20 September 2021
Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard WILL press charges against the officer who killed Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy's drive-thru last week
The two Atlanta officers who responded to the incident that led to the shooting death of RayshardBrooks will learn if they face charges today
Demonstrators call for police reform outside Chicago City Council meeting
CPACNOW march around city hall @nbcchicago
California inmate Phillip Garcia who died within 48-hours of arrest heard on video pleading somebody's gotta help me as he was denied medical aid1 year ago
California inmate Phillip Garcia who died within 48-hours of arrest heard on video pleading "somebody's gotta help me" as he was denied medical aid
Police are here, blocking off part of the road
There are signs that read "Inaction is Murder" on the steps of City Hall downtown. There is also splattered red paint
DGSvirginia installing temporary barriers around the Robert E. Lee monument to 'protect the safety of everyone speaking out to make their voices heard, as well as the structure itself.'
Protester hit by car in Mercer County facing charges. Jason Howell, 45, of Sharpsville, is charged with recklessly endangering another person, disorderly conduct and obstructing highways.
As the sun rises, getting a better view of the Howitzers Monument, which was torn down during demonstrations last night. It sits on @VCU's campus and had been standing since 1892.
Crews with @VCU grounds here cleaning up around the Howitzers Monument.
Protesters on Legislative Plaza appear to be packing up their gear after four days of demonstrations in front of the capitol building
Correction: it was a moderate injury that was being treated by officer medics
The backside of the Justice Center has been cleared and there odes appear to be an arrest being made
And the flag is on fire Portland protests
Portlandprotest day 19 This crowd ar justice center is about 200
This is the 19th consecutive day of demonstrations. Earlier there was a march on the Fremont bridge that drew crowd size in the thousands. This crowd ar justice center is about 200
This is the federal court Portland
Photos from @edace2936 of the fallen Howitzer Monument, which was pulled down with rope shortly after 11 p.m
The keynote speaker at the unveiling of this monument in 1913 offered a full throated defense of slavery, telling the crowd "the real inequality of the races had made subordination prescriptive."
The crowd dispersed after pulling the statue down with rope
California Highway Patrol spent $38M responding to protests
Changes at 13th and Pike entrance to CHOP Seattle
Two sites, @FDRLST and @zerohedge, will no longer be able to monetize with @Google after pushing unsubstantiated claims about the #BlackLivesMattter protests
US Attorney announces the murders of two law enforcement officers is connected to the "Boogaloo" extremist group. They sought to hunt & "kill policemen" says FBI. Extremist messages written in suspect's own blood & 'ghost gun' assembled/used.
1 year ago
Columbus Mayor Ginther announces ban of tear gas to disperse crowds, limits on use of pepper spray by police
Protesters are gathering in Stone Mountain, Georgia. AtlantaProtest ATL BlackLivesMatter StoneMountain
Text of the executive order signed by @POTUS has been released. It does contain one sentence referencing what has been the core issue of the nationwide protests
Pres says his Executive Order will call for a ban on police use of "choke holds," except in cases where an officer's life is in jeopardy. Also calls for use of more non-lethal weapons by police, and an end to policemen with questionable records moving from one dept to another
VP Pence says Pres Trump's Executive Order will assure American people "we're listening." On @FoxNews, he says EO will show Pres supports law enforcement, opposes calls to defund police while funding new resources for training on standards for the use of force
Protests have begun across the state Capitol. Protesters stand facing state troopers in front of the State Capitol. Some are across the street with signs.
21 protesters detained by troopers on capitol steps
ST. CLOUD UNREST: Liquor store looted. For the second night @StCloudPDMN use tear gas to disperse crowds
Some of the signs next to protesters who are still out here across from the state Capitol building.1 year ago
Some of the signs next to protesters who are still out here across from the state Capitol building.
Still some state police presence at the State Capitol and there are still a handful of protesters here across from the Capitol building. 21 people were detained just after 11pm last night.
City crews are about to remove the rest of the Confederate monument in Norfolk
After a thorough investigation by the NYPD's Manhattan South investigators, it has been determined that there was no criminality by shake shack's employees
Seattle City Council bans chokeholds, police use of crowd control weapons
Portland police officer "your asked to disperse, wearing the press does not give you the right to be here" Reporter @_jlevinson: "we're moving" Police: "you've been given warnings, so if you don't move faster your gonna go to jail" "So you want us to run?" "yes I do"
An arrest is made
Police move small crowd into downtown, some running towards them
Just walking backwards trying not to eat shit while filming a row of baton-wielding officers
Police push protesters west
Like 30 police officers sprinting at 2 unarmed teenagers who were literally just standing in the street.
Portland police just deployed a flashbang at journalist @DonovanFarley when he was standing by himself. His press credentials were clearly displayed. PortlandProtests
Police begin to clear protesters from Southwest 3rd and Taylor outside the Justice Center
Police declare a civil disturbance
Portlandprotest approaching day 19
Protesters are blocks away from the justice center, roaming downtown
Celebrations as the two groups of protesters meet in the pearl
By Pioneer Courthouse Square
Police walked protestors out of the park and into downtown
Police pushed everyone back. There was at least one flashbang. Also appear to have been shooting pepper balls. Got the crowd back to Salmon and Broadway area. they protesrers are saying regroup
Police cleared the justice center using flash bangs and smoke
Got shoved around and saw about 30 policemen bull rush two children. currently backed up to broadway.
Rioters in Portland hurl projectiles at police who are attempting to clear a street where an arson attack had occurred. Rioters don't want the fire truck to put out the flames.
A very Portland fire at SW 3rd and SW Taylor. PortlandProtest
An American flag lit on fire
Video posted to social media shows the hit-and-run at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue
FBI is involved in investigation of Albuquerque protest shooting
Definitely trash. Firefighters just put it out
Returned to JC to see that protesters have abandoned the new fence in front of the justice center to congregate at the corner of 3rd and Main. Not sure if there's a reason other than habit
Portland police talk to protestors who throws water bottle
PortlandPolice tried to show goodwill to antifa by removing one of the "divisive" security barriers in downtown. Rioters responded by starting an arson attack in another area tonight
Police pushed everyone away from the fire at Taylor and 3rd. It was a bunch of trash cans. Firefighters on scene now
Sounds like it’s not a car, maybe just trash
Looks like a car on fire around the corner from the Justice Center. Police just showed up, telling everyone to move out of the way so the fire can be put out.
Umbrellas up. Police are shining lights at the crowd and some people in the crowd are shining flashlights back
Portland protests burning
PPB blocking off the block with the fire
Fire Portland protests
Queue the X-files theme song
A fire has started portlandprotest day 18
Police and demonstrators are only about 40 feet apart
Police are announcing warning for use of force for throwing projectiles every couple of minutes
Police officer shines light into crowd.
Portlandprotest day 18
"No good policemen in a Racist system"
The standoff continues, its no longer silent1 year ago
The standoff continues, its no longer silent
Two demonstrators kneel in front of dozens of police officers. The crowd is chanting and occupying this block of Madison Street
Video of the Albuquerque shooting
Davis Market is still open
They are trying to move in silence1 year ago
They are trying to move in silence
Also recorded off our camera. Man in blue shirt being put in car
Protesters are letting air out of Duncan tires. Bus that police came in
Albuquerque: Tear gas. Very loud Flash bang. Non lethal projectiles in a matter of seconds
Albuquerque shooting: At the end of video you can hear 4 gunshots. @KOB4
A police riot in progress in Richmond Virginia
This escalated very quickly.more videos of RPD using pepper spray and smoke on protesters.
New Mexico civil guard members and one other man being arrested. All weapons being taken from them. Still no ambulance here. Police are here. Unclear who fired shots
Albuquerque: Chain is up and around @KOB4
This person's phone was shot. They didn't see what it was but knew it was from the police. They said they were livestreaming on Facebook
Woman with knife at Statue Onate's neck. This protest is much different than any other in ABQ lately. No helicopter. No police1 year ago
Woman with knife at Statue Onate's neck. This protest is much different than any other in ABQ lately. No helicopter. No police
A rubber bullet was just fired at a protester from a police officer
Crowd chanting go home to what they call Mr. Karen1 year ago
Crowd chanting "go home" to what they call Mr. Karen
Jews in NYC just cut the lock @NYCMayor put on their park1 year ago
Jews in NYC just cut the lock @NYCMayor put on their park
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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