8 December 2023
1 year ago
Houston NRA convention draws thousands of protesters at nearby park
1 year ago
In sweltering 95 degree heat, protesters chanted "shame" in the direction of @GRBCC and listened to a parade of speakers including @BLMHOU founder @AshtonPWoods and Parkland shooting survivor @davidhogg111 who had been personally touched by gun violence
More than 100 students walk out of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, chanting "NRA has got to go," and "Enough is enough." FCPS is aware: "Students have a right to express their voice in a respectful way," accdng to spks
Protesters are now marching down Broadway heading back to Jefferson Square Park which was the epicenter of the 2020 protests following the death of Breonna Taylor
Small group of protesters are out in front of the CPD HQ at 35th and Michigan, protesting the shooting of an unarmed 13-year-old boy who was shot by a Chicago Police Officer during a chase on Wednesday
Small group of protesters are out in front of the CPD HQ at 35th and Michigan, protesting the shooting death of a 13-year-old by a police officer a couple days ago
Protesters were arrested, after activists gathered Saturday to protest a police training center being built in Atlanta
A sea of protesters gathered at Legislative Plaza Saturday afternoon, joining others across the nation rallying for abortion rights
Well over 1,000 protesters rallied at Legislative Plaza in Nashville in a "Bans Off Our Bodies" rally organized by Planned Parenthood
Demonstration headed WB on Pine St at 5th Ave blocking all lanes. Use caution
Antifa militants roaming on the outskirts of the crowd. Many are wearing gas masks and body armor. No SPD presence
Protestors marched through downtown to the Convention Center to rally outside of former President Trump's event1 year ago
Protestors marched through downtown to the Convention Center to rally outside of former President Trump's event
The march was heading toward the Virginia Capitol but the gates are closed and the protest has stopped for now
Even though the march is on the sidewalk, this driver and his passenger is upset with the constant flow of pedestrians blocking the road. Eventually they take a different road
The abortion supporters are now heading towards Broad Street but still on the sidewalk
The marchers are circling the sidewalk, there may be enough abortion supporters to circle the entire park
The march is now taking the eastbound lane of West Broad Street
Heading north on Michigan Ave now. Some cars are honking in support as protesters chant "shut shit down" and "abortion rights in every state
Thousands gathered in Seattle's Cal Anderson Park (formerly CHAZ) to rally for abortion rights
U.S. Congress takes the stage and quotes Thomas Jefferson and says "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots" but instead suggests sweat instead of blood
Protesters on the move down Randolph.I'm near the end of the crowd in this clip, there are plenty of people in front of me
Thousands marched and rallied in Chicago for abortion rights today. Abortion is healthcare. Even if RoeVsWade is overturned, it will continue to be safe and legal in Illinois
Thousand crowding into Grand Park at City Hall for 'Bans Off Our Bodies Abortion Rally' in Downtown Los Angeles @FOXLA
Hundreds rally in support of abortion rights in San Francisco
Thousands of protesters march over the Brooklyn Bridge for abortion rights and to protect Roe v. Wade
A few anti-abortion demonstrators have made it here
Millennium Park now for a separate abortion rights rally. It's much smaller than this morning's Union Park protest, maybe a few hundred gathered at this point
The National Mall, where thousands of abortion rights supporters are rallying before a march down Constitution Avenue and onto Capitol Hill. A Women's March organizer calls it "day one of a summer of rage," leading the crowd in chants of "ungovernable
Thousands gather in front of Washington Monument and will march to the Supreme Court today to have their voices heard on the issue of abortion. This is one of 450 marches happening across the country
The Martins family protested outside of CDA Technical Institute earlier this afternoon. Fausto Martins died while training at CDA last month. They came here to get this things and get answers