around the four blocks surrounding the Federal Courthouse building & Justice Center.
Black Lives Matter is being projected onto the building
Still tense here, protesters continue to chant and police still in a line, tho backed up a bit
A basic, minimal journalistic apparatus for working on a Thursday night in Portland, Oregon
And @hungrybowtie is at the Sheriff's office at 4735 E Burnside
It's almost impossible to see any officers. They are all hiding behind the bright vehicle lights.
Portland protest day 49
People are grilling at the corner of SW 4th & Salmon. Although the "Riot Ribs" location in the park was shut down earlier today as the park was cleared, another tent has reopened with food
People are gathering near the Justice Center & Federal Courthouse building downtown despite fences around the Parks in the area.
This is the police vehicle that was giving warnings to protesters to not enter the premises and it was located on North East 47th and Couch. Looks like perhaps an LRAD on top of the car
Portland: Looks like the beginning of a street barricade. materials gathered at SW Salmon & 3rd.
Here we have a little speech, given by a longtime resident of the neighborhood
Protesters still here outside PPB East Precinct, in the street on Burnside St
Assisted @PortlandPolice with removing trespassers from Chapman and Lonsdale parks. Both parks are badly damaged and will need extensive restoration
At least one arrest outside the Multnomah County Courthouse, with police tackling somone on a bike. At 5am, PPB declared the parks outside the federal courthouse and Justice Center closed, even to journalists.
Portland Police officers knock a protester off of his bicycle and arrest him outside of Lownsdale Square Park near the Federal Courthouse downtown
A statue in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs was found damaged this morning. The statue commemorates union soldiers of the civil war who fought on the side to end slavery
Seeing some arrests happening in Lownsdale Park in downtown Portland. Portland Police have cleared Lownsdale and Chapman Square of protesters, near the Federal Courthouse.
Portland Police say that both parks by the Federal Courthouse have been cleared. Still a group of protesters gathered on SW 4th and Salmon in Downtown Portland
Police say everyone has left Chapman Square Park and Lownsdale Square Park. Officers have taken at least two people into custody
After a series of small incidents of infighting, peace and calm has returned to CLAT. Law enforcement has remained silent thus far tonight, and the crowd remaining here are quietly enjoying conversations or listening to music
The bonfire grow larger. The crowd have gathered around.
Something sung to the tune of Nelly's "Hot In Herre."
And they're having themselves a little flag burning.
Nightly fire at the former base of the stag statue. It is extra hot tonight.
The area is clear and the last person that refused to leave Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park arrested.
While a fed pulled out real aggressive he pulled a gun on us and scanned with it. He almost hit someone.
Arrests are   starting to be made so far no one has refused or resisted arrest. They are also joined by the @monroesheriffny1 year ago
Arrests are starting to be made so far no one has refused or resisted arrest. They are also joined by the @monroesheriffny
Police are still on court street there is about 4 For people inside of the circle officers have made around them.
People are really gathering at this spotlight
There is a laser vs flashlight fight going on.
Light shining down from federal courthouse
About 100-150 people have gathered near the Justice Center & the Federal Court building off SW 3rd. Speeches are underway and some barricades were placed in the street earlier by protesters.
A small portion of the speeches being given on 3rd and Main
This speaker asks for prayers and energy for Donavan LaBella, the protester feds shot in the head:
Several hundred people at SW 3rd & Main in Portland, Ore. tonight. Seemingly more numbers than last night, their chants louder and more focused than other nights
A crowd forms around some people giving speeches at 3rd and Main
People giving speeches, about 100-150 here
The Rochester Police Department is blocking roads and staying in the area as close as possible.
They are chanting they are marching all night long.1 year ago
They are chanting they are marching all night long.
East Ave and Union St Rochester
RochesterNYPD blocking traffic as the group continues to march. They were just at East and Alexander chanting "out of the bar, into the streets." headed east on East Ave through Union St.
They are   marching down Monroe Avenue and other bystanders have joined the march.1 year ago
They are marching down Monroe Avenue and other bystanders have joined the march.
Protest at MLK park in Rochester New York after Mayor Lovely Warren placed an executive order ban on large public gatherings after 11 P.M.
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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