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14 May 2021
Pics from a follower. Protesters blocking roads near University Ave SE and 17th Ave SE
Protesters have begun marching — here they are on Lark St chanting "Black Lives Matter"
A crowd of protesters quickly formed at the scene of a deadly police shooting at Lents Park on Friday. One activist with Rose City Justice said he thinks this could be the start of another wave of protests in Portland
3 week ago
Black Lives Matter protesters gathered at the Statehouse and marched along Front Street and Broad Street Saturday afternoon
Small group of protesters (30)at 13th and chestnut trailed by about 200 police
That photographer was being a dick last night. Instead of just moving on or stepping to side, he antagonized protesters, mouthed off to them and showed no respect for their struggle. It was ugly to watch
Additional photos of fire damage in downtown Portland from arson fires set during a riot
Portland Police:Press Release: : Riot Declared After Widespread Burglaries, Vandalism and Arson to Downtown Businesses-4 Arrests Made
Another image of First Christian Church of Christ that was vandalized during Antifa's destructive overnight riot
Asian Owned Businesses in Downtown Portland.
One police officer told another they thought somebody drove by and shot into the air. Police look for casings but find none
Apple store in Portland on fire
Photos: Rioters, arsonists, vandals in downtown Portland
Currently downtown Portland, Riot policemen form a line against protesters and try to put out multiple fires at several different intersections with varying degrees of success
Another nice little window that has shattered from that cold snap we had earlier
Tonight, the City of Oakland experienced disruptive protests in the Downtown area. A crowd size of 250-300 protesters assaulted a community member and police officer, broke windows, spray painted buildings, set a car on fire along with multiple debris fires
Portland Police:Damage at the Apple Store
Portland Police:More photos of damage to businesses in Downtown Portland. A community member suffered a flattened tire after striking a metal spike device in a roadway
Portland Police murdered someone having a mental health crisis today. Tonight multiple fires were set around downtown as policemen scrambled to set them out. No justice, no peace.
Another riot has been declared after Portland police & Portland Fire and Rescue show back up to put out the fires
At least one new vehicle in the showroom of a Honda dealership in the 3300 block of Broadway was set on fire. Several blocks away, at a Target store in the 2600 block of Broadway, some protesters smashed storefront windows
Dumpster fire outside the Apple store
A building attached to the Apple Store in Pioneer Place is lit on fire as Security guards the Apple building
Several floors up in the building, fire alarms are going off
Portland Fire here now. At least two security guards were inside
A big fire has been started next to the apple store Portland, Oregon
Portland: Antifa set multiple fires tonight as violent riots continue over the death of Daunte Wright at the hands of Brooklyn Center PD
Portland police have established a permitter, the fire department has put out the fire at the Apple store. No injuries
The fire does not seem to be growing, it seems contained to the debris and not the building At this point the fire has burned for 6minutes
Part of the Apple store in downtown Portland is currently on fire
Here's video of vehicles vandalized at the Honda dealership near the Target. So this is around 26th, 27th St. For those of us who live around here, this is the same Target & near the same dealerships that got hit during protests last year
Protestors have broken the wooden panel off the pioneer square mall entrance but have not entered
There are now multiple fires happening at a few different intersections in downtown Portland. Police are not currently in sight, and the protest crowd is growing larger
The Oregon Historical Society and the 1st Christian Church have had their windows smashed
Antifa has started a dumpster fire in Portland
Hundreds of people gathered at Oscar Grant Plaza tonight and then marched through Downtown Oakland after recent deadly police shootings across the US. A flyer on social media called for justice for Daunte Wright, Donovan Lynch, and Tyrell Wilson
The police arrested nearly 100 people tonight in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, after arresting no one last night, says the head of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Nordstrom and Nike have broken windows too as group marches through downtown Portland. Police have declared a riot.
Abolition protestors broke windows of the Oregon historical society "No more history"
Frustrated over repeated police shootings around the country, this Oakland demonstration is very reminiscent of what happened during GeorgeFloyd protests along this same stretch of road Broadway last year
Protesters continue southbound on Telegraph Ave and turn away from the lined up riot police Oakland
Several businesses on SW Broadway have broken windows after group marches through. Portland Police have declared a riot.
Windows shattered and "PPB murdered someone today" graffitied on a Starbucks
You can see here the window at Oaklandish is smashed as well as graffiti and fires at the California Bank & Trust building. Target store windows were also smashed and kicked in and cars at a dealership were lit on fire
Protesters stop at the police line at the intersection of 28th Street and West Street Oakland DaunteWright DonovanLynch TyrellWilson BlackLivesMatter
Here's another look at the damage at First Christian Church
After quickly dispersing protesters in BrooklynCenterMN tonight, police surrounded members of the media and made us lie flat on our stomachs. They then photographed our faces, credentials and identification before allowing us to leave the perimeter
Protesters are now walking south on telegraph. OPD continues to tell them this is an unlawful assembly.3 week ago
Protesters are now walking south on telegraph. OPD continues to tell them this is an unlawful assembly.
Oakland police rolled in with significant numbers after windows were broken at the target store on 27th St. and Broadway
Photojournalist Tim Evans reports that he just was tackled, hit in the face and arrested by troopers as they kettled protesters outside the Brooklyn center police department. He had his credentials clearly displayed around his neck. He is bruised but ok
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Mayor Mike Elliott says police should scale back their response to protests over the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright. He disagrees with police using pepper spray, tear gas and paintballs during protests.
Portland police are making announcing front their squad car, and now the LRAD has just arrived "Leave the area, or be subject to arrest or use of force including impact munitions, and riot control agents"
Portland police announce that everyone must leave the area to the south, or force will be used, including impact munitions
About 70 protestors are outside the caution tape chanting to police "every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground"
Portland Police shot a man in Lents Park just after 9:30am
A crowd has formed on the south side of the shooting scene at Lents Parks. It's an interesting mix of protesters and joggers passing by
Students at Pine-Richland chanting to Free Coach K4 week ago
Students at Pine-Richland chanting to "Free Coach K
Pine Richland students rallying outside of high school over football staff firings4 week ago
Pine Richland students rallying outside of high school over football staff firings
DC Police to activate full department ahead of verdict in Derek Chauvin trial. The department is requiring all officers to work 12-hour shifts and canceling time off ahead of possible protests
At least 100 protesters marched down the streets of Hollywood late Thursday night calling for justice after the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb
Authorities reported the crowd outside the BrooklynCenter police department had thinned to about 20 as of 11:30 p.m. and there hasn't been any reports of arrests in the numbers we've seen on previous nights
A man shouts through the fence at National Guard members & MN State Patrol outside of the police station in Brooklyn Center. DaunteWright A very small number of people are still outside of the police station. Some are cleaning up, others are tagging the barricades
About 30 minutes after curfew in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. It's a calmer and smaller crowd tonight, and the police fire any projectiles or gas/spray at people all night. People are just singing to Tupac's "Changes" now
Has a camera person embedded with the police line, but this is the current shot, which is not particularly insightful
Likely with no plans to leave, despite curfew, some demonstrators placed soccer nets on the street
20mins after curfew and still no announcement or things done to disperse crowd
BrooklynCenter moments ago as protesters spend a fifth straight night outside the police department, which is now enclosed in two rings of fencing and concrete barriers. A curfew was set at 10 p.m
The fifth night of protests outside the Brooklyn Center Police Dept. underway. A second layer of concrete barriers/fencing was set up between the protesters and law enforcement. Many more officers on the rooftop tonight
More @Chicago_Police officers arrive outside FOP HEADQUARTERS as AdamToledo protestors rally the shooting
Officers with helmets, carrying batons have arrived. ChicagoProtests
Police officers with bikes are guarding the Washington Blvd entrance
Demonstrators rally outside @Chicago_Police Fraternal Order of Police as they voice outrage in the shooting of AdamToledo
Adam Toledo demonstrators now blocking traffic at Washington and Ashland near Union Park
[email protected] is at the Brooklyn Center Police Department, where protesters have gathered for a fifth night. Follow @BenryNews and our web story for live updates: Stream:
Officers go onto both sidewalks, appearing to block the buildings. Protestors chant, "He was just a child." It appears that there are more officers than activists here at this point. =
Protesters march on Michigan Avenue following release of footage in Adam Toledo shooting
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square3 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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