8 December 2023
During a mock funeral procession in Center City, protesters carried cardboard caskets symbolizing the death of the endangered Atlantic Sturgeon. The 180,000 paper cutout sturgeon represented a fraction of the species' population loss. via @zoeread88
Manhattan Murray St and Broadway. PD o/s of protesters at City Hall. Level 2 mobilization called
crews in action restoring power. Power is out at Casuarina & Ocean Blvd. in Delray Beach. Told it will be restored before storm hits. The site manager says this is when pre-deployed crews/trucks ahead of storm make a difference.
A group is forming in Lafayette Square to demand @POTUS release those who are in prison on non-violent marijuana charges. They say it's disgusting that his recent executive order will not actually release a single person currently incarcerated for cannabis offenses
Students evacuate after report of gunfire at south St. Louis high school
Protesters gathered in Providence Park on Saturday afternoon to demand that Portland Thorns and Timbers owner Merritt Paulson sell the teams to a fan-created collaborative
1 year ago
Watch now: Bradley Rohlf, who worked at the Starbucks in Ladue at Lindbergh Boulevard and Clayton Road, was fired Friday morning for wearing a union shirt to work
Protestors against 'Cop City' took to an Atlanta street tonight to have their voices heard. About 100 people marched during rush hour on a street in Little Five Points. They don't want the city to build a police training center in Dekalb County
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Fresh off their standing ovation to conservative commentator Matt Walsh, hundreds of people filed out of a University of Houston auditorium on Thursday night, greeted by transgender rights protesters waiting for them outside
And sometimes a presidential visit is more easy going. Clinton visited in 92 as a candidate and returned in 95 as president. A few protesters showed for his 92 speech at Pioneer Square:
Wearing bright colors, protesters formed human bike lanes and bike boxes, something they say used to be at the intersection of SE Powell Blvd. and 26th Ave. until ODOT took them out
The Washington Post:Protesters demanding that President Biden declare a climate emergency shut down the Beltway's inner loop Monday near the U.S. 29/Colesville Road exit
Protesters gathered at Pearl Street Park in Charlotte on Sunday to fight against injustice brought on by the Iranian government
Protesters gathered at Farragut Square and in front of the White House as a part of a worldwide day of rallies
A somber anniversary as Las Vegas marks 5 years since 58 people were murdered at the Route 91 country music festival. Hundreds gathered at the Community Healing Garden downtown as the names of all victims were read and candles were lit
The crowd of a few thousand disperses from Macomb Community College after the conclusion of today's Trump rally in Warren, Michigan
A key reason protesters have been able to keep the demonstrations going and maintain the world's attention: They were ready to do battle in cyberspace
Boston Police Dept.:Protest Traffic Advisory: Please be advised that due to a protest, traffic is being diverted at Seaport Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue with protesters blocking one side of the bridge. BPD is on the scene; please seek an alternate route
Two groups of protesters in vehicles are attempting to shut down Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas. They are blocking pumps and entrances and refusing to move. 10:39 BroadwayLyndale Ave N
A drag show organized by LGBTQ students at BYU drew protesters Saturday night and accusations of "grooming." But a group of "angels" showed their support in winged costumes
Last night in NYC, protesters gathered, ate, danced, & spoke at Washington Square Park to celebrate the 77th birthday of trans radical icon Marsha P. Johnson then marched to the Christopher Street piers. NYPD policemen followed & surveilled protesters from a distance
2 dead, 1 critical, 1 missing after separate water emergencies in Lake Michigan
2000 Kaiser Permanente mental health professionals in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento and Fresno are on open ended strike after not being to reach a deal over weekend. Patients with non emergency appts will prob have appts pushed back.
Trump supporters are gathering behind Mar-a-Lago ahead of today's rally, following FBI raid of Trump's home a few days ago. Video credit: Rich Miller
Trump supporters gathering near Mar-a-Lago following raid. Local law enforcement spotted close by
1 year ago
Protesters gathered at the #San Francisco Federal Building on Mission Street on Monday. Their message was loud and clear: A lot more federal intervention on the #monkeypox outbreak is needed right now
A group of protesters broke through a chain fence erected around Berkeley's historic People's Park and faced off with police officers standing guard as a construction crew began work on a controversial student housing project
Protestors trying to save People's Park in Berkeley have blocked a truck carrying tree trimming equipment. Several other tree trucks made it. Workers have begun cutting down trees in park to make way for construction of new housing for 1100 Cal students and 125 homeless people
Hours later and still a large police presence. Some protestors are here and it is peaceful. One of them here is blocking construction crews from getting to the park.
Protestors clash with police over People's park construction. It seems construction crews moved in over night to start building.