20 September 2021
The Mississippi Senate passed the resolution to remove the confederate battle flag from the Mississippi state flag
After arresting several people, VSP just. packs it in Almost as if there was no good reason for them to be there Then protesters go right back to the Circle. At 2:25am some familiar RPD faces swing by the neighborhood to check things out.
Multiple times while I was filming this I was hit with projectiles and shrapnel from the cannisters and flashbangs detonating all around me. I was in a complete daze and don't remember much of anything after the explosive burst in my face
Projectiles, smoke seen as police, people clash at Richmond, Virginia, monument
After the chaos begins and multiple rounds are fired into the crowd on the North side,   A flashbang detonates directly in my face. @woznyphoto caught this from another angle. Then a man is shot in the face1 year ago
After the chaos begins and multiple rounds are fired into the crowd on the North side, A flashbang detonates directly in my face. @woznyphoto caught this from another angle. Then a man is shot in the face
Officer had sat down on the grass and was being attended to, but didn't see anything happen. Then it looked like they started throwing flashbangs and then a firework went off.
Man who stood on burning police car during protests arrested for arson:
Street barricades placed at JC
To flash bang grenades thrown Moments earlier
Protesters clearing a space for a wounded person
Ambulance is here
People are still congregating at barricade
People shoving barricades closer to JC door
The crowd appears undeterred even though we heard a couple more flash bang devices go off.
Police are telling people to remove the barricades that have been set up near the door to the Justice Center & are telling them to leave before it's declared an unlawful assembly
This officer refuses to identify himself because I called him "GI Joe"
Riot officers don gas masks and ready weapons at 10:08pm. An officer threatens a member of the press because of the light on his camera. And then immediately shines his light in MY camera
Protesters continue to gather at SW 3rd & Main.
Police clear BLM Plaza, confiscate supplies staged at 16th & I NW protests2020 wusa9
Police have backed away for now
Protesters move quickly after police appear to fire non-lethal rounds near the Justice Center
Multiple officers decline my invitation to identify themselves1 year ago
Multiple officers decline my invitation to identify themselves
Crowd is holding candles & chanting, "Say her name - Breonna Taylor"
Crowds persist in the intersection of SW Main & SW 3rd. koin6news Portland Oregon
Protesters outside the Justice Center now
OK, some of my commentary gets a bit blue in these vids. Apologies in advance, this month of constant terror and violence is starting to kinda get to me just a little bit.   9:59pm: Dozens of VSP arrive and stage up East of MDP Circle, many with o visible identifying info1 year ago
OK, some of my commentary gets a bit blue in these vids. Apologies in advance, this month of constant terror and violence is starting to kinda get to me just a little bit. 9:59pm: Dozens of VSP arrive and stage up East of MDP Circle, many with o visible identifying info
1 year ago
Brooklyn Brooklyn Bridge. All lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge are closed in both directions due to protest activity
A man is injured by an explosive round fired by Virginia State Police in Richmond *raw video,
CHOP Protestors tell Seattle Fire Chief Scoggins has been their most trusted liaison to the city. Today, he met with protest leadership. Asked if they reached an agreement or if SDOT would be back with machinery. No agreement. Here's his answer on SDOT. @NBCNews
Crowd is moving down Centre Avenue in the direction of Shadyside. @KDKA1 year ago
Crowd is moving down Centre Avenue in the direction of Shadyside. @KDKA
At 12th & Pike with trucks and machinery to apparently remove concrete barricades in the CHOP seattleprotest At least 1 protester is laying in the street.
Further down MLK at NE Jarrett, we found the looted business. Crews are cleaning up the shattered glass and starting to board up windows. Police say it was the work of protesters in NE Portland overnight
1 year ago
2.4 magnitude earthquake. 1 km from Pāhala, HI, United States
At least one fire is still burning in the road on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Police said protesters lit fires in the area
Those policemen were arms length reach of the both of us. Initial push out was brutal, some girl got hit directly with a flashbang & others beaten and tackled for no reason. Honestly surprised we both weren't attacked there
These are some of the shells from munitions fired on us here at the North East Precinct.
This is a part of the initial push out of the precinct, too. Featuring the first time of multiple that a stranger physically dragged me to safety.,
Even more stun grenades and impact munitions. filming this something ricocheted and hit me right in the temple.
Crowd moved about a block after that last charge an re-regrouped a block down the street, pretty amazing to hold fast. Wonder if these policemen would keep this up with o all that armor, as several people keep inviting them to find out about. No takers yet
Police throwing stun grenades into a group of lawyers and under vehicles.
A standoff between the police and the protesters. Police still giving threats of force after teargassing people and pulling folks out of cars into the gas
Pushed north again. Watched this overeager officer get literally pulled back
Police pushing the group further north, and using multiple stun grenades. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Video of pulling folks out of their car Portland, Oregon
Here's a video of the gas coming in on killingsworth
Retreating from the gas. Thanks @45thabsurdist for the eye flush
For fireworks conspiracy theorists: there are fireworks
Long video of the initial push by PPB, including officers rolling out of the garage door and pulling down the east barrier
Portland protest now at north precinct. Police announcing they will use "impact munitions" on protesters.
Here's a tiny clip of the PPB first storming in to clear the area. More as time allows
Current scene south of the north barricade: mostly empty with a few protesters and other folks standing around and filming. There are a few folks in the bus stop who look like they are legit waiting for a bus but obviously there won't be any coming through
It's going down. Protests in portland Northeast Killingsworth Street & Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Cop aiming at my face, shot at others
Things happening Portland shooting
Portland Police Bureau have declared an unlawful assembly and are demanding everyone leave
Portland, OR, police
"Who do you protect, who do you serve" A random car drove up during this has been supplying music
Whose streets. NE Killingsworth St & NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, Killingsworth and MLK
Everyone is suddenly panicking about officers coming in from the sides (East and west on Killingsworth. Looks clear at this exact moment. Fire is roaring and protesters have backed way up
The wind is blowing a lot smoke towards the police. Portlandprotest
Here at MLK and Killingsworth, a half dozen dumpsters have been laid down in front of the vehicle wall to stop cars from driving through the protest
The shield and umbrella game here is strong. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Police arrived from the south and started to push the protesters out of the area. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Deployed a stun grenade in the crowd, and some policemen pulled down posters. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter PDXprotests pdx
Police using more stun grenades, tackling people complying with their orders, and pushing folks further back.
The police have started to fall back. Some protesters think the police are trying to bait the group into advancing so that the police can kettle the group. Portlandprotest
Police once again telling everyone to leave and threatening them with the rest, use the force, and riot control/impact munitions. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Someone on a bullhorn is demanding the police leave. After I stopped recording, he repeated: "This is our precinct now. Return to your homes."
around the back of the Precinct, outside the occupation zone, where just saw a silver truck drop off folks wearing what looked like camo and body armor. Did not look like normal police. Perhaps SERT or Guard Too far away to tell
There's a north barricade now. It has an upholstered chair in it
A police line stationed at the east side of the precinct. Portlandprotest
Some pictures of the precinct itself. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Activists tag the everloving shit out of the Precinct. One of the first actions taken when the occupation started was to spraypaint over every camera on the building. Again, very methodical and disciplined
At the occupied area by the North Precinct. A little over 200 here now. Good baracades on three sides.
A barricade at NE Emerson about 100 feet from a line of police
Police lined up on the street down the block, past the barricade
Robert Evans here, back on the streets of Portland where several streets around the North Precinct have been occupied and barricaded. 400 or so people here now
First attack of the night. According to witnesses someone in a silver sedan got turned away from the barricade, flipped around and deliberately rammed two vehicles. One is disabled. No one injured. Offender license plate 891LSM
Back at Emerson, the barricades have started taking shape quite nicely
Moment for those who couldn't breathe
South barrier coming together. A protester just told someone else to leave something "for tonight" as if they'll still be working on it tomorrow
Crowd is definitely thinning out but there's still 100+ people here, including a couple dozen in helmets at main/East barricade
Everyone is back in front of the Justice Center, police are not currently actively shooting people for now.
Protesters building a more solid, wooden barricade on MLK just south of the occupation (NE Emerson). There are multiple drills involved
Car entrance. The policemen shooting at people like that has really provoked the crowd into movement. @PortlandPolice either don't know or don't care how irredeemably bad these actions make them look. Crowd was mostly just chanting and fence-messing until those shots
Police have started shooting into the crowd here at the Justice Center. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
After a few rounds of rubber bullets were shot by the police from behind their drywall, about half the protesters here moved down to PPB side of the building. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter PDXprotests pdx
Protesters have knocked down a portion of fence at the Justice Center. PortlandProtests
This person was hit . Tough to tell from this but it's already way swollen.
3rd is "fenced off" again for the 50 feet or so. Suddenly policemen emerge and start shootings people in the back, nailed the person right next two me twice in the back
The Fence is dead, long live The Fence
Dumpster 5 being taken in to the street being occupied by protesters outside N precinct, as well as more wood pallets
Cars blocking MLK on Killingsworth
This barrier, made of pallets and shields and zip ties and dumpsters, was made by protesters as others were holding a shield line. This is all per @45thabsurdist, who has been here awhile
Crowd yells "quit your job" at Roof Cop and shines lasers and flashlights at him. Leader on the bullhorn: "reminder that flashlights are fine; lasers are going to get us ." Lasers switch their efforts to blocking the security cameras (which are getting sprayed too)
Many people congregating outside the precinct walls and spray painting. On the roof, a police presence is visible
Commotion as people shout for a medic, there's a person on the ground
A dumpster is being rolled down the street and a protester that some people are setting up a barricade in front of the police
Another dumpster being put in
A third dumpster near NE Emerson and MLK
Dumpster 4 (that I've seen)
A protester spray painting security camera at exterior of precinct
Protesters continue occupying the corner near NE Emerson and MLK
The fence toppling has started a little early tonight.
"Say Their Names" projected on the side of the Justice Center. About 300 here now. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Some better shots of tonight's graffiti. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter
Some people getting up close to the Justice Center & spray painting on the plywood, similar to last night, but this time lots of people are actually staying and sitting on the steps.
A fire outside precinct, contained in a grill
Protesters are standing near NE Emerson and MLK
Back at the Justice Center, Thursday 6/25. The fence has been replaced and there are about 250 people in the street/park. There is a vigil planned for 10:00. Portlandprotest blacklivesmatter PDXprotests pdx
Protesters and police face to face
Protesters moving toward police
The spray painted letters "BHAZ" (Black House Autonomous Zone) have been removed from St. John's Church after being vandalized Monday
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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