23 July 2024
MASS ARRESTS seen on the Manhattan bridge after NYPD with helmets and batons apprehended Pro Palestine protesters who were locked arm in arm, attempting to cross into Manhattan from Brooklyn following a march that kicked off outside of Barclays Center
Penn says 33 people were arrested and issued code violation notices during the university's and Philadelphia police's dismantling of a pro-Palestinian protest encampment on campus
Police are moving in to disband an encampment made up of pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Pennsylvania.
Police taking tents down at University of Pennsylvania encampment on Day 16
Police going into Penn encampment
DC Police still active in their police response as of half an hour ago at George Washington University. All of the protestors have dispersed for on the second night of MPD actively getting involved, as rain showers have moved in as well.
One person was taken into custody by D.C. police after officers warned pro-Palestine protesters to leave following a rally near the George Washington University campus
Currently at CSU San Marcos. The latest student protest demanding that CSU divest from Israel
MPD (assisted by other agencies) is moving in on the Pro-Palestine protesters at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
GW PRO-PALESTINE ENCAMPMENT GETS RAIDED. These are the people who have cleared out from U Yard. gathering at 21st and H Sts NW. MPD (assisted by other agencies) is moving in on the Pro-Palestine protesters at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
A group of police officers move across the UMass Amherst Campus
A Palestine protestor at UMass Amherst tried to RUSH a group of policemen and quickly got body slammed into the dirt Dude learned the definition of f*** around and find out tonight
Providence Police have just arrived to the Pro-Palestinian protest happening at RISD
The protest has mostly dispersed and NYPD are now inspecting the graffiti on the statue at Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan
About 20 UCLA faculty members protested Saturday night outside the Hammer Museum's celebrity-heavy gala, calling for amnesty for pro-Palestinian students arrested on campus this week and demanding that Chancellor Gene Block resign immediately
Palestine protestors have interrupted yet ANOTHER graduation ceremony at University of Michigan
2 month ago
The protesters have continued their march down Atlanta streets. Sirens incoming now
2 month ago
Pro-Palestine protesters are on the move in the GSU area. Large police presence escorting.
2 month ago
Pro-Palestine protesters have tense standoff with law enforcement outside of a GSU building in Atlanta. A line of officers is holding back about 100 protesters.
2 month ago
BREAKiNG: Pro-Palestine protesters have begun marching in Atlanta streets, they are headed for a GSU building they associate with the GILEE program. More to come. @FOX5Atl
Protesters out in front of barricades by The New School, where an encampment was also cleared by police this morning in NYC. The school has closed all academic buildings for the day and is holding classes online, with plans to reopen the buildings tomorrow
Protest outside NYU Bobst Library, hours after arrests of pro-Palestine demonstrators and the clearing of the New York University encampment
12 arrested at UNH in Durham during pro-Palestinian protests
MAGA Patriots are DROWNING OUT anti-Israel protestors at Ole Miss
Police now say that the number of arrests is over 200. Officer Roberto Gomez told over 250 officers responded and 130 people were arrested
UCLA: Police have begun detaining students, leading them to an area near the encampment in plastic handcuffs
At least 90 people were arrested Wednesday during a protest on the campus of Dartmouth University, local police said
Law enforcement retreats from UCLA's encampment after intense pressure from Pro-Palestine protesters
LAPD, California Highway Patrol, and LA Sheriff's Department are showing up in FULL FORCE outside UCLA.This is just a portion of the resources.This is about to go down
California Highway Patrol with zip ties and crowd control gear, have started to mobilize outside the UCLA Gaza Solidarity Encampment