9 December 2023
A group of protesters broke through a chain fence erected around Berkeley's historic People's Park and faced off with police officers standing guard as a construction crew began work on a controversial student housing project
Protestors trying to save People's Park in Berkeley have blocked a truck carrying tree trimming equipment. Several other tree trucks made it. Workers have begun cutting down trees in park to make way for construction of new housing for 1100 Cal students and 125 homeless people
Hours later and still a large police presence. Some protestors are here and it is peaceful. One of them here is blocking construction crews from getting to the park.
Protestors clash with police over People's park construction. It seems construction crews moved in over night to start building.
People are protesting a housing project by UC Berkeley at People's Park. A judge approved construction last Friday.
Three people were arrested outside the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park, as protesters demanded that lawmakers act urgently on climate change
"We're sick of paying with our lives." Protesters shut down Pennsylvania Avenue and left red handprints on the pavement outside the Wilson Building to demand safer streets after a series of crashes killing cyclists and pedestrians. @JackieBensen reports
Congressional baseball game is tonight at Nats Park beteeen Dems & GOPers. Close to 20,000 fans expected. More than $1.5 million raised for local charities from the game. Climate protesters planning to disrupt the game
US Attorney's Office for DC declines to prosecute nine people associated with the @colbertlateshow who were arrested for unlawful entry at the US Capitol. "We respect the decision that office has made," says @CapitolPolice
Monkeypox protest in San Francisco. Organizers and community leaders call on federal health officials to prioritize vaccinations for SF - which accounts for half of California's total
A protestor appears to be interrupting @POTUS remarks on GunControl on the @WhiteHouse South Lawn
Stl County Police searching for whoever shot/killed woman outside of Raqqa Food Mart in Riverview. Police got call at Chambers Rd/Diamond Dr. just after 5pm yesterday. They found adult woman shot in store parking lot. She was pronounced dead at scene. Her car may have been1/2
1 year ago
Many protesters gathered once again at Memorial Park in support of Abortion rights on Saturday. It was the latest protest since the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade weeks ago
Protesters filled the state capitol steps and stalled streetcars in downtown OKC Monday in the name of reproductive rights
Another RoeVsWade protest has started on the grounds of the Georgia Judical Center in downtown Atlanta. @RobDiRienzo hear from people on both sides of the debate on @FOX5Atlanta WomensRights ProLife georgia
#NYC Demonstrators marching for #JaylandWalker have halted traffic at 42nd & 6ave after hearing rumors of another victim of Akron Police
A Manhattan woman was awarded over $400,000 after suing New York City and its police department, saying she suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was thrown to the ground while serving as a medic for protesters during 2012 Occupy Wall Street events
PHOENIX: Protesters are sitting in the intersection of 3rd St & Roosevelt. After marching from the Capitol. @PhoenixPolice diverting traffic around the area
Marchers smashed out the windows of a vacant building on the corner of Albina and Rosa Parks Way as they started marching from Peninsula Park. That appears to be the only vandalism we can see from this brief demonstration
The crowd has walked down Roosevelt a few times now and have taken a seat in the middle of the intersection at 3rd street and Roosevelt. PHX PD is currently blocking all lanes of traffic1 year ago
The crowd has walked down Roosevelt a few times now and have taken a seat in the middle of the intersection at 3rd street and Roosevelt. PHX PD is currently blocking all lanes of traffic
The protesters are expected to march at Walter Y. Elisha Park at noon Thursday to demand abortion rights
Thum said police wanted to allow protesters to protest when it first started. "We saw good cooperation at first
Some of the remaining protesters are southbound on Phillips Avenue from 14th. Police are just monitoring the situation now, according to scanner
According to scanner traffic, a group of 100-150 protesters are on Minnesota Avenue at 10th and Minnesota. They are staying on sidewalks
1 year ago
Supporters of abortion rights rallied in Dallas today to protest the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe and gave states the ability to control access to abortions
Abortion Rights protesters are marching through downtown Dallas1 year ago
Abortion Rights protesters are marching through downtown Dallas
Police investigating deadly shooting in Taku, Campbell neighborhood
LAPD units with tactical gear exit their vehicles and face towards the abortion rights protesters holding the intersection
Abortions rights protesters arrive at Pershing Square and LAPD units move around the area. Protesters take the intersection
Abortions rights protest continues through Downtown Los Angeles