8 December 2023
St. Louis man drove 97 mph before striking 2 city officers and injuring six others on I-64, charges say
.@STLFireDept on scene of a fatal fire in South STL. An adult male was found on first floor of home. Heavy fire and smoke reported from first crews on scene. Neighbors tell the man lived alone. 4200 block of Bates
1 year ago
Protesters in NYC marched from Tompkins Square Park to Washington Square Park earlier today to denounce Eric Adams & the NYPD, demand an end to violence against homeless people (like sweeps & evictions), & to demand housing for all. Radical artwork got put up during the march
1 year ago
The Department of Sanitation began removing homeless encampments across the city a week and a half ago. Protesters gathered Friday at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan to demand those sweeps end
Protesters disturb Mississippi Transgender Day of Visibility event at Fondren Park
As protesters were leaving, the LAPD ran out from an alley behind the protesters, and kettled them. Was it necessary Not at all. Among the first people the LAPD targeted after kettling were the *legal observers
There's been a few recent articles about the Echo Park debacle. What's not talked about enough was how the mass arrests were completely unnecessary. The protesters were leaving (see: vid). The police kettled protesters for no reason
More than 100 Alaska Airlines flights were canceled by the airline as pilots plan protest
This morning teachers in the Sacramento Unified School District are set to go on strike
A crowd is gathering on the steps of Seattle City Hall to march & rally in support of the people of Ukraine
A protest underway on the corner of Nine Mile & Pine Forest Roads. Participants are protesting what they call unwarranted inflation caused by the Biden administration.1 year ago
A protest underway on the corner of Nine Mile & Pine Forest Roads. Participants are protesting what they call unwarranted inflation caused by the Biden administration.
Truckers pause, police intervene and tell them to get back into vehicles and keep driving as counter-protesters tells them to "fuck off, losers" at Constitution and Madison
1 year ago
Protesters begin targeting individual homes to argue Meridian child welfare case
Police: Suspect arrested for homeless attacks in DC, NY - Police say the man wanted in five shootings, two of them homicides, between the two cities was picked up in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE via @WUSA9
Hundreds of people are marching in solidarity of Ukraine through downtown Minneapolis. They're calling for a no fly zone and more military support from the U.S
Large demonstration DTMpls near Government Plaza. Some roads in the area may be blocked. Crowd size 300-400. Unclear whether LRT is being impeded at this time, but they are in the area of 5th St
Thousands of people marching on Michigan Avenue, yelling "close the sky" over Ukraine
Thousands are chanting, "Close the sky." and marching through the Loop right now in support of Ukraine
Chants of "close the sky" and "hands off Ukraine" echoing through the Loop now as the group marches east on Washington toward Millennium Park
Dasha Lukinova, 17, is here with her parents and 4-year-old brother. She said her family in Ukraine is the "only thing I can focus on right now
A remarkable showing at Daley Plaza. Generations of Ukranian Americans and supporters call to close Ukranian skies, boycott Russian oil, and to support the Ukranian people
Daley Plaza on support of Ukraine Chicago, Illinois
Protesters Gather In Millennium Park And Truckers Rally Downtown, With All Saying Ukraine Needs Help Now
Hundreds of Ukraine supporters protesting in front of Senator Dianne Feinstein's office in West Los Angeles
A rally is set for noon at the corner of Marietta St & Centennial Olympic Park Dr— near CNN. A social media event says participants are asking for Russia to be banned from SWIFT, send NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine and stop
Protesters turned out on public squares and outside Russian embassies in cities from Tokyo to Tel Aviv and New York on Thursday to denounce the invasion of Ukraine - while more than a thousand who tried to do the same in Russia were arrested
Hundreds of protesters descended on Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco Thursday to loudly condemn the Russian war on Ukraine, including a number of Ukrainians showing support for their countrymen and anger at Russian President Putin
During the autonomous march for #AmirLocke on February 11, major intersections Lyndale Ave. & Lake St. & Hennepin Ave. & Lake St. were fully blocked by protesters who occupied the space for short increments of time as the march continued moving. Story:
The Pentagon approves deployment of 700 unarmed National Guard troops in DC for trucker convoy protests planned for next week. Pentagon states the troops will not carry firearms or engage in law enforcement/surveillance
The group is on the move making a right off Grant Street onto Third Avenue chanting "Peter Spencer" and "We want justice