19 October 2021
A grand jury indicts St. Louis couple who displayed guns while hundreds of racial injustice protesters marched on private street
A grand jury just indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on charges of exhibiting guns at protesters in a June incident in their neighborhood. Additionally, the grand jury added a charge of tampering with evidence for both members of the couple
On Friday night, a vehicle struck two protesters who were riding their bicycles on 5th Ave in Manhattan, then fled the scene. Through hard work and dedication to our city, our officers arrested the 18-year-old male responsible last night
Demonstrations continue at KCMO City Hall. A security guard who's helping keep people safe told me about 60-70 protesters are here right now, with more expected after sunrise
Crowd has been marching all over downtown Portland. They are in front of Park Plaza apartments near PSU
Los Angeles: Approximately 22:00 A rioter begs LAPD to "do it" and screams "Kill me" while in the middle of Spring st
Police say more than 3,000 demonstrators marched in Glendale tonight to protest what they call Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia
New York City police officers forcefully dispersing Jews who gathered outside to celebrate the Sukkot holiday1 year ago
New York City police officers forcefully dispersing Jews who gathered outside to celebrate the Sukkot holiday
Los Angeles: Antifa / BLM block bloc militants couldn't decide where to go. They shatter more glass and a homeless man sleeps amid chaos
Protestors march by the new courthouse Portland, Oregon
The destination of the march has just been changed to the Portland State University campus. Crowds are arriving now
The crowd is on the move, marching to the accompaniment of the frontline drumline
The officer responsible for the shooting & killing of Johnathan Price has just been arrested for murder. The crowd cheered after hearing this news
Los Angeles: Antifa / BLM black bloc militants breaking into empty store fronts in downtown LA. Police are following an blocking intersections
Antifa / BLM radicals have begun destroying property here in LA
Los Angeles: Antifa / BLM black bloc militants tearing down fencing while marching through the streets of LA
Protestors react to the news that the police officer who shot Jonathan Price has been arrested
Crowd is leaving Justice Center, heading east. There are less than 200 people
There's about 200 people marching in downtown Portland.. The group was previously at the JusticeCenter
The riot collective mutual aid van has arrived at the JC. One of the volunteers tell they have travelled from Seattle to support Portland protests
US FLAG BURNING Los Angeles: Antifa / BLM black bloc militants have taken over the intersection at Spring & 1st
Dozens of pro-Armenia demonstrators are gathered near the intersection of Glenoaks Boulevard and Western Avenue in Glendale to support Armenia in its conflict with Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region
About 200 people moving through downtown
The #LAPD is on a citywide tactical alert as a group of 50-75 protesters gather at Spring and First Streets near LAPD headquarters
Rockford police are arresting protestors outside of City Hall
Police & crowd interact on SW 4th. Portland, Oregon
The arrests continue in Portland, Oregon
Police are finding specific protestors in the crowd and arresting them. No unlawful assembly declared
Portland Police has arrived, they are grabbing people & pulling them out of the crowd. Police have not declared an illegal assembly yet
Police van rolling by the protesters at city hall. Portland, Oregon
Protesters are near city hall. Portland, Oregon
Looks like officers have taken someone into custody
Police have moved in on the crowd on SW Jefferson.
At least one arrest was made. Unclear as of what the charges are. Police officers have since withdrawn again
The deputies have just been reinforced a larger group of Portland Police Officers. Crowds are being pushed back
Police are telling the "snack van" to move & stop blocking the street or face an infraction.
A small contingent of Sheriff's deputies have just arrived to push protesters away from the new courthouse building
Protesters are outside the new courthouse building on SW 1st - group is moving towards waterfront .
Most officers hopped in their van and drove off for now.probably about 50-60 people here
One arrest by police in Portland, Oregon
Officers are marching next to a group of protesters that have gathered on SW 2nd
Police are telling protesters to clear out of the street so that traffic can get through.
Portland Police has just given it's first warning of the night. The crowd is still marching and had not yet arrived at a destination
People gathered off SW Naito Parkway & Jefferson.
Police are running towards the protesters on SW 1st.
Crowd has arrived at Justice Center. Portland, Oregon
Hundreds of people bringing attention to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan as troops clash over the breakaway state of NagornoKarabakh. The rally started at City Hall and moved to River Park.
Smaller unaligned militia group out of West Virginia (mostly untouched from FB purges) using fears of violence around the election to recruit
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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