4 December 2021
A small group of anti-maskers are rallying at Sunset Park. They claim police and @ClarkCountyNV don't want them to waive American flags because of an ordinance designed to keep weapons from the hands of protestors passed during BLM protests. Police are here
Several protesters on the ground being arrested as fire fighters extinguish a small fire of plywood on the building that saves evil bad policemen from termination. Portland, Oregon.
Police are responding to a drive by shooting by accosting police. Police trying to argue with people and losing horribly
Police are establishing a perimeter on the crime scene Portland, Oregon
Multiple shots were just fired 1 block away from the Portland Police Association Building. Shell casings have been discovered at the scene.
Portland Police Officers have arrived to investigate the shooting and assess possible injuries. Witnesses told the shooter fired into the air from a vehicle.
Police have arrived, a witness says a car drove by and fired shots into the air
Police roll out after standing in front of the PPA for about half an hour.
Ted Wheeler wants to break more protesters legs. This is ridiculous crap
Protesters vandalize San Jose mayor's house
16 Individuals Charged In Connection To Recent Looting In Downtown Minneapolis
Police make two more arrests by the gas station Portland, Oregon
Officers head back to the PPA for a small break in between arresting charges.
Another arrest in front of the 7-11. Portland, Oregon
Another arrest, police appear to mace the protester while he's on the ground
Police arrest another protester, anybody who isn't press or a legal observer whose hanging around
Officers of the Rapid Response Team carried out an unprecedented number of arrests tonight.
Police arrest someone on their motorcycle in a 7-11 parking lot. Portland, Oregon
Police target someone for arrest with a flashlight. They fail in chasing the person down in this instance.
Police arrest someone as they are dispersing. Police then plan further targeted arrest
Police are making lots of arrests, between one or two dozen
Police officers very likely violate the TRO by shoving Garrison back to stop him from filming an arrest.
The police make a wild charge into a Chevron. One of them finds himself briefly isolated in the crowd
This is the PPA that brought police out and to declare a riot
Officer in Portland saying "If they're not press, arrest them."
The PPB charge in and begin arresting. Here we see them charge at least five deep to knock down one person and drag them into the street
Police charge and tackle then arrest a random person on the sidewalk
Police move in, their making lots of arrests
Officers made another bullrush, while another group of officers arrived riot van to support another series of arrests
@hungrybowtie said: Police approach me & begin to shove this reporter back as I'm walking in the open area around where arrests are happening. My phone is turned off in the process
Police arrest another person outside 7-11 Portland, Oregon
Riot declared and police have shown up. Folks tackled and arrested and officers put fire out quickly.
PPA on Fire Portland, Oregon
A wooden pallet was set alight in front of the Portland Police Association building. The awning also caught fire.
Current stand off outside of PPA Portland, Oregon
One arrestee was maced as officers try to cuff him on the ground. The tactics used tonight favored fast arrests and targeting smaller groups
Dumpster Fire Portland, Oregon near portland police department
The dumpster barricade has been set ablaze on N Lombard St. One Portland Police squad car briefly drove by.
Jacob Blake shooting sparks protests in San Jose, Oakland
A man wearing pro-police attire confronted protesters with a sword during a demonstration Friday night in Sacramento.
Appox 250 people took part in a protests Friday night. OPD made more than a dozen arrests for various crimes including assault on an officer pointing a laser at police and a news crew. The crowd has dispersed and roadways are open
Neighbors help clean up San José Mayor Sam Liccardo's house. It was spray painted just an hour ago
1 year ago
A group of people at 14th and Broadway are blocking the roadway not allowing cars to pass. Officers are advising the group to leave the roadway
Demonstrators appear to be back at Cesar Chavez Plaza
10:39 p.m. Crowd is back at Cesar Chavez Plaza and appears to be leaving.
10:33 p.m.: at 10th and H st. near City Hall. Crowd heading south.
Group continuing south on Telegraph Oakland, California
Demonstrators spray paint over San José Mayor Sam Liccardo's house. Several protesters and organizers at the scene came up to me and said they "don't agree with this."
Large group blocking the roadway and marching southbound on Telegraph near MacArthur. Please avoid the area
BLM protesters do the Cupid Shuffle outside Old Wagon Saloon in downtown San José
#BlackLivesMatter protesters march through outdoor dining at San Pedro Square in San José.
BlackLivesMatter protesters march through outdoor dining at San Pedro Square in San José.
Hundreds of JacobBlake protesters are headed to the streets to march in downtown San José tonight.
Attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse say he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed 2 protesters in kenosha their full statement is below.
A mini-rally by @POTUS minutes away outside @flymanchester
20,000-30,000 protesters expected to demonstrate in DC tonight.
The crowd is lined up at the corner of NE Holladay & MLK Jr
NAACP leads march in Portland to commemorate original March on Washington
The crowd has gathered on NE MLK Jr. Blvd. and Holladay St. and is preparing to march. A group at the front holds a black banner reading "Portland NAACP
1963 vs. 2020: A look at people gathered by the Lincoln Memorial for the historic March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
A look at the crowd today at the #MarchOnWashington Tens of thousands of people continuing the fight for racial justice @NBCPhiladelphia
Huge crowds of people are gathered by the Lincoln Memorial for today's rally that comes on the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington
Protesters on the move, marching on the Ga. State Capital. Organizer say he will conduct "racist tour of statues around Ga. Capital.
Happening Now. Marchers gather near Centennial Olympic Park to be in solidarity with the MarchOnWashington2020 anniversary
Protesters in Atlanta marching in solidarity woth MarchOnWashington.
This is how many people showed up to the MarchOnWashington today
State of Wisconsin v. Kyle Rittenhouse Criminal Complaint
The program is beginning on the national mall for MarchOnWashington2020 with DC native Nini Taylor
A crowd is slowly starting to gather at the state house, people carrying American flags. The second picture shows a zoom in of one activist's sign. It says "BLM promotes destruction of America."
This is the scene at the Lincoln Memorial as thousands and thousands show up to march for racial equality.
Jacob Blake Shooting: Wisconsin Department of Justice Issues New Statement, Names 2 Other Officers
People arriving on the National Mall early for today's Commitment March Washington, District of Columbia
All of these people are waiting in line for wristbands to get checked in so they can attend today's march. MarchOnWashington2020
Windows and doors are boarded up at the Sacramento County DA's office after vandals busted them during a demonstration last night
Some of the damage left overnight after demonstrations in downtown Sacramento. This is part of the California Peace Officers Memorial just outside the Capitol building
This line stretches for a 1/4 mile down 17th. Not sure if everyone knows it's a line for a commemorative t-shirt not entry. Entrance is actually just past this point and you are able to walk straight to temperature check station. MarchOnWashington MarchOnWashington2020 @wusa9
Temperature checks. Wrist bands. Free hand sanitizer. Here's what it takes to get into MarchOnWashington2020
Line to get into MarchOnWashington2020 stretching around Constitution Ave & 17th
Police enforcing the no vending rules at Black Lives Matter Plaza
The sun is up and people are starting to make their way to Black Lives Matter Plaza.
Thousands of people are expected to attend the "Get Your Foot off Our Necks" Commitment March in the nation's capital on Friday
Just before 1am @KenoshaPolice began clearing out the park and arresting protestors for breaking curfew, we saw several being led away in handcuffs
Kenosha Police arrested at least 3 people for breaking curfew after protestors said they were told by police earlier they wouldn't be disturbed if they stayed in the park. At least 7 arrested in day 5 of unrest in Kenosha following the shooting of JacobBlake
Another look at damage left behind by demonstrators tonight — this is the Sac DA's office. Staff inside say they will be keeping an eye on how events unfold tonight to determine when to replace the windows1 year ago
Another look at damage left behind by demonstrators tonight — this is the Sac DA's office. Staff inside say they will be keeping an eye on how events unfold tonight to determine when to replace the windows
Cops are standing around, joking, as they throw on riot gear1 year ago
Cops are standing around, joking, as they throw on riot gear
Over a dozen cop cars at the church parking lot on N and 13th in Sacramento. They're putting on riot gear at the moment
Demonstrators have arrived back at Cesar Chavez Plaza — across the street we see officer presence outside of City Hall
The crowd has dispersed. At this time no arrests have been made. Detectives will be following up on reports of vandalism. Law enforcement presence will remain downtown throughout the night
Most of the crowds have dispersed in downtown Sacramento.
Vandalism damage reported at 1020 N Street in Sacramento. This is a legislative building used by the California Senate and others
Protesters pepper spray police attempting to arrest them and manage to get away
VIDEO: As Rand Paul is surrounded by protesters, police violently attack. De-arrest tactics in action freed a protester.
Officers in riot gear, carrying less than lethal weapons blocking the capitol.
Detective Trevor Albrecht @KenoshaPolice arrives at the park to talk to protestors but only stays for a few minutes. Protestors say they got no answers as to why some protestors were arrested earlier today
[email protected] and @WINationalGuard are back in riot gear telling protestors to leave the park outside the courthouse or be arrested for breaking curfew
Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley are surrounded by Black Lives Matter protesters after leaving the White House secured perimeter. DC Police formed a human wall around the couple RNCConvention2020
Protesters confront attendees of Trump's acceptance speech as they leave the White House and head back to their hotels tonight
Protesters clashing with police in DC right
Rand Paul just got chased by a crowd back to his hotel, after leaving the White House from Trump's Republican Party Nomination DC DCProtests
A bus full of RNC Convention attendees came down 14th heading towards a hotel. Upon seeing protesters in the street and a wall of police, they turn around, only to have protesters jump on the vehicle RNCConvention2020 DC DCProtests
Hundreds of protestors marching downtown. They stopped at the DA's office. Stay with us @CBSSacramento Warning: Strong language
Protestors outside the @KenoshaPolice demanding to talk to Detective Trevor Albrecht about why some protestors were arrested
Demonstrators back at Cesar Chavez plaza
The police standing outside of city hall has been the only law enforcement presence i've seen tonight. that protesters are back in that area, so are police
Closer shot of people blocking news cameras.  sounds of breaking glass1 year ago
Closer shot of people blocking news cameras. sounds of breaking glass
Sacramento police trying to put out a fire left behind by the crowd. @SacPolice are dressed in riot gear.
The Black Lives Matter mob in Washington DC is harassing people leaving the RNC convention.
This ended in at least two arrests, both aggressive. The second arrest had nothing to do with the counterprotester; it was a result of the tension that broke out.
Tension between protesters and police (MPD) broke out when a counterprotester showed up in blackface. A protester slapped him, and was then chased by police.
Scene just erupted in DC after a man in blackface showed up at Black Lives Matter Plaza
Doors and windows to sacramento county sheriff's office shattered
Different group of protestors in the Sacramento streets. Stopping at police buildings & city hall.
Shattered glass at the Bank of America Credit Union on 8th and H
Demonstrators headed down H. Just passed 9th Sacramento, California
Making our way back to Kenosha tonight and so is a convoy of several dozen Wisconsin national guard troops JacobBlake
Rioters are fighting DC bike police officers near the White House, lots of kicking and fighting over control of their bikes, including a white rioter fighting a black officer
Protesters marching down 10th passing city hall where police are staged1 year ago
Protesters marching down 10th passing city hall where police are staged
Protesters in Washington DC are harassing people who attended Trump's event
Secret Service agents were able to open the gate and get the two agents who were trapped outside into the perimeter.
A crowd has surrounded a Secret Service agent who is outside the fence of the White House complex. The crowd is preventing the agents that are inside from opening up the gate
Protesters are dressed as pigs and kneeling in front of police in Washington DC
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square4 year ago
Anti-Trump rally marching from Columbus Circle to Trump Tower. They're now heading to Times Square
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