20 September 2021
Riots in Richmond this weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials. The mayor thanked BLM protestors he said tried to stop white supremacists from spearheading the violence
Trump sends more federal agents to Portland
Six arrests occurred overnight and a number of fires were set by rioters, including a dump truck outside of RPD headquarters
Some crowd control munitions were fired, forcing the remaining people to retreat into the park. Officers are putting out the fires and standing guard. It's just before 3:30am
"The feds is on fire in Portland, Oregon
Officers are responding to the fires Portland, Oregon
Protestors gather for another night of demonstrations in Richmond. At one point our crews witnessed police in riot gear surrounding Monroe park -putting several people in handcuffs. These are images captured by our team on scene.
Multiple arrests made in front of the courthouse as feds clear protesters from the area surrounding the fence
Officers just deployed a TON of flash bangs/tear gas and seem to have fully retreated behind the smoke. Around 2:30 am here in Portland
Protestors are hit with impact munitions when they try to pick up tear gas canisters federal agents used to cover their retreat to the courthouse
Officers shoot crowd control munitions and begin to retreat after a lengthy standoff Portland, Oregon
As federal agents retreat, one agent covering their run has an assault rifle at the ready
Police lining the streets near SW 4th & Salmon Portland, Oregon
Feds arrest another individual in Portland, Oregon
This is the view along 4th. Saw officers walking through park. Looked like they were looking in tents. People in the crowd threw some things in their direction and officers fired what looked like pepper balls in response
More images of Portland looking like an urban war zone.
Arrests Are Being Made Outside The Courthouse Portland, Oregon
Federal Officers arrest two people just in front of the Federal Courthouse Portland
Feds arrest a man who said his name is Travis. He continued to resist arrest for a total of 10 minutes until they could put him in a squad car. "Gimme my hat." "This man is stealing from me." Rest assured Travis, no one wants your shitty hat
Feds randomly arresting people in Portland, Oregon
At one point, it looked like a person was on the ground in some sort of distress.
Officers just started to push everyone back. Multiple fights broke out and multiple people have been detained. Things got aggressive
Intense moments between crowd and federal officers as they detained at least 2 people
Tear gas has been deployed off SW 3rd. Portland, Oregon
Someone in the crowd threw a gallon of water at a federal officer
Federal officers just marched out and are guarding the fence from the other side
Portland, Oregon: Leaf blowers and shields being used to blow tear gas away
A few minutes ago Feds came out to disperse the crowd (which is very small and weak) and they have already begun slamming on the fencing again.
Fourth round of gassing. they just come out, throw gas, and run back into their hole. i
Rioters and agitators successfully earned another response from DHS. Flash bangs, tear gas, pepper rounds, and rubber ball bullets are all being used to disperse crowds appropriately
Rioters have thrown Molotov Cocktails at the courthouse
Officers are back out and pushed back the crowd before quickly going back into the courthouse. The crowd is already returning to the fence
Another volley of tear gas. It should be noted: there aren't announcements before each tear gas round. Just an "unlawful assembly" declared an hour ago
Feds have yet to emerge from the courthouse #PDXprotests
Antifa launches fireworks at federal officers in Portland. Several officers have been wounded over the course of the week by these explosions
Fake media alert. Rioters and anarchists are making it incredibly dangerous for media to be out here. These guys actively participate in agitation
A bunch of rocks have appeared and people in the crowd are launching them over the fence at the courthouse/officers
Took some gas to the dome for this video in Portland
Officers are out again
This firework blow up right in the middle of federal law enforcement officers
This is one of the Teargas cannisters deployed. Federal police have since exited the building again to disperse the crowd from behind the fence
Feds came out again. A person next to me looked like they got some pepper ball shrapnel to the face
Feds respond after giving fair warning
Feds have given a 4th warning Portland, Oregon
Thw crowd is coming back to the fence. Smaller numbers than previous nights, but they don't seem to mind
The Teargas soon blanketed the entire intersection of 3rd & Salmon. Portlanddads with leaf blowers worked to disperse the plum of gas.
Overwhelming police presence at Grace and Belvidere streets. Lots of officers in riot gear and military uniforms. Military truck, 2 unmarked police vans and lots of police SUVs at that intersection
ProtestSeattle - Protesters remain on 12th and Pine adjacent to the East Precinct. No visible police presence
Protestors have sprayed hardening foam all over the fence to defend against impact munitions.
Seattle Police have left the area. No interaction between police and protesters
SeattleProtests - A change in posture on Capitol Hill as Seattle Police have arrived and formed lines on 12th and also on Pine
Crowd sets fire to Trump flag hanging on Federal Courthouse fence Portland
Here is video of @GoadGatsby arrest. Which again, the police did not have probable cause to arrest.
Speaker & crowd chanting for the Feds to get out of Oregon.
Richmond Police officers are taunting and chasing those on the sidewalks near the ICA. They checked one reporter's press credentials and ran the plates on his vehicle
A speaker in a truck is leading a chant of BlackLivesMatter
Tonight Portland Police were near Lownsdale Square Park. A person pointed out a bag to them. Inside the bag Police found loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails
Something was on fire on the Justice Center steps. It's out now
A look at the crowd on SW 3rd & Main. Portland Protest
Black leaders are chanting, "Power to the People". They say the system needs to be replaced by power to the people
There are 7 members of the press in a group. All other protesters had turned a corner.
Dumpster fire off Broad Richmond, Virginia
Protesters are blocking this intersection at Broad and Belvidere.
Young people on the back of A pickup leading chants. Several hundred people in the street/parks so far. a couple umbrellas already, bubble maker, signs, and lots of cameras
Protesters knocking over multiple flower pots outside of VCU Police. Officers carrying canisters of pepper spray. This officer photographed was taking pictures of myself and another reporter who stopped.1 year ago
Protesters knocking over multiple flower pots outside of VCU Police. Officers carrying canisters of pepper spray. This officer photographed was taking pictures of myself and another reporter who stopped.
Caught up with protesters at 5th and Broad.
Group of hundreds of protesters making their way to the Justice Center
Three people so far getting arrested here on Laurel by Monroe Park.
Don't know what exactly is going on but police are separating and thoroughly searching through Monroe Park1 year ago
Don't know what exactly is going on but police are separating and thoroughly searching through Monroe Park
Just detained by Richmond Police officers while trying to leave Monroe Park. Officers were clearing the area, but before could get to the street and was grabbed and put in handcuffs.
LAPD statement on yesterday's protest in downtown
A small group of protesters at Westlake and while these pictures show @SeattlePD officers, they've since left. Also noticed that white truck being towed away (it was here at the park last week dropping off different supplies) KOMONews
Trump makes a brief but socially distant appearance before a small group of supporters gathered at an intersection in Bedminster, NJ, this afternoon
Protest in Grayson, Ky. Big gathering of people in the middle of the road with chants of USA! WSAZ1 year ago
Protest in Grayson, Ky. Big gathering of people in the middle of the road with chants of "USA!" WSAZ
A Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest demanding the removal of a Confederate statue in Weatherford, Texas, saw tensions rise as counter-protesters turned violent on Saturday
Federal officers advanced up SW Main. They held the intersection for about a half hour but let press stay at the corner and film. Once again these all seem to be federal officers
Just after 4am, someone launched a water bottle at the line of officers. They responded with pellets, tear gas, pepper spray etc. Many of the remaining rioters retreated past the park
PPB Officers had several aerial fireworks thrown at them throughout the night. This is criminal and dangerous
Police push people that are complying with their orders and arrest folks that are pushed onto the ground.
Federal officers push forward to clear Lownsdale Square
Police and fed cars racing down the street Portland, Oregon near 7 eleven
Rioter in Portland resists arrest during unlawful assembly & is tackled to the ground NOTE: This is the Portland Police making the arrest not federal agents
Seattle police declare riot after crowds injure officers, cause 'explosive' damage to Capitol Hill precinct
Federal officers charged, breaking through the shield line and pushing protesters further West.
Police declare riot at Seattle protests, Police have made 45 arrests in connection with today’s riot in the East Precinct
PPB announcing, "Portland Police have extended the closed area to the north all the way to W. Burnside. Everyone must leave north beyond W. Burnside."
Another charge. Guy arrested and it's still way dangerous here but you can here a woman scream "Get your knee off his neck."
A person has been injured. Witness told a flashbang exploded on his arm. The burns can clearly be seen.
PPB declared the situation a riot & joined federal law enforcement in clearing streets.
Federal officers fire crowd control weapons at protesters from 4th and Main
Solid shield wall forms. Feds shoot at someone who goes to kick a teargas canister.
Courthouse set on fire during protest in California
Tear gas fills the intersection at 4th and Main as federal officers hold position
Another Protester Detained As Protesters Are Pushed Back Portland, Oregon
Here are bunch of feds multiple blocks from the fed courthouse. They are not investigating any crimes and therefore are not legally allowed so to anything.
More teargas shot into Portland streets, and shot with a rubber bullet in a crowd of just other press people.
Tear gas canister shot from riot gun breaks through window of car
Federal officers pushing three blocks away from federal property and using teargas.
A woman screams as she is detained by Portland PD. There was a fight before this as they tried to detain her
Police putting on masks and brandishing long batons. in the Goose Hollow neighborhood now
Several people detained. Officers have also let some others go and informed them to leave the area
Homeland Security vehicles & federal law enforcement officers are in the streets and beyond the fenced perimeter around the federal courthouse.
More officers have arrived. Loudspeaker informs the rioters that they are subject to use of force.they're pushing the crowd WAY back
Standoff as officers continue to push the crowd back Portland, Oregon
Broken glass at Portland Starbucks tonight
The standoff between feds and protestors outside of Lownsdale and Chapman parks in Portland
Feds in 4th and salmon Portland, Oregon
One thing is for sure, this is two blocks away from federal property
Standoff between protests and federal police tonight in Portland
Federal officers hold intersection on 4th and salmon while Portland police move to clear streets further west
Tear gas flies in front of the downed fence as protesters take up defensive positions
Federal officers bull rush protesters, one briefly raises assault rifle at press line, then takes out mace
Federal officer drags protester to the floor, pushes journalist, and says "get the the f... out of here" to press
The Portland police Bureau continues to give it out announcements on the LRAD but I see federal troops shooting teargas.
Portland police announcing that this protest is a riot
Police are in the streets Portland, Oregon
An estimated 700 people took part in Saturday nights protest. There was vandalism and multiple small fires in the downtown area. Several people were arrested
Teargas vs leafblowers and lasers Portland, Oregon
Officers Launch A Barrage Of Tear Gas To Push Back Protesters
Big shield wall forms in front of the fallen fence.
Protestors are kneeling against the breach in the fence, federal officers are throwing tear gas and firing impact munitions
Shortly before midnight, police called for an unlawful assembly and asked the crowd to disperse. One person was seen kicking down barricades
Federal agents have fired another volley of Teargas into the middle and back of the crowd. Protesters are actively trying to blow away the gas or throw it back.
Lots of fireworks and lasers in Portland
The feds begin launching gas from the roof into the deep ranks of the crowd. A lot of newbies scatter. But the crowd has defense in depth
Protest in Porltand: Feds shell the crowd with teargas canisters, protesters throw them back and use leaf blowers
More teargas shot far into the crowd. Portland, Oregon
Perimeter breached at Portland protest
1 year ago
One man has been shot dead at a Texas BLM protest after a car swerved through the crowd and then fired off three shots when the people tried get the car to slow down
Graffiti on the glass doors of Sacramento County Jail. This was not here when we followed the first group of demonstrators earlier in the days
Damage at City Hall — smashed glass exposing office inside. A bat was left behind
More fires at Portland courthouse
The Feds just shot teargas down from the roof.
Small fire set at Portland courthouse in Portland, Oregon
Rioters and agitators begin to violently tear apart a barrier for no apparent reason. Their actions has dislodged the fencing from the fortifying concrete blocks holding it in place
Portland shield wall takes an impact
Vandalism left behind from tonight's demonstration — this group felt different from other marches we've covered. 15th and I Street
1 year ago
Police asking agitators to stop throwing items and pointing lasers at the officers at 7th & Broadway
Protesters are trying to hook another rope
The rope snapped and hit a protester in the helmet, he's ok
A bit of heave ho going on at the corner of 3rd and Salmon as protesters attempt to pull down the fence. As one protester just said, "you all know the chant, heave, ho."
Large frowny face projected onto Portland courthouse
Tree full of box fans hanging at the park right accross from the federal courthouse here in Portland. The park is home to Riot Ribs, an elaborate aid station that feeds anyone who asks. Keeping chemicals out has been an ongoing struggle.
Spirits are high as people remain determined to pull the fence down
A protester burns an American flag against the fence. Portland, Oregon
The Federal Protective Service makes an announcement as the crowd bangs shields against the fence
More tear gas at 3rd and Salmon as @NLG_Portland and @ACLU_OR legal observers continue to document the action
Pretty much endless people as far as the eye can see in every direction
Protesters Torch The American Flag On The Fence After Officers Go Back Inside The Justice Center
The crowd attempts to heave ho the door down. Their initial efforts are not wildly successful. "Are we doing anything" Someone asks
1 year ago
Agitators are breaching the barricades in front of the Police Department 7th and Broadway as we declare an unlawful assembly
Portland: A thousand people standing out here past midnight after the first round of tear gassing
Federal Protective Service announcing they are declaring an "unlawful assembly". People respond - " FedsGoHome ". koin6news #PortlandProtest
In Atlanta, BLM protesters attacked the ICE building of the US Immigration and Customs Administration, which was heavily involved in cracking down on protests in Portland
Happening now: Protesters and rioters have merged at the US District Court. Agitators are present
There was a shooting in downtown Austin at the protest tonight. Someone opened fire on all of the BlackLivesMatter  protesters. There are severe injuries.1 year ago
There was a shooting in downtown Austin at the protest tonight. Someone opened fire on all of the BlackLivesMatter protesters. There are severe injuries.
Oakland, CA: Large group of protesters still gathered at 7th/Broadway.
Rocks are being thrown at EPD vehicles1 year ago
Rocks are being thrown at EPD vehicles
Arrests in Eugene, OR1 year ago
Arrests in Eugene, OR
Elk Horn Brewery is currently being smashed up1 year ago
Elk Horn Brewery is currently being smashed up
Dumpster feat. smoke at the intersection of Broadway and Hilyard1 year ago
Dumpster feat. smoke at the intersection of Broadway and Hilyard
1 year ago
Eugene OR: Wells Fargo is currently being vandalized. Some protestors yell "stop" as people attempt to throw trashcan thru the door windows
Rioting in Eugene, OR1 year ago
Rioting in Eugene, OR
Fed munition nearly hits Portland protester
Most of the gas is on the north side of the fence - people to the south of 3rd continent to chant - "Who's Streets Our Streets." koin6news
Protesters blocking out the sound of the Bellagio fountains by chanting Jorge Gomez's name. Gomez was shot and killed by @LVMPD officers during a June 1 protest. Police said he pointed a gun at officers. There is no body camera footage of the shooting. RJnow
Fireworks and dangerous projectiles are some of the items agitators used to assault officers. Police ask the organizers of tonight's demonstration to work with us, calling for peace and help us provide safe spaces and safe places for demonstrators
Portland, OR: The crowd has lit an American flag on fire.
Not many people remain near Seattle's East Precinct. And most are the professional activist types and agitators. And almost all white1 year ago
Not many people remain near Seattle's East Precinct. And most are the professional activist types and agitators. And almost all white
Green lasers being pointed at a camera on top of the courthouse and the drones above1 year ago
Green lasers being pointed at a camera on top of the courthouse and the drones above
Aurora Police: While the majority of the protestors were peaceful, a group decided to hijack the message tonight & cause major damage to the courthouse & courtyard. We are still seeking witnesses with info regarding the shooting on I-225. You can contact @CrimeStoppersCO
Los Angeles police declare tactical alert in response to protests downtown
Ongoing standoffs in the former CHOP zone. Some protesters are saying there is a lull but larger crowds expected to return
After rioting for a good portion of the day, Seattle crowd is chanting "take off your riot gear, I don't see no riot here."
Richmond Fire extinguishing fire set by rioters outside @RichmondPolice HQ as the rioters retreated
Protesters set a city dump truck ablaze outside RPD Headquarters. Unlawful Assembly has been declared. RPD officers must secure the area before firefighters can respond
Richmond, VA: Dump truck on fire
Clip of the shooting at the protest in Austin Texas from Hiram Gilberto on FB1 year ago
Clip of the shooting at the protest in Austin Texas from Hiram Gilberto on FB
Shooting in Austin, Texas during a Black Lives Mattters march1 year ago
Shooting in Austin, Texas during a Black Lives Mattters march
Richmond: The crowd is approaching the Police HQ on Grace Street
Seattle: Police advance and make an arrest
Seattle: Direct clashes here between protesters and police.
Seattle: Moving through the Capitol Hill, hitting a Starbucks. Smoke is coming out the window and people are calling for the residents above to evacuate
Seattle Police Dept.:Police receiving reports of groups breaking out windows at businesses on 12th Avenue. headed north approaching Madison Street
Seattle Police Dept.:Protesters also broke out windows on personal vehicles and a King County court facility
They set fire to two construction trailers at the Juvenile Detention Center
Fire at corner of E. Spruce St and 12th Ave. This is the sight of new juvenile jail
Fire department is on the scene at the youth jail/ juvenile detention center
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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