4 December 2021
Officials say eight people were arrested following a night of unrest in Lancaster after an officer shot and killed man while responding to a domestic disturbance call
Protests erupted in Lancaster City Sunday night after the shooting death of Ricardo Munoz.
7 people arrested at St. Charles County protest at the AMC Theater on Lombard street.
Villa windows were smashed. Social media reports suggest that items were taken, no official confirmation
IN LANCASTER: Businesses weren't immune to last night's protest. Red Raven Art Company had a rock thrown through the front window. A plant was turned over and smashed at Liz Hess.
A business near the Lancaster police station had their window broken last night during the protests in response to the officer-involved shooting death of a 27-year-old man
Crews are working to cleanup several areas across Lancaster this morning after protesters caused damage in response to the officer-involved shooting of a 27-year-old man Sunday
The cleanup continues in Lancaster City after protests turn violent after police shoot and kill a man after responding to a domestic call
Looting has started in Lancaster at Villa athletic store approximately 1 hour 50 minutes ago according to the shop owner Groups of rioters are roaming the city breaking windows and stealing merchandise It was too dangerous to follow them since there are no police
policemen are driving around, jumping out, running full speed at rioters and arresting them using marked vans Here 4 people were arrested The policemen said they were targeting specific individuals who they ID'd committed crimes throughout the night
Lancaster PA tonight
Lancaster PA dumpster fire. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Police completely demolish the barricade set up by Black Lives Matter rioters and disperse them with more tear gas
Portland Police: Suspect Arrested After Starting Brush Fire with Molotov Cocktail
20 minutes ago: Lancaster police deployed their big boy armored trucks as a show of force against the rioters
BLM and Antifa start a dumpster fire at their barricade outside the Lancaster police precinct in Pennsylvania
Lancaster PA police armored truck and tanks just cleared out most of the stragglers
Protesters walks shirtless with a tripod in Lancaster
PENNSYLVANIA: Antifa and BLM refuse to vacate the streets during an unlawful assembly and begin building a barrier in an intersection in Lancaster
BLM traded their brains in for belligerence as they taunt riot police in Lancaster
1:58 am ET - more gas for the remainders Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Lancaster PA police ready themselves
Lines are forming again in Lancaster PA Someone cue "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" theme song
Smashing the windows at the historic post office in Lancaster PA
Smashing the windows on a civilian car parked outside the Lancaster PA police HQ
The hits keep on coming in Lancaster PA tonight.
Lancaster PA protesters looking sharp Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Some Reading or Philly antifa teens just stashed some bricks by the Lancaster PA police HQ. Watched them do it. Same ones bragged about smashing windows down on Prince Street
Lancaster PA police clear debris from entry ramp as they prepare to clear out the garbage on the streets
It's about to get shut down it looks like in Lancaster PA
A Black Lives Matter rioter in Lancaster got hit in the groin with a less-lethal police round.
Down to about 150 of the most dedicated agitators
Most everybody is leaving. The tear gas drove almost everyone off
Rioters smash out the front door of the police station in Lancaster following the shooting of an armed man who was lunging at an officer. Rioters also attacked the post office across the street and a unmarked detective suv
Black Lives Matter rioters destroy parked vehicles outside the Lancaster police department. These are civilian cars
They formed up again after the gas didn't drive them off. Lancaster PA
More action in Lancaster PA
About to get tear gassed. That's the job Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Lancaster PA ordering the crowd off the ramp or they will be sprayed with irritants
Lancaster PA police HQ right now. Getting closer to police lines
More edging closer to policemen at the Lancaster PA police HQ
Taunting the police at the entrance to their drive at the Lancaster PA police HQ
Lancaster: Firing pepper balls1 year ago
Lancaster: Firing pepper balls
Protest in Downtown Lancaster PA right now1 year ago
Protest in Downtown Lancaster PA right now
These are some of the antifa from Reading PA out in a Lancaster PA.
Protesters out in the intersection of West Chestnut Street and North Prince in Lancaster city in response to police involved shooting that occurred Sunday afternoon
The gunman walked up on the deputies and opened fire without warning or provocation
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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