19 October 2021
Less than 50 protesters here. Rochester, New York
Rochester police department officers lineup in front of the Public Safety Building as some protesters gather on Exchange Blvd.
About 20-30 people have gathered outside the Justice Center for the 96th night of protests
SPD patrols are cruising the perimeter of Cal Anderson after about protesters threw flaming objects at the East Precinct.
Nearly 100 protesters just started hurling objects at the East Police Precinct. Some objects were on fire but the fortified HQ surrounded by a concrete wall seems fine
Seattle Police said seven people were arrested in a sweep of a homeless camp at Cal Anderson Park
Protesters gather at Alberta Park, plan to march as nightly protests continue
Black bicyclist was shot fewer than 20 times after dropping a handgun he had been carrying and punching a deputy, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
About two dozen protestors have gathered at the scene where 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee was shot and killed by LASD deputies yesterday afternoon. They are preparing to march to the South L.A. Sheriff's Station for the second day in a row
A man tried to run over a child on a bicycle in Kenosha, WI. Tension ran high during protest over president Trump's visit to Kenosha.
President Trump speaking at round table at Kenosha high school. Announced $1 million in funding for Kenosha Law enforcement. $4 million to support small businesses in Kenosha. $42 million to support public safety statewide.
@realDonaldTrump looks at damage in Kenosha.
There are about 200 BLM protesters here, ~100 Trump supporters, ~100 media, ~100 other onlookers. Conspicuously, zero police present
Black Lives Matter protesters and Trump supporters converge outside the Kenosha courthouse. National Guardsmen from above
Kenosha Unrest Causes $2M in Damage to City-Owned Property
Protests erupt after deputies fatally shoot Black man Dijon Kizzee in Westmont, South Los Angeles
Portland Police say 19 people were arrested after declaring a riot near Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's condo in NW Portland overnight #LiveOnK2
Trumpet man vs DJ LRAD
It looks like pellets or something was shot at windows at a hotel near Wheelers condo
5-6 arrests were made on the bridge over the 405 Freeway. Officers targeted protesters on the sidewalk who did not move away fast enough.
Black Lives Matter protesters are harassing LASD officers with flash lights
The police in Los Angeles are deeply unimpressed by Black Lives Matter agitators
Officers pushed protesters all the way over the 405 freeway. They used smoke, impact munitions, & Pepperball munitions.
Most of the past 50 minutes has been spent running through the Pearl. The Portland Police pushed protesters out of the intersection on NW 10th
The crowd has spread out along the length of the station
Sheriff's deputies have lined up in front of the station with other deputies on the roof
10 More Charged With Damaging, Looting Minneapolis Businesses After Murder Suspect's Death
Many arrests happening PortlandProtests
The crowd has reformed in front of the South LA Sheriff's station
A person standing on the sidewalk is chased briefly by an officer and then arrested
Arrest of a protestor. He was yelling at them for assaulting and trying to arrest a bipoc member of the press. Portland, Oregon
Police arrested a protester in a wheelchair Portland, Oregon
Arrested a member of the press and then shoved and assaulted multiple members. It appears they were let go
Legal observer arrested for asking why someone standing on the sidewalk was being arrested
Protest moving to the sheriffs office off Imperial.
Protestors call for others to shine lights on the sheriffs. LASD LAProtest
Thick tear gas out here tonight. PPB kicking tear gas canisters back at protestors after protestors threw them back at PPB.
Police rush again, and one officer repeatedly punches one of the Portland protesters that they tackled to the ground
A current look at the standoff between protestors & LA sheriff1 year ago
A current look at the standoff between protestors & LA sheriff
BLMLA Leader said family of man shot requested no chanting.   LAProtest1 year ago
BLMLA Leader said family of man shot requested no chanting. LAProtest
Protestors chanting in the LA neighborhood. LAPRotest
Protestors shining lights in the eyes of sheriffs & yelling "f*ck you" laprotest lasd
Officers in Portland looking through a cloud of tear has to single out protestors
Portland Police has just declared an illegal assembly, before quickly elevating it to a riot.
Police declare unlawful assembly Portland, Oregon
Officers and protestors kick back tear gas canisters
A picnic table and office chair burn on NW 10th Ave. flanked by a banner that says "RESIGN."
Heavy smoke is filling the air. You can see a resign sign flicker in and out of behind the smoke
The front window to Ted Wheeler's condo lobby has been smashed
Police use smoke and impact munitions
PPB declares riot and pushes north on Glisan street Portland, Oregon
Crowd moves to let Street Car pass. It goes right by the garbage can fire
Police rush in and knock people to the ground, making arrests
Officers push group using tear gas and less lethal munitions
Some in the crowd broke windows and someone appears to have lit off a firework in the building. Some protesters are upset about this, saying it endangers the people in the building and minority-owned businesses in the complex. Police are coming
Police making arrests Portland, Oregon
Police bull rush and push protestors to the ground Portland, Oregon
Upwards of 200 people are outside a condo complex in Portland's Pearl District where they think Mayor Wheeler lives. Police have issued warnings. A fire in the street is blocking traffic near NW 10th and Glisan
Windows broken as loud banging rings through the streets. A fire in front of a giant "resign" sign is nearby
Things are escalating between protestors & officers1 year ago
Things are escalating between protestors & officers
A look at the crowd on NW 10th and Glisan Portland, Oregon
A closer look at the damage done. This is at NW 10th and NW Glisan.
Fire is getting bigger. It's in the middle of the street near the intersection of NW Glisan and 10th
Portland police just arrived and declared an unlawful assembly
PPB declared a riot
Fireworks in front of Ted Wheelers condo for his birthday
Fireworks show is Portland mayor Ted Wheelers apartment.
Protestors in Portland Oregon have made it to mayor Ted wheelers condo building. A few hundred are filling the streets
Portland protesters are back tonight outside the building where Mayor Ted Wheeler supposedly lives. They continue to push the for mayor to resign
"Come here please." The unmarked vans are stopping everyone out past curfew on the streets tonight. Kenosha
The current crowd size at 109th & Budlong. Los Angeles, California
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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