23 July 2024
12 arrested at UNH in Durham during pro-Palestinian protests
MAGA Patriots are DROWNING OUT anti-Israel protestors at Ole Miss
Police now say that the number of arrests is over 200. Officer Roberto Gomez told over 250 officers responded and 130 people were arrested
UCLA: Police have begun detaining students, leading them to an area near the encampment in plastic handcuffs
At least 90 people were arrested Wednesday during a protest on the campus of Dartmouth University, local police said
Law enforcement retreats from UCLA's encampment after intense pressure from Pro-Palestine protesters
LAPD, California Highway Patrol, and LA Sheriff's Department are showing up in FULL FORCE outside UCLA.This is just a portion of the resources.This is about to go down
California Highway Patrol with zip ties and crowd control gear, have started to mobilize outside the UCLA Gaza Solidarity Encampment
large number of LAPD officers continue to arrive just outside of the UCLA encampment on campus
Again Demonstrators arrive at the main gate of Columbia University, and NYPD are deployed at the scene.
2 month ago
Portland Antifa are smashing up the Starbucks at Pioneer Courthouse Square in an attack for May Day.
Police in full riot gear have established a line, separating anti-Israel demonstrators from those inside the UCLA
Per LAPD source, LAPD has just gone into a citywide tactical alert as tension builds at UCLA campus. Larger numbers of LAPD in riot gear now arriving on campus near the encampment.
Dozens of students are protesting outside the Yale University president's house Wednesday night in New Haven
Hundreds of anti-Israel demonstrators inside the UCLA Gaza Solidarity Encampment are barricading and fortifying the access points, bracing for what appears to be an imminent breach by law enforcement.
Roughly 300 people were arrested at Columbia University and City College Tuesday night, New York Mayor Eric Adams said.Follow along for live updates from campus protests across the country:
Union workers and pro-Palestinian protesters blocked traffic at the 24th St. Mission BART station in San Francisco during a May Day rally and march on Wednesday
"Hamilton Hall is an active crime scene being investigated by the NYPD," writes a Columbia spokesperson, explaining why "media access to the campus is suspended."
Some people are starting to peacefully leave center of protest area at UCLA; no clashes seen at the moment between groups CHP officers are starting to slowly tighten their lines, move in toward the crowd, with LAPD in reinforcement role
Violent clashes broke out between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters at UCLA
2 month ago
Students and riot police clash as officers move in on pro-Palestinian protest in Tucson's University of Arizona campus
UCLA has called police for mutual aid support. Statement incoming
Statement regarding this evening’s incident at UCLA: “The Mayor has spoken to Chancellor Block and Chief Choi. LAPD is responding immediately to Chancellor Block’s request for support on campus.”
Clashes broke out between pro-Palestine protesters and others participating in a counter-protest at the University of California
Protesters at UCLA are carrying barricades and pushing them into opposing groups: police are still not on scene About 7 police units have just driven up to UCLA campus near protest site as two sides throwing objects at each other
los Angeles-Significant Clashes have Erupted at the University of California, Los Angeles as Pro-Israeli Counter-Protesters are attempting to Disassemble the Pro-Hamas Encampment located on the Campus.
Now outside Columbia NYPD's crime scene unit detectives heading back on campus
Officers took protesters into custody late Tuesday after Columbia University called in police to end the pro-Palestinian occupation on the New York campus
Significant Clashes have Erupted at the University of California, Los Angeles as Pro-Israeli Counter-Protesters are attempting to Disassemble the Pro-Hamas Encampment located on the Campus
Columbia University's Hamilton Hall has been cleared of pro-Palestinian protesters who took over the building, police said