19 October 2021
Proud Boys rally attendees are slowly leaving Delta Park in Portland. A counter protest holds a sign reading "Vets and firefighters believe Black Lives Matter
Union members demonstrating for the #BlackLivesMatter movement near Peninsula Park. #koin6news #PDX #PNW #PortlandProtesters #Oregon #Portland
Hundreds are participating in Iowa Trump Parade downtown Des Moines and have stopped at the statehouse.car The event is also in support of law enforcement agencies
A large crowd is marching in Boston to protest the Breonna Taylor decision
Aerial shots capture protestors in Denver marching for Black women and to demand charges be dropped for recently arrested activists in the wake of a second wave of protests over the Breonna Taylor decision
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office & Unified Command: At least one shield has been confiscated near Peninsula Park
Denver, CO protest to #DropTheChargesCO. In relation to PSL & BLM protestors charged with multiple felonies
Denver, CO protest to DropTheChargesCO. In relation to PSL & BLM protestors charged with multiple felonies
PA system being set up at Peninsula Park for #BLM speeches. #koin6news #PDX #PNW #Oregon #PortlandProtesters #protest #Portland #BlackLivesMatter
A small group of protesters have showed at at the national mall blasting music and saying Black Lives Matter
Portland Proud boys rally
Skyler Jernigan, who took two shots out of his car at antifa last month, is also here
The rally is for Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha shooter who killed two and injured a third, and Aaron 'Jay' Danielson, a right-winger shot dead in Portland by an antifascist. Some have outfits printed with both names
Proud Boys are handing out fliers / stickers in the style of WWII and Red Scare-eta art
The Proud Boys and their supporters are gathering at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon
On 9/23, an unknown suspect pointed a firearm at protesters in the 400 block of S. Main. The suspect was identified as Paul Staples. On 9/25, officers arrested and charged Staples with eight counts of Aggravated Assault and Tampering with or Fabricating evidence
Tensions are high as opposing protests are set to begin around noon in Portland
Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested at his home in Antioch, Illinois, a day after prosecutors say he shot and killed two protesters and injured a third on the streets of Kenosha on Aug. 25
Protester helped police find suspect accused of shooting 2 Louisville police officers
Group moving past police roadblock towards 8 and X. Officers do not stop them. I asked officers if that is normal protocol. They did not give a response
Group stopped at 9 and X. A young woman demanded we shoot only feet. I asked her why. She did not give a response
In an interesting turn of events, officers allowed the group to return to marching. Not sure what dialogue was exchanged between march leaders and officers on scene. Moving northwest up from 9th and T
Marching group   being blocked off by officers at 8th and T1 year ago
Marching group being blocked off by officers at 8th and T
Tense encounter with police parked in the street. We had some people shining lights at our photographer and trying to pull on his cable
Protesters have started marching again in downtown Sacramento after gathering for nearly an hour at Southside Park
Police again gathering on 4th and York, where very few protesters (still on church grounds) remain compared to earlier
LMPD making several arrests at 6th and Chestnut- protesters that were walking in the street after curfew
Protesters largely dispersing northward on 4th street
Protesters are leaving City Hall, saying they plan to come back tomorrow at Marion Square
1 year ago
Dallas Police Dept:#TrafficAlert We Take The Streets protesters are marching northbound on Victory Park Lane
protesters just arrived back at First Unitarian Church ahead of 9pm curfew. The church opened its doors last night to protesters to keep them from being arrested
#Louisville protesters bank south off Broadway onto 4th and approach 4th and York en masses, chanting for #BreonnaTaylor
Organizers issue a warning to #Louisville protesters at Jefferson Park: Elderly, children, and the vulnerable need to get moving if they want to stay safe and avoid arrest
Approaching 6th and Market from the east, #Louisville protesters head north and gather again in Jefferson Park
Protesters are upset because they've been marching peacefully (in the streets, yes) and police then blocked them in for some time on E. Main Street and fired flash bangs. They are attempting to regroup #LouisvilleProtests #Louisville @WLKY
LMPD have created a barrier on E Main and Hancock. not letting protesters or media past the line of officers
Crowds gathering right now in Nubian Sq to protest the Breonna Taylor ruling
Loud cheers as a group of police officers walk toward the site where President Trump will be holding a MakeAmericaGreatAgain rally here at the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport
At least two thousand people waiting in line 2 hours before doors open here at the MakeAmericaGreatAgain rally in Newport News with President Trump.
One protester was hospitalized after being struck by a pickup truck during a Breonna Taylor demonstration in Hollywood Thursday night. The driver was later stopped by police, but then allowed to leave. The investigation is ongoing
Protesters descended on two people at Parkshore Grill, sitting at their table, exchanging harsh words and gestures and refusing to leave. A protester later tweeted a photo of the diners giving them a thumbs down — and the middle finger
Former RensCo DA Joel Abelove is acquitted of lying to the grand jury in the Edson Thevenin case - and protesters take to the streets of Troy
SPD once again showing all they know is escalation and violence. Dozens of blast balls and other indiscriminate munitions going out filling a residential neighborhood with gas
Portland Police executed another bullrush just as they were leaving. 4 arrests were made. One arrestee yelled that he is a Marine Corps veteran as he was taken into custody
This seems like a lot of arrests for a traffic cone on an awning Portland, Oregon
Wednesday evening a protester threw a firework into a fire near the Hall of Justice
I was not out there. Just poking around remotely. Look over at @kevrector feed if you want some on the ground details. Lurie said both drivers alleged they were attacked first by protesters
The LAPD is are aware of an incident in Hollywood involving several vehicles and a large group of protestors. Here is the information we can verify at this time
Police are back and just arrested two people suspected of climbing to the roof of the PPA building Portland
More pics. seattle fire on scene
Protests finished for the night in Sacramento - demonstrators say they'll be back out Friday night & likely through the weekend
Portland Police arrived at the PPA building again. Officers arrested 2 individuals on the roof of the building
Police moving back out of the intersection on N Denver & N Lombard St.
Protesters continue marching in Hollywood following two separate altercations involving vehicles — one of which sent at least one demonstrator to the hospital after being struck
Officers ran past some protesters, making one targeted arrest. The arrestee was taken away in a riot van. PPB officers have departed again
Riot vans drove up from both east and west on Lombard and officers began chasing protesters north up N. Denver Ave
At least one person was arrested and walked back to the Portland Police Association building
More officers move in - it looks like at least one person was detained.
PPB officers just rushed the crowd from the side. They chased crowds North
Police making a push on the crowd - people are scattering.
Police are lined up on N Lombard Street after declaring an "unlawful assembly".
Portland police officers and vehicles with their lights on line the intersection of N. Denver Ave. and Lombard St. A protester walked in front of them and set down a single box of soup
Small group remains near PPA building. Music still going.
At least one protester was taken to the hospital after being struck by a vehicle during a demonstration in Hollywood Thursday night
Outside the @SeattlePD east precinct, the heart of the former CHAZ, BLM protesters have returned tonight. They made a blockade on the street. Last night a cop ran over a mans head with a bicycle1 year ago
Outside the @SeattlePD east precinct, the heart of the former CHAZ, BLM protesters have returned tonight. They made a blockade on the street. Last night a cop ran over a mans head with a bicycle
LAPD appears to be doing a completely hands off approach to the protest in Hollywood tonight. No officers seen anywhere
After allowing an ambulance to pass on Sunset Boulevard, protesters are moving south on Gower Street in Hollywood
Hit & run, repost: 2 protesters hit by a black van at a protest in Hollywood tonight. Initial reports say that one hospitalized, other treated on scene.
Prius drives through a protest in Hollywood, protestors then chase the vehicle down, smash the windows with a skateboard while attempting to pull the driver out of the car. The driver then speeds away and is pulled over by LAPD and handcuffed
Protestors in downtown Sacramento burning an American flag while @SacPolice block the entrance to the @Golden1Center
Some people in the group try to set flag on fire1 year ago
Some people in the group try to set flag on fire
Protesters, police face off in downtown Minneapolis outside Hennepin County Jail - some confrontations but no arrests while I was there
Hundreds gathered here at the public safety building. Speakers are talking about police brutality and improving the police response to mental health calls
Police appear to be disengaging for the moment
Protesters chanting "Stay Together" and pulling back as MPD advances
Police and protesters facing off as MPD clears a barricade from South 4th Ave in downtown Minneapolis
A large crowd of people are marching through Baltimore city - peacefully protesting in wake of the Kentucky Grand Jury's decision to not indict police officers on criminal charges related to BreonnaTaylor death
Louisville. Half-hour before curfew. Much larger crowds than yesterday
Just before 9 p.m. ET the Louisville Metro Police declared an unlawful assembly due to protesters breaking windows on 4th Street
Louisville Metro Police Dept: Thanks to the National Guard for offering the services of this fire suppression vehicle. Another tool to help keep everyone safe
Protesters have gathered near Genesee street and Michigan Ave. @news4buffalo
A crowd of protesters, angry, disgusted that three Louisville police officers were not charged on the March 13 th shootings death of 26 year old Breonna Taylor have just left St. Louis Police Headquarters and are marching through downtown and are moving towards city hall
Pivoting north on 4th at Market, Louisville protesters have picked up speed and vehicles as they approach Galt House to lock down 4th and Main intersection
As everyone's phone are buzzing and alerted to the upcoming 9pm curfew, Louisville protesters gather and prepare: "Protect each other
Downtown now- people are painting banners in honor of Breonna Taylor
Louisville protest mobilizes. Heading east on Jefferson, bounded by the press, before turning north on 5th
"Justice for Breonna Taylor. Say her name. Breonna Taylor." Protesters marching on Market Street in St. Louis
Protesters currently on Broadway making their way back to Niagara Square
Hundreds out here for a second night in Bushwick Brooklyn demanding justiceforbreonnataylor1 year ago
Hundreds out here for a second night in Bushwick Brooklyn demanding #justiceforbreonnataylor
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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