Map. History of US protests conflict

28 June 2017
This protest was staged by Planned Parenthood to protest the GOP healthcare bill
Currently outside the Capitol
Police: Man arrested for sexual battery at OKC Pride festival
Twelve protestors arrested at Stonewall for disrupting #NYCPride2017. They were protesting participation of corporations and police in march
Bernie Sanders headlining "don't take our health care" rallies to mobilize opposition to Senate GOP health care bill
"This is people's territory!" -#TDOA17 taking over the streets of NYC
#TDOA17 has taken the streets of NYC
People gathering in Washington Square Park NYC for #TDOA17
Trump administration has dropped funding for a group dedicated to de-radicalizing neo-Nazis and stopping white extremism
People upset about the Senate's proposed health plan protested outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office Thursday afternoon, prompting Capitol Police to escort them out of the building. Dozens were arrested.
Police drag away protesters, some in wheelchairs, outside of Sen. McConnell's office after draft of Senate health care bill is revealed
Jury acquits former Milwaukee police officer of first-degree reckless homicide in deadly shooting of Sylville Smith, AP reports.
ACLU sues D.C. police over arrests during inauguration disturbance - The Washington Post
As protests at Capitol rise, Harrisburg police ask for $65K in riot gear.
Graphic dashcam footage of Officer Yanez shooting Philando Castile has been released.
Police in Seattle shot and killed a 30-year-old woman Charleena Lyles, who family members said was pregnant on Sunday after she called 911 about a possible burglary — and now an investigation is underway into the officers' use of force.
18 persons were arrested on the freeway. They will be booked at Ramsey County.
MN State Patrol/St Paul police arrested at least 2 reporters- @shijundu w @CityPages and @david_clarey of @mndailynews
Square of black clad riot police on frontage road south of I-94 is maneuvering
Heavily armed police in military fatigues now arresting PhilandoCastile protesters on side of highway
St Paul: Police have kettled people near the roadway while others climbed up over the fence
Police in formations/parked police vehicles on I-94; PhilandoCastile protesters gather on-ramp
Crowd of remaining Philando Castile protesters still occupy on-ramp to I-94 after police gradually pushed them back
LRAD-equipped law enforcement vehicle appears to be intentionally blinding @UR_Ninja's camera
Police have pushed most of remaining Philando Castile march to side of interstate-more police vehicles seen arriving
Police officers in military garb brandishing rifles move closer to Philando Castile march on I-94
Looks like ~2,000 protesters on I94
Crowds in St. Paul, Minnesota grow into the night, saying they wont rest after hearing the Philando Castile verdict
I-94 in St. Paul is closed between Lexington Ave. and Marion St. Peaceful protestors are on the highway
Protesters marching on Victoria over I-94 in St. Paul. St. Paul police say now 2,000 people