4 December 2021
Mini-rally by @POTUS underway at a Yuma airport hangar1 year ago
Mini-rally by @POTUS underway at a Yuma airport hangar
Capitol Police have shut down traffic at Main and 9th1 year ago
Capitol Police have shut down traffic at Main and 9th
The protest march has paused at the intersection of 9th and Franklin, where people are chanting and listening to a fiery address from an organizer. RPD has blocked off the 8th St intersection and continue to monitor from a distance
March stopped along Broad Street to try to coax some folks out of their apartments.
Workers from Richmond restaurants along Broad Street leaned out. One women at Tarrants held up her fist
As the march continues East on Broad, it appears RPD continues to trail from a few blocks behind, diverting traffic
The crowd is headed back to the Capitol where the march began. One officer from inside the center video recorded them as they walked away1 year ago
The crowd is headed back to the Capitol where the march began. One officer from inside the center video recorded them as they walked away
VSPPIO continue lining Siegel Center. This police presence was not visible with the 2A group with guns when the march walked past The majority of West Broad is blocked
As the crowd moves away from VSP, the protest is still surveilled by an unmarked SUV with RPD officers inside. This prodigious specimen recognized me and got really excited. It really is always nice to meet a fan
As protesters march East on Broad, the large coterie of VSP officers follows the length of the Siegel Center and then appears to stop
Police seeking suspect accused of assaulting driver near downtown Portland protest
The march walked past 2A people and advocates for cop-free and fully funded schools who were already at the Siegel Center  One VCU police officer is recording the crowd1 year ago
The march walked past 2A people and advocates for cop-free and fully funded schools who were already at the Siegel Center One VCU police officer is recording the crowd
Most of the crowd declined to march. Hester continued leading chants, but the group was down to 50-75 people by the time I left.
The crowd has assembled around Letha. There seems to be broad support for her plan to march on from the PPA.
Here's the roadblock at Lombard and Denver
Portland Police riot officers arrived on scene to inspect the PPA building to see if there were signs of forced entry. There is a brief stand off between officers and protesters. Officers have since departed.
A protester makes the interesting decision to carry the smoking grenade back into the crowd
People were shining flashlights at officers and telling them to quit their jobs
The Police retreat and throw a grenade. A protester throws it back. They light him and the crowd up with pepperballs. Then they drive off
Someone just walked through crowd yelling at the people in front of the PPA building. Dozens gathered around them and led them away from the area
One officer has failed to clean all the paint off his uniform. We are all so busy these days
Pictured: a PPB officer making no attempt to check the PPA building, and instead holding a riot line
The Police have arrived. As this shot starts, you can see the PPA building is intact and unmolested, save for some graffiti
Hundreds of protesters arrive at PPA building. They marched from Kenton Park
Police checking side of the building that was damaged. Crowd approaches officers
Here is a closer look at the backpack mounted sound system currently flowing over the crowd and PPA
No one by the building but the police. Not sure who has to move away
A driver in a van leans out of his window in front of the vehicle barricade and begins shouting Dominionist Christian slogans at protesters: "The devil is going to eat you alive. The kingdom of heaven is at hand."
The crowd sits back and awaits whatever is to come. A speech plays on very nice set of speakers.
The boards on the PPA building are getting a fresh coat of spray paint. Demonstrators have blocked two intersections of Lombard, but so far not much else is happening
The Portland Police suspect that people might be attempting to break into the PPA building. They tell people to stand clear of it on pain of arrest. Weird that this happened right as Joey showed up. The crowd's behavior did not seem to have changed
200+ people marching to the PPA building tonight. Chant "What do we want Justice. When do we want it Now.
With a warning that "eyes are behind us" the crowd turns onto North Lombard. Heavenly Donuts in the immediate horizon
A look at the crowd in front of the PPA building. A couple hundred people are here. There is a recording of a speech playing
Cars are blocking N Lombard at intersection with Denver Ave
At Kenton Park, in North Portland, where a hundred-ish people have gathered to engage in some sort of resistance to the local police. No idea what tonight will bring, but police were super violent this weekend and last night protesters at the 7/11 attacked a drunk driver
Driver of crashed car is beaten blocks from downtown Portland protests
Riot policemen load up and retreat with guns pointed at protesters
Seattle police say at least 10 people have been arrested, 3 officers injured (1 with serious eye injury — taken to Harborview). This video is from earlier. Group has cleared the area.
Portland Police officers pushed protesters from the Eastside of the Justice Center to secure an exit for shift change and off duty personnel
At least one Riot cop has been partiall paint splattered Portland, Oregon
A crowd is gathered around the unconscious victim's body; some are pouring water on his head. Others can be heard arguing and establishing BLM responsibility for the attack
On 2nd Ave., a group of officers forcibly shove press and bystanders away from a garage door that's opening to let in a Gresham police vehicle. One officer, mask on their chin, raises their weapon and then shoves multiple members of the press, saying "Get off the street."
white Ford crashed after intimidating protesters on SW Taylor. Police arrived on the scene in riot gear and had a lot to say to everyone except
Portland: A man accused of trying to run over protesters crashed his vehicle. BLM & Antifa militants then pull him from the car and violently assault him
Police have declared a riot — more arrests being made as group returns to area where earlier rally started.
Police cleared street so the woman (who it sounds like was the passenger in the truck) could drive away. tow truck is pulling the pickup off the sidewalk
Closer pictures of the crash and vehicle. The driver was taken away by ambulance, and the passenger spoke with police officers before walking away.
This after the man has taken several punches to the face, the protesters continue assaulting him. Portland
The man is completely unconscious. Portland, Oregon
Car smashed into tree and immediately after the man in the car was beating up by protesters.
Scene to report on night 80 in downtown Portland and a man crashes his car into a tree and protesters take the man out and start punching him in the face. According to witnesses on the scene he was trying to run people over.
Portland Police in riot equipment have secured the site of a traffic collision on Broadway & Taylor. Witnesses tell this vehicle was driving erratically, and may have been attempting to hit protesters. There are no license plates on the vehicle.
Several blocks away by Taylor and Broadway, a pickup is on the sidewalk & police are around it. The crowd is accusing the driver and a woman of saying racist stuff and trying to run people over. I didn't see it happen. Another person says driver was taken away in an ambulance
Seattle Police Dept.:Several officers have been injured, and arrests made on 4th Avenue. This has been declared a riot. Officers taking projectiles and fireworks.
Antifa aka @SeattleCouncil troops, forced a confrontation with @SeattlePD charging them and throwing fireworks and projectiles.
Antifa aka @SeattleCouncil troops, withdrawing from @SeattlePD Well done
Some pepperoni sticks were thrown at this man while he was waiting to enter the JC, he leaves to presumably enter through a side door.
BLM & antifa militants violently assault man after car accident in downtown Portland. This kick to the head came after several heavy blows from fists
People have marched to the PPB entrance on SW 2nd.
A black if SUV just pulled into the back of the Justice Center and lots of armed sheriff's officers came out.
Back in the front of the Justice Center/Courthouse, numbers are fading. Folks could be taking the night off after a few days in a row of going hard.
Seattle police issue dispersal order to people marching in anti-SPOG rally in SODO.
People pulled out of a van as police move group up 4th Ave.
More people detained — Police line stopped at Holgate as group continues NB on 4th Ave.
People going into the JC. blacklivesmatter Portland, Oregon
A small shrine for Patrick Simmons has been set up on the intersection of 3rd & Main. It is still peaceful thus far.
Shift changes going on behind the JC. Portland, Oregon
This isn't even the Nightmare Elk's final form.
Speaker singing on a megaphone near the Justice Center, "Your Momma hate you. You hate You."
About 100-150 people are at the Justice Center & Federal Courthouse building tonight.
Most of the remaining demonstrators moved over to the area in front of the federal courthouse. Back at the JC, a Black man was talking about how we need to "love the police." Crowd instantly started booing, and Demetria Hester got on the mic. "They brainwashed you, brother."
Little over 100 people in the vicinity around the courthouse, smaller than usual, but the night is still relatively young
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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