4 December 2021
Protesters gather outside of @GovHerbert's Orem home against statewide maskmandate, and in defiance of Orem ordinance making these types of protests unlawful at the private homes of local leaders1 year ago
Protesters gather outside of @GovHerbert's Orem home against statewide maskmandate, and in defiance of Orem ordinance making these types of protests unlawful at the private homes of local leaders
An adult male was stabbed this evening amid a series of violent clashes downtown between protesters in support of President Donald Trump and counterprotesters.
A group of several dozen Trump supporters is still out, chanting on Black Lives Matter plaza
Ongoing clashes between Trump and Biden supporters tonight. One man was stabbed and critically injured
20 arrests were made and two officers were injured in today's #MAGAMillionMarch protests, according to an official with the DC Mayor's office @wusa9
Fights and Clashes Erupt on DC Streets After Pro-Trump Demonstrations: @nbcwashington
A crowd of Trump supporters shouting "4 more years" in front of the JW Marriott at Freedom Plaza
Hundreds of Protesters and Proud Boys are gathering outside The Willard right chanting "Trump" and "Proud Boys" in unison. @fox5dc
Multiple flags were burned on Freedom Plaza as a group moved through the area
It appears a group of people with the MillionMAGAMarch is gathering near Freedom Plaza. Police have the area blocked off. The group is chanting "U-S-A" @wusa9
Group of officers on the left are standing near Freedom Plaza. Other picture shows the line of officers standing at Freedom Plaza. Group of protesters just came through burning flaganners
A Trump supporter driving a jeep sped through the crowd and nearly hit an officer. (He was knocked off his bike) Counter protesters ran after the jeep and threw water bottles at it. No one appears injured. No arrests
A Trump supporter stood in the middle of 2nd St NE waving a Trump 2020 flag as passing protesters pushed and prodded it. One demonstrator grabbed the fabric, trying to pull it down. "Cowards, you're all cowards," shouted a man in a red Make America Great Again hat
Some street preachers here talking about how Christians are more persecuted than the gays
Snippets of speeches happening near SCOTUS steps keep floating over the crowd. "This is not a democracy," I just heard a speaker say. "It is a republic of states." Here, protesters with shields have lined up to face riot police as the Trump crowd continues to churn
#MarchForTrump marches past the Capitol building. A sea of Trump flags and chants of "Stop the Steal"
President Trump's motorcade drove by hundreds of supporters, who had gathered in Washington to protest the outcome of the presidential election, on the way to his private golf club in Virginia on Saturday
Trump supporters are marching toward the Supreme Court, chanting "Fox News sucks
The scene near Freedom Plaza from @tyronefoto
Pro-Trump protest
Vendors set-up by blmplaza & @DCPoliceDept position themselves. Supporters of the President and counter protesters have demonstrations planned downtown today.
Man accused of threatening protestors on Hertel Ave. with knife charged
A DC police officer walked over to stop the Trump supporters from tearing down the signs. Anti-Trump protesters were freaking out and upset because they felt the police weren't doing enough to protect the signs
A few Trump supporters at BLM Plaza have torn down the pro-BLM signs posted on the fence protecting Lafayette Square
Happening now: Students at Akili Academy of New Orleans are honoring Ruby Bridges, who desegregated William Frantz Public School in that building in 1960. Lucille Bridges, Ruby's mom, passed away earlier this week
Law Enforcement van rolling by. A handful of demonstrators remain, not a big group tonight
The holiday shift put up a weak riot line behind the JC. A
At SW Main & 2nd where police just put out a fire set by this group and they're facing off with each other
Small group of demonstrators has gathered on SW 2nd near the PPB entrance. A small fire in the street has been put out.
Police are guarding a fire they failed to put out. Unsure why the Fire Department didn't come
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