19 October 2021
Video captured by @apersoninfilms. flag-amflag-am At least 150,000 Armenian-Americans marched peacefully through LA yesterday. These people are demanding justice and peace. calling on Azerbajian to stop their war against Armenia.
A large group is waiting for President Trump to rally in Sanford. It starts at 7 p.m.
A large crowd. The crowd size was estimated to be near 100k, with zero incidents to report. Our thanks to the organizers of yesterday's march through mid-city Los Angeles for peacefully expressing their 1st Amendment rights
Last night's largely peaceful celebration in Downtown LA of the Lakers championship turned into confrontational, violent & destructive behavior. Latest details: 76 arrested 30+ buildings damaged 8 officers injured 2 injured by less lethal munitions fired by our officers
Protesters knock down Roosevelt and Lincoln statues in Portland
Protesters opposed to the confirmation of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett are being arrested outside the Dirksen Senate Building as Barrett's confirmation gets underway. About two dozen seem poised to be arrested by Capital Police
MORE - Portland Police said that a group of protesters gathered at SW Park Ave and SW Madison Ave and pulled down Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt statues with a chain on Sunday night #LiveOnK2
More Brooklyn protests overnight after arrest of anti-lockdown activist Heshy Tischler Sunday night1 year ago
More Brooklyn protests overnight after arrest of anti-lockdown activist Heshy Tischler Sunday night
The groups of protesters primarily gathered near Wauwatosa City Hall and Washington Park following the district attorney's decision not to charge the officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Alvin Cole
Vandalized bus that was briefly on fire
Police form a line on Flower and push crowd down 9th deploying less lethals as people throw bottles1 year ago
Police form a line on Flower and push crowd down 9th deploying less lethals as people throw bottles
A man holds up rubber bullets and foam-tipped grenades that he's picked up over the night. Officers do not appear to be aiming at the ground, as per their manual
Police line holding back whole crowd continues to shoot off the loudest ducking fireworks I've ever heard
People are looting the Starbucks Los Angeles, California
Heroes American Cafe has several broken windows after a group of protesters moved through earlier in the night. Portland, Oregon
Police form a line on Hope and 9th, crowd moves down to flower
Riot policemen stop a mutual aid van, cite the occupants and make them unload all food in the van PortlandProtests
Police are actually pulling back after a large crowd pushes back, some throwing bottles1 year ago
Police are actually pulling back after a large crowd pushes back, some throwing bottles
From earlier in the night - riot policemen descend on Portland
Police trying to squeeze through traffic on Hope toward Olympic
Crowd moved up to Flower and 9th. Much more traffic in the streets. PD is back down 9th. imagine the traffic would make it more difficult to get through
A Dodge Charger does donuts in the intersection of Flower and 9th until it's tire bursts and shredded rubber rains down on the crowd
It has been a decade since the Los Angeles Lakers won their last championship. On Sunday, thousands spilled into the streets near Staples Center to celebrate after the Lakers beat the Miami Heat to capture their first NBA title since 2010.⁠ ⁠
Lakers Police still working to disperse crowds
The crowd downtown has not run out of fireworks. A few Lakers flags and lots of jerseys spotted
The LAPD upped its crowd estimate of a protest calling for peace in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict to approximately 100,000 attendees.
Gathering in SW Portland was declared a riot by Portland Police on Sunday night after reports of vandalism, at least two statues were toppled
LAPD is taking much more aggressive actions to shut the celebrating down. Mounted police and officers in riot gear are fanning out along Figueroa
Here's a few pics of the toppled statues tonight
Snack van/soup van is pulled over driver arrested. Police say the the vehicle was used in a crime. When asked what crime the officer responds "you'll see when the video comes out"
Los Angeles: Police have fired less than lethal rounds after Lakers fans threw fireworks on the streets. Lakers fans threw bottles back in return
As the crowd moves up Olympic, some neighbors blast "F**k Donald Trump" from their balcony and the crowd joins in
Statue pulled down with chains. Portland, Oregon
Shields on the ground near the Historical Society.
People have gathered in the Park Blocks area to look at some of the destruction left behind after a protest group moved through.
Another statue pulled down in the Park Blocks area. Portland, Oregon
Someone painted the word "murder" on part of the statue's base.
Oregon Historical Society broken into after a large group of protesters moved through.
Following an extremely loud explosion that set off car alarms, a group at Hope and Olympic set of a seeming grand finale of fireworks
Glass still falling from the windows. One man was on the phone with 911 when we got here. No police, no alarms going off.
Oregon Historical Society Museum broken into. Portland, Oregon
Los Angeles: Riot police, Lakers fans, & fireworks. Tonight has been busy for LA
Police pushing forward toward stragglers, firing less lethals as they move. One glass bottle lands far from police
Lincoln. The second statue is toppled in downtown Portland
Statue of Teddy Roosevelt vandalized and torn down by demonstrators in Portland currently holding a Direct Action March for 'Indigenous Rage'
A statue of Abraham Lincoln also has been torn down by demonstrators in Portland. Photo: Sergio Olmos
There's a person celebrating the Lakers win in a bubble
Upwards of 20,000 people marched in support of Armenia in its conflict with Azerbaijan and Turkey in the Fairfax area, according to Los Angeles police
Police in Portland, Oregon, arrested 26 people as protesters gathered outside a police precinct and blocked streets late Saturday night
Footage captured of a shooting in Denver where one person was shot dead at the site of the right-wing 'Patriot Muster' rally and a Black Lives Matter protest. Two suspects in custody
Some more angles of the police charge and mass arrest tonight. Lots of mace deployed against a group of people who appear to be predominantly standing on the sidewalk
Portland, OR - At North Precinct with no declaration of riot or unlawful assembly the PPB makes mass arrest of a group of protestors. Justification for arrest remains unclear.
Police end the protest by arresting almost everyone
Portland Police arresting protesters just for protesting tonight. No unlawful assembly declared. No instigation. Seemingly it does not matter what protesters actually do, the response from the police is always the same
Police gave warning to get on the sidewalk. Police will release the charges in a few hours, but it is clear protestors were standing in the street chanting. Nothing thrown, no unlawful assembly announced
20 arrested. Some arrestees were marked medics. At least half the crowd has been taken. Unclear what the charges are being filed
After one warning to stay off the streets Portland Police Rapid Response arrived and conducted mass arrests. PPB did not declare an unlawful assembly
The protest lasted minutes. Police arrested most of the demonstrators.
The protest lasted minutes. Police arrested most of the demonstrators
Portland Police declared no unlawful assembly, no riot, no warnings. They just arrested everyone in black while walking down a street.
Police just arrested EVERYONE
Portland protesters make their way to N. Precinct. Police hold the side street. Dmitri is back with his new vote sign
A group of about 40 protesters marching west along Washington Boulevard across 47th St. On their way to #TOSA #AlvinCole
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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