30 November 2023
Protestors use big rig, cars to block SR-134, I-5 interchange in Glendale
Reports of broken windows and police report injured policemen. YouTube influencer Kai Cenat held a giveaway event at 4pm that drew HUGE crowds
Riots still ongoing. Police being hit with heavy airmail.
Gaming streamer Kai Cenat announces giveaway at Union Square Park in NYC, sparking large riot; all available units requested
Police injured and arrests made near Union Square, Manhattan
NYPD responding to large gathering of young adults and teens near Union Square Park in Manhattan
Riot in Union Square. Multiple officers are reported injured. Officers weapon was reported stolen and multiple arrests being made as nThousands of people descending on the Park for Social Media Star Kai Cenat.
NYPD requisitioned that @NYCTBus to hold/transport people who were arrested
Several people hold onto a vehicle fleeing NYC's Union Square
Manhattan *Riot* 13th Pct. Union Square Park. NYPD calling a level 3 mobilization for a riot. Aviation reporting the crowd is throwing plywood construction debris at eachother
Manhattan Union Square Park. PD requesting for a large crowd condition at the location. Level 3 Mobilization called
Climate Activists, including Extinction Rebellion, die-in in front of the Met. Group is protesting people who were arrested in Washington DC and are charged with Federal crimes after putting paint on sculptures covering glass
Demonstrators gathered outside the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse in New York, following Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling against affirmative action in higher education and other recent court rulings
As Trump supporters get on buses at a @Walmart in Orlando to go to his arraignment in Miami, one woman calls them traitors5 month ago
As Trump supporters get on buses at a @Walmart in Orlando to go to his arraignment in Miami, one woman calls them traitors
Trump supporters boarding 2 buses leaving from a @Walmart parking lot on JYP in Orlando5 month ago
Trump supporters boarding 2 buses leaving from a @Walmart parking lot on JYP in Orlando
Protesters have left the area. Glendale police are tearing down barriers outside the Glendale unified school district. Unlawful assembly has ended
Glendale police are out in riot gear, carrying batons and standing in formation outside the Glendale unified school district. Hundreds of anti-LGBTQ protestors were ordered to disperse after a brawl broke out with LGBTQ supporters. Multiple arrests made
Police arrest an Anti-LGBTQ protestor. Unlawful assembly still in effect outside Glendale unified school district
Police push Anti-LGBTQ protestors back away from Glendale unified school district property. about 50 Protestors are still lingering, across the street
Anti-LGBTQ protestors have now held two demonstrations in Los Angeles under a week. On Friday Anti-LGBTQ protestors showed up at an elementary school in north Hollywood. Many of the same protestors were here in Glendale, wear t-shirts that read
Anti-LGBTQ protestors are protesting police order to disperse after an unlawful assembly is declared
Anti-LGBTQ protestors are now leaving city hall and returning to Glendale Unified School Board. Unlawful assembly was declared about an hour ago
Anti-LGBTQ protestors march to Glendale city hall after unlawful is declared outside school board meeting.
A protestor lays on the ground in an act of civil disobedience, refusing to disperse after the unlawful assembly is declared by Glendale police outside a school board meeting where crowds gathered to protest LGBTQ education in schools
NYPD making multiple arrests at SOHO subway stationnnProtesters out tonight after Jordan Neely chokehold death last week by a fellow subway rider.
Multiple arrests at demonstration at SOHO subway station when protesters refused to stop using a mic system nnNYPD asked them several times to stop using microphone system. Told protesters they cud demonstrate but without mic nn@fox5ny nypd jordanneely
Large coalition of causes for MayDay2023 in NYC at Washington Square Park. From unions, to immigrants, to sex workers, and more. they are rallying to demand fairness and decriminalization of their jobs and lives. They will later March to Foley Square
Confrontations at the French Ambassador's residence in DC as climate activists attempt to enter and reach a party following the White House Correspondent's Dinner
Protesters march to the French Ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C. and try to enter
Hundreds of students walkout at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte. This is in protest to gun violence and mass shootings in the country.