16 June 2021
Nonprofit activist group One Fair Wage held a protest Wednesday outside the Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th Street in NW D.C. Some of the protesters Wednesday that they are not willing to return to work until they earn $15 an hour, plus tips
2 week ago
2 protesters injured by Volkswagen, 3rd by NYPD vehicle near Brooklyn Bridge: police
What's left of the group are here downtown facing off with police.
Stand off in Portland, Oregon
Police are making some arrests Portland, Oregon
The Apple fence store in Portland, Oregon
The window at this Pandora downtown was shattered too and you can hear the alarm going off.
Protesters broke windows of a bridal shop and dragged out a mannequin onto the sidewalk
Another smashed window downtown at a @Starbucks. The group is still marching through the streets
Antifa also smashed up a Ruth Chris' Steakhouse while employees and late-night diners were inside during their GeorgeFloyd riot
Some more smashy Portland Protests GeorgeFloyd
They have been circling at this pace for a bit now.
As is tradition, Starbucks windows smashed in and fireworks thrown inside by Portland Antifa
Portland Antifa setting fire to the US flag
There is not a single protester on this block.
Protestors are breaking windows of some businesses in downtown, this is a jewelry store
Nights done after a very long march through downtown. Portland showed up for George Floyd tonight
[email protected] are making another arrest downtown.
Better video of the person that was arrested, not sure who it is, will find out soon
Antifa knocked down a fence that surrounds a building in downtown Portland
Crowd leaving the area of the Justice Center.
PortlandPolice make at least one arrest.
Thoughts and prayers to families of these windows
March is back at the Justice Center and various greetings have been left for @PortlandPolice
Portland protesters began marching through downtown. After damaging the City Hall, Portland Police have declared a riot
The group is moving closer to the police line chanting at police to move back
The group has made its way back to the Justice Center. Still about 150-200 people out here. PPB declared this a riot around 10 pm.
The fire department put out the dumpster fire while Antifa occasionally threw objects at police
Portland Police more less just following Antifa around not making any arrests currently
Firemen have arrived. Everything smells like burnt plastic. Nothing new under the sun, they say
Portland riot policemen in pursuit of the protest march in downtown
Officers stand next to the burning dumpster, facing off against the crowd
Police have arrived Portland, Oregon
Portland Police:Dumpster Fire at the Justice Center near SW 3rd and Main set by people in the crowd
Portland police have declared a riot
Some windows at City Hall have been shattered
Portland protesters have gathered downtown at The Multnomah County Justice Center in honor of George Floyd, who was murdered one year ago today. Portland Police have arrived, followed by Portland Fire responding to a dumpster fire
Unlawful assembly declared in downtown Portland
Antifa threw water bottles and fireworks at the policemen as they were leaving
More fireworks going off and police move back. Still about 200 or so people out here
Portland police have declared an unlawful assembly
PPB has come out after Antifa set a dumpster on fire and pushed it in front of the Justice Center
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square3 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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