8 December 2023
LAPD units with tactical gear exit their vehicles and face towards the abortion rights protesters holding the intersection
Abortions rights protesters arrive at Pershing Square and LAPD units move around the area. Protesters take the intersection
Abortions rights protest continues through Downtown Los Angeles
After some disagreements on what to do, the protest rallies together again and keeps moving forward
Abortions rights protest continues through Downtown Los Angeles.
A lot of LAPD units trailing and positioned ahead of the abortions rights protesters
The sun is setting, but abortion rights protesters are not done out here
Rain has not dampened tonight's protest. Folks marched from Armory  Park to Pima County Superior court and they are on the move again1 year ago
Rain has not dampened tonight's protest. Folks marched from Armory Park to Pima County Superior court and they are on the move again
Another fireworks scare at Washington Square Park. eyes #pride #pride2022 #nyc
Stampede of Pride goers starts at Washington Square Park after fireworks are mistaken for gunshots
More than 100 pro abortion rights protesters line Cypress Avenue on Sunday morning holding signs and chanting
Pro-abortion and anti-abortion protesters rally at Fountain Square during the Cincinnati Pride Parade amid the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade
After make numerous more arrests, NYPD then declared anyone at 42nd street & 6th Ave to be part of an "unlawful assembly" & threatened to arrest anyone who stuck around. They even began harassing a copwatcher. Protesters went down the block & chanted "NYPD suck my dick
After NYPD left, protesters surprisingly were able to block traffic on 42nd street & 6th Ave for quite a while. Protesters sang & danced in the street. Some individual cop cars even came but fled once they saw they were outnumbered. So NYPD began again amassing their numbers
"NYPD, suck my dick." Protesters then waited for NYPD to leave & then went right back to blocking traffic on 42nd street & 6th Ave
"Fascism is here." NYPD then had the ly violent Strategic Response Group (SRG) trying to prevent protesters from getting onto the street at 42nd street & 6th Ave
Last nite after the march, NYPD got so mad about protesters taking over the intersection of 42nd street & 6th Ave when they had the light, that they arrested protesters for "violating NYC traffic rules" & then let cars violate NYC traffic rules & run the red light
After NYPD arrested protesters doing civil disobedience outside Bryant Park last nite, other protesters who saw the arrests blocked the intersection of 42nd street & 6th ave. NYPD threatened more arrests so protesters began occupying the intersection when they had the light
1 year ago
After protesters in NYC marched from Washington Square Park to Bryant Park last nite in response to SCOTUS overturning Roe v Wade, some protesters (reportedly from Extinction Rebellion) did some civil disobedience, blocked traffic outside Bryant Park, & were arrested by NYPD
1 year ago
Protesters gathered outside the Jon Hunt Plaza in downtown South Bend, after Friday's abortion ruling
LAPD lifted its citywide tactical alert as crowds of protestors downtown dispersed. Dozens of arrests were made after the protest was declared an unlawful assembly
Police manhandle reporter @TinaDesireeBerg, who gets up and continues to report after being thrown to the ground.
Banner burning outside the Portland federal courthouse. It was relatively uneventful night, no reported arrests in Portland
After LAPD viciously brutalized the pro-choice/pro-abortion protest, a truck flying the Gadsden flag does a victory lap and harasses protesters who are trying to go home
Another angle showing multiple officers pushing me to the ground at tonight's abortion rights protest downtown even as I complied with police orders
Even after the protest was over and people were just trying to leave the area, LAPD would randomly start rushing them without cause
Hundreds of people march and rally in WestHollywood to protest the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Many protesters believe the high court may target decisions on other rights including same-sex marriage.
Police establish a kettle that seems to be mostly press and legal observers with a handful of protesters. Onlookers chant "Let them go
Police declared the protests downtown an unlawful assembly shortly after fireworks were set off.
LAPD is now abandoning almost all positions, and regrouping. Downtown LA