19 October 2021
Presidential debate in Cleveland.1 year ago
Presidential debate in Cleveland.
300 National Guard troops activated for tonight's presidential debate in Cleveland1 year ago
300 National Guard troops activated for tonight's presidential debate in Cleveland
A PortlandPolice officer is in the hospital after being assaulted. 24 people were arrested. Some rioters were claiming to be members of the 'press', another man marked his car claiming to be an amateur medic transport, inside the car police found a loaded handgun
Dustin Brandon is arrested Portland, Oregon
Police are getting very physical, running into the crowd to make arrests, Macing people who get close
Protester says police are arresting him "for kicking a can"
Portland Police pushed crowds North. Making several arrests on the way
Another round of targeted arrests. A small team of officers rushed after one person. An unlawful assembly has been declared
Police run around chasing protestors Portland, Oregon
Riot vans also return immediately. Another arrest. Someone should really tell them this road is open to vehicular traffic
Police move in and arrest a protester for standing on the sidewalk. No unalwudl assembly declared, but police did say earlier the sidewalk near the PPA is "closed"
Protest artist raps. DJ LRAD gives use of force wanting. all gas no breaks
Another arrest attempt is made, lots of mace deployed PortlandProtests
Unlawful assembly declared outside the police union headquarters
This is how you respond to rioters, with civility.
The group is still gathered near the PPA building and they're playing the song 'Why Can't We Be Friends'
Police declared an unlawful assembly. A glass bottle thrown at officers
A police officer is talking to @econbrkfst about a time he was pushed by police, he says "I filed a use of force report on that, I apologize"
Protesters gather outside police union headquarters in North Portland
For the second night in a row, dozens of animal rights activists held a protest outside of a Vernon slaughterhouse
Police are making an arrest a few blocks away from PPA, they chased a protestors and tackled him on someone's lawn. There 26 police officers here
Some Portland Police officers are no longer displaying their helmet numbers. An unprecedented change in policy
Police arrive to PPA and make arrests. No unlawful assembly has been declared
More riot policemen come out and form a line in front of the Police union
Crowd made it near PPA building. Police rushing the crowd
There were aprox 30-50 police officers and about 100-200 protestors
Protesting with signs not allowed according to the recently Federally deputized Portland Police officers.
Carrying signs is illegal now, according to the Portland Police
This officer in charge is asked why police are in the park "we're just walking, taking a nice stroll through the park"
Kenton Park where about 50 people gathered for a protest. Multiple PPB police cars came in and cleared the park. People are gathering again
Police try to take away a protest sign, the protester refuses, police mace and arrest him
At the Kenton peotests. Protesters are still in the park, and 20+ riot policemen have arrived and started pushing protesters into the park and pepper spraying people
The man seen pointing a bow and arrow at protesters in downtown Salt Lake City in May has admitted to 2 criminal charges stemming from the confrontation
Schroeder asked if there was anything to suggest Fischer had lost trust or confidence in the police department. A: (Sigh). In mid-September some videos circulated of some protesters overturning tables on 4th St., "interacting" with vehicle
A handful of people are marching through this rain in downtown to keep Breonna Taylor at the forefront of minds in Louisville
Charleston Police said two men were charged with unlawfully carrying firearms after officials found several weapons inside of their truck over the weekend. They were apprehended near Marion Square after protesters surrounded the vehicle: #chsnews
After counter-protesters disrupted a racial justice protest on Beach Drive, a police officer pleaded with them to stay calm. "Everybody has been protesting," he said. "Does that really disturb you all so much"
Some in the group spray painted "No Justice Stolen Land" at Sutter's Fort.
Protesters left Jefferson Square Park for the First Unitarian Church before the 9 p.m. curfew in downtown Louisville on Sunday
Protesters take refuge at First Unitarian Church in downtown Louisville for a fourth night:
11pm and police presence rolls thru 4th and York. Protesters emerge from church
1 year ago
Around 50 people are currently marching down Davis Street in Vacaville, part of a police reform rally
#Louisville protesters pause at 4th and York to take the intersection, chanting
A quick message from Shameka Parrish-Wright. An agreement was reached between @LMPD and First Unitarian Church after last night. By 11:00 p.m. the church will be closed and then @LMPD will five protesters 45 minutes to leave #LouisvilleProtests #Louisville #BreonnaTaylor @WLKY
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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